Gratitudes 3 – A Pretty Darn Good Week!

by w. holcombe
by w. holcombe

Things haven’t been perfect this week.  I did have a night filled with cluster headaches.  But I got through it, and since then I’ve been feeling, well, pretty darn good.  Until I got this little virus, but I already wrote about that, and I’m grateful that it will run it’s course and I’ll be done with it!  Plus I’m very Grateful that it really hasn’t been that bad, a couple of icky days, but that’s about it.

I am so very GRATEFUL that I found something that is helping me with my tummy issues!  I found a book that addresses the food issues that I have, but I plan to write a whole post about this, it’s so exciting! And I think it could help others with dietary issues.


  • that I have a new psychiatrist!  She is so professional.  I’ve only seen her once, but she took a very detailed patient history, discussed all my medications in detail, discussed my concerns, and our future plans.  I was very impressed.  After the last fiasco with my previous doctor, it is such a relief to find a doctor who is not only professional but enjoys her job.
  • that I have been on more regular sleep schedule.  This is something I haven’t had for a very long time.
  • I am waking up with more energy.  Of course, this is probably because I am on a more regular sleep schedule, but it sure is nice.
  • I’ve been able to go down stairs every day this week. Most people probably don’t know just how disabled I have been, but tackling the stairs have been a huge task for a long time.  Most weeks I’ve been lucky if I’ve made it downstairs one or two days.  So making it down stairs every day for a week, that is a great accomplishment!
  • I have gotten out of the house many times this week!  Not only have I made it downstairs every day, but many days I’ve gone out.  I went to the grocery store….a HUGE accomplishment!  I went for a ride with the top off of the car!  I went to the Thrift store and got a new pair of pants.  I went and looked at glasses.  (I have an eye doctor’s appointment tomorrow, and will need new glasses.)  I even went out to eat, this is hard because of all the noise.  I’m also proud I went out to eat and stayed true to my diet, I didn’t eat anything that would make my tummy unhappy.
  • yoga pose 1yoga pose 2I exercised a little this week….a very, very little…but I did something!  Not only did I do a lot more in general, and you can call that a lot more exercise…I know my body is!  I did a few yoga poses almost every morning.  Just a few.  I’m trying to learn to balance more with my eyes instead of relying on my ears so much.  So I’m doing some of the standing yoga poses while focusing on a focal point.  Maybe it will help.   By going out an doing more I’m also working on increasing my stamina.
  • I didn’t let a virus ruin my week.  I was having a really great week, then I caught a virus and suddenly I felt crappy.  I thought, am I going to start feeling really bad again?  Then I caught myself….Stop thinking like that.  I can’t predict the future.  And what has been happening has been great, but it doesn’t mean it will continue.  I  will live in this moment.  and I’ll enjoy it.  If it’s a bad moment, I know it’s a moment.  It’s my moment.  And it’s OK.  (A note to Laurie at HibernationNow….Yes, I did over do it…You were right!  so I’m very tired today…but it was worth it, yesterday I had a a very fun day!)
  • I realized that even having a virus I still don’t feel as bad as I have felt.  No I don’t want to live in the past, but it was a bit of an eye opener when I realized I was lying here sick and I didn’t feel as bad as I have for a lot of the time this past year….heck the past couple of years.
  • My head hasn’t hurt much at all!  As I mentioned above, I had a night of cluster headaches, but since then….my head has been so good to me.  There’s a couple of reasons I think this may be, but I’m just grateful that it has happened!  I’m sure I’ll have headaches in the future, but to have the relief I feel now….so GRATEFUL.
  • I made my lunch today all by myself.  I cut up my own chicken today, and warmed up my own lunch.  Because of my balance issues and sudden vertigo I haven’t trusted myself to use a knife in a long time, at least without supervision.  Today I made my lunch with Stuart upstairs.
  • To hear my husband say, “It’s so nice to be able to do things with you.”   Remembering to be in this moment…..

16 thoughts on “Gratitudes 3 – A Pretty Darn Good Week!

    1. Lisa,
      thinking of you my dear. I’m having a good spell right now. Dr. even canceled my CT scan today! am sending all my best to you! love you my dear!!! xoxo


  1. Oh, my gosh, Wendy! I misted over with happy tears reading this post! I am so, so thrilled to hear of all the good things going for you! Big, big hugs and thoughts and prayers for continued goodness! ❤


    1. Lin,
      thank you my dear….and have already gotten my 30 things to get rid of this month and just keep on going! Stuart is on board too. I have to get rid of most of my shoes….can’t wear any heel at all! Balance disorder and heels do not go together! I’ll tell you more about it on your blog…haha.
      I’m happy. just living in the moment.


    1. Aww, shucks! Remember these are just the things I’m grateful for! But yeah, I’m pretty darn happy. but it has been shown that the more you take note of things you are grateful for the more happiness you feel. I’ll have to find that study, and talk about it.
      I still have vertigo…but it hasn’t been as bad. Stress is my biggest trigger, and I’m trying to keep that under control. But every night around 7pm, I have a mini attack, it’s so strange. I won’t even know what time it is, all of a sudden I’ll feel it coming on and ask Stuart what time is it? yep…it’s around that time between 6:30pm and 7:30pm. odd huh? but it doesn’t last long…I’m grateful for that. and I’ve started taking Valium around 6pm…it helps. yay.


  2. Awesome! So good to hear that you have been out and about!!! Whoohoo! I’ve even been getting out of the apartment and over to Dagan and Leah’s now that they fixed the old car–tada!! Luckily they only live two miles away and have three bathrooms–LOL! 😉 May you have an even better week ahead.


  3. Oh, crap. I looked at the date you posted this and I swear you only posted it yesterday.

    So, so happy you were able to do so much. I know different things sound strange to some people but to be able to use a knife or do a few exercises, I’m jumping for joy for you.


    1. Me too! To hold a knife…that was a biggie…one I got for Christmas 2 years ago that I haven’t used!
      yesterday I almost asked to drive….but that’s a bit much.


    1. Well, I think most people live in their thoughts really. always in their head. If they lived in the moment with their bodies, as you say, that’s all there is, then we wouldn’t need to be reminded of it.

      Should I say…Thoughts live in this moment…that takes too long. You know what I mean. now can’t you just see me getting all flustered and trying to figure out how to say this so everyone understands.
      or maybe I should just shut my mouth.

      but it has helped me so much. I got the stop living in the past stuff down pretty good a while back. Never felt the…I just want my old live back….I just knew that ship had sailed. But I couldn’t get out of the future thoughts…burdening Stuart, getting worse and worse. or getting better? making up a new future every day and my feelings jumping all around about it.

      so this moment living thing…this being mindful…reducing my stress…oh it’s helping..yep. it’s helping.

      do I share it….or just shut up about it?


    1. I see you were all around here….I went to you site, nice pics! made me curious, what could you find so fascinating about my little blog? Now me, I’m also an artist, so I can see where I could get lost wandering around your neck of the woods for a while, but I’m curious what kept your attention here for so long?


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