Ketamine and Esketamine — Repost from Experiments in Happiness

In the upcoming weeks, as soon as my insurance approves it, I will be receiving Spravato (esketamine nasal spray) for depression. I wanted to put together a post explaining what it is all about it, then I found this post and thought I couldn’t possibly do a better job. So I hope you don’t mind if I share this with you. Please note that this covers all forms of ketamine, if you want to just read the “How Effective Is It” statistics surrounding what I will be receiving read sections 3 and 4. I got so much information from tbe post started to not even watch the video attached to it, but then I noticed that it is captioned so I went ahead and watched it and it is very interesting. It does get a little in depth in the science part of things, so if you are interested in that kind of thing, it’s worth it, but if that bores you, you might want to skip it.

Do you have any experience with ketamine? Know anyone who has? Do you have or know anyone who has, medication resistant depression? Or like me, the meds stopped working or there are just way too many bad side effects? I’d love to know other’s experiences.

Ketamine and Esketamine

Drug Class: NMDA Antagonist

How it works: Blocks a channel for a chemical in the brain called NMDA. This, in turn, increases the effects of another channel for a chemical called AMPA. This leads to increased effects of BDNF and mTOR. The increased effects of BDNF and mTOR helps the brain to rapidly form new […] Ketamine and Esketamine — Experiments in Happiness


9 thoughts on “Ketamine and Esketamine — Repost from Experiments in Happiness

  1. I am always so afraid to start any new medication, I read and reread everything about it, and after I start the new stuff I wait and watch for side effects! I admire you for trying anything that might help you. Keep us posted. xomo

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    1. This one scares the ceap out of me!
      But yeah, I keep trying. Mostly because I love my husband and he brings out the best in me so I want to be better for us. I struggle to know if I’d keep on doing it if it was just me.
      I’m tired Mo. I’m really tired.
      And not just from sleep deprivation. 😝
      Love to you dear one. xo wen


  2. I’ve not tried it myself and I’m struggling to think if I can recall any other bloggers who’ve tried it and shared their experiences either. When do you anticipate your insurer hopefully approving it so you can get started? I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed it’s beneficial!  ♥ xxxx

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    1. Thank you, for both trying to think of someone who’s tried it and for the well wishes. It has only been approved by the FDA for a few months, but they were using it off label for a while, the IV formulation that is. So I don’t think many have tried it. New hope for treatment resistant.
      Never thought I’d be medication resistant. 😕
      Who knows about the insurance. Can be a couple of months. 🙄
      I emailed you back. I was kind of all over the place when I did though. 😋
      Thank you for being you. xoxo 💕

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  3. Having drug-resistant depression (or medication loosing it’s efficacy) is tough. You are brave to try this new regime.
    I wonder sometimes which is worse, the disease or the treatment. When my depression is at its bleakest, I also wonder, can I feel worse for trying X?
    Good luck.

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    1. When my depression is at its worst I’ll try anything to to maybe feel better.
      My insurance is being a butt, it came back saying I needed to try TMS first. So they had to explain I can’t do that because if my CIs, now we are waiting again. But I’m feeling a bit better, so I’m going to talk with my doctor about increasing this antidepressant I’m on now and see what happens. We’ll see. Thank you. xoxo


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