When the Chronically Ill get Sick

feeling sick, by w. holcombe
feeling sick, by w. holcombe

At the end of a GREAT week I’m sick.

Ugh, I have a virus.  Hubby’s had it all week.  He’s been very tired all week, running to the bathroom often, and just not feeling well.  It hasn’t been enough to stop him from doing what he’s needed to do, but I think he would have rather napped a lot.

Last night, it started to hit me.  I thought I’d just had a banana that wasn’t ripe enough.  Umm, Let me explain, I have fructose malabsorption, bananas that aren’t ripe have more fructose than those that are ripe.  By ripe, I mean with a LOT of spots, most Americans do not eat bananas that are really ripe.  So I need to eat really ripe bananas, the banana I ate last night only had a couple of spots, when I had the first bite I thought, ummm, not quite ripe enough, but I ate it any way.  My tummy bloated, more than it normally would just from a little banana, and it stayed bloated all night.  In a couple of hours I started getting really hot, REALLY HOT.  I got up and ran cold water over my hands and splashed it on my face. Suddenly I felt like I was going to pass out, Stuart had to help me back to bed.  I quickly went to sleep.

This morning I woke to the feeling of having to go to the bathroom.  Not a normal thing, but didn’t think much of it.  I was happy I didn’t have a headache…again!  That’s 4 days in a row now!!  However, I noticed that I was still bloated.  Not a good thing….wasn’t happy about that, but didn’t think much of it.  Was just sad  because I’ve been on an elimination diet and I’ve lost 3 1/2 inches from my tummy in the past 5 days, but I thought, this was just temporary.  Perhaps I was reacting more to the banana because I had been avoiding all foods that I had been reacting to?  I got dressed, even did a tiny bit of exercise…..just a few yoga poses, I’m trying to work on my balance a little since I’ve been feeling better.  But I got a little light-headed, and laid down for a bit.  Got my head together and went downstairs.  Had my morning smoothie and played with the cat.

Suddenly I had to RUN to the bathroom.  My stomach HURTS.  I feel weak, tired, and overall just yucky.  Now I have a headache too.  I won’t be able to do things.  I will be on the couch for the day.  Hubby didn’t feel good for about a week, I hope I don’t feel like this for a week.

So Hubby’s little virus is hitting me hard.

I have found that this is often what happens when someone who is already chronically ill gets a little virus.  We don’t have the little symptoms of a normally well person, our symptoms are much more profound.  At least I’ve found that to be my personal case, and I’ve heard it from others….how about you?  Do you find that a little virus, even a “little” cold hits you harder than the average person?

Now I think I’ll take a nap.


10 thoughts on “When the Chronically Ill get Sick

  1. *gentle hugs* I find when I get colds/upper respiratory infections now, it’s not that the symptoms hit me harder. It’s actually the opposite. The symptoms normally aren’t as bad as they used to be when I was healthy, but it takes longer to get rid of the virus and that is what drags me down. For the most part, it ends up that the symptom that gets me is the lack of energy. I don’t have the energy to do some of the simplest of things. Which means the other symptoms quickly go away except for the last bit in the lungs. Bad colds would last about a week with me. Now, not so bad colds tend to last a couple of weeks.

    But, I don’t know, when I go to my doctor’s office (I have monthly appointments to get bp checked and drugs) his assistant says that colds seem to be lasting longer and she’s noticed that happening in just the past few years. And they get passed back and forth to each other. Then people are afraid to take time off from work as well so that helps the viruses keep going. And so on, and so on…

    I also feel like the cough medicine that I knew worked for me and all these colds don’t seem to work as well anymore. I wonder how many people feel that is happening to them as well.

    Ugh! It sucks to get sick when the warmer weather is here. Hope it leaves you really quickly.


    1. Yep, part of it is that I feel I stay sick longer. and the last time I had a cold it became bronchitis that started my asthma up again, after 30+ years….and now I’ve been coughing every day for over 2 years. so yep, it stays around much longer. : P

      I do think that in general people have made it harder to get rid of bugs…we are breading Super Bugs because of over use of antibiotics and keeping things super clean…gotta sanitize everything, so our bodies have no built up immunities. but that’s a different soap box.

      maybe it will go away faster than Stuart’s I’m resting more. I feel worse. and I am going to try my best to take care of myself!


  2. I’m actually mad FOR YOU. With a weakened immune system and Fibro everything gets to us, more often and “more badder”as my kids used to say. I was so thrilled at your last posts. I know it’s j ust a bug but to tell you the truth, you could have done without it. My Fibro has gotten progressively worse. That, in itself, was a shock to me. My doctor always said it wouldn’t but oh, how it has changed. New doctor now, she said he lied. Great. Feel better, honey, rest up, and because I KNOW YOU don’t do too much too soon. Hugs, Laurie


    1. Thank Laurie,
      I’m glad you have a new doctor, I’m sorry your old doctor lied….hard to hear.
      yeah, this isn’t something that I wanted, but it’s ok, it happens. but it will end.
      To tell the truth I’m so dang tired I don’t think I could do too much too soon. I’m wiped out!
      and I feel sea sick. this virus is affecting my ears…great for a balance disorder chick.
      it’s ok. I just keep thinking about all the things I did this week that I haven’t been able to do in so long, and I’m reveling in it.
      Ahhh, it’s like a warm blanket that just came out of the dryer on a cool day….nice an comfy.
      I accomplished so much.
      Even if I take a few steps back, I’m ok with it. I lived those moments! and I’m so glad I did!

      Now I’ll take care of me.
      and try to catch up on some things on the computer, between naps. : )

      thank you for your wonderful thoughts and note.


  3. I am so used to feeling like I have the flu all the time that it takes me a while to realize I am sick-sick–depending on what it is, of course. When I do get sick it can sometimes last longer, but maybe it just feels like it does because any sickness makes me extra, extra tired afterwards so the recovery period is longer and maybe blends in a little too well–LOL! 😉 Hope this doesn’t last for a week, sweetie! Hang in there. *hugs*


  4. Sounds like the bug my daughter and husband had this week. Bummer. I hope it passes quickly for you, Wendy.

    Ironically, I have not had a full-blown cold or viral illness in the five years since getting Meniere’s disease! Everyone around me gets sick, and sometimes I get the feeling I’m fighting it off for a day, but it never knocks me down. (Hope I’m not jinxing myself with this latest buggy to hit the household!) Anyway, as I’ve learned more about the underlying immune dysfunction in many with Meniere’s, it sounds like one arm of our immune system, the non-specific innate immune response, might be overactive, while the specific, adaptive arm is deranged. Just a theory anyway based on some recent literature and my own observations of myself.

    Anyway, I hope you’re feeling better today!


    1. ehh, hate to say it, but I’m feeling worse today. this has kind gotten to my ears so I feel like I’m on a boat….and it’s a rocking. Don’t Rock the Boat Baby…Don’t tip the boat over….
      yeah it’s great to have an old song stuck in your head…and be sick too.

      but I’ll be fine. just blah.

      Happy I’ve had such a great time this week, so I’ll just rest, and abuse my husband. NOT really!

      I need to catch up on reading and clean out my Inbox full of emails! if I can read that long.
      thank you for checking on me.


    1. Me too. Stuart’s bug seems to be just hanging on, but he hasn’t rested at all…so maybe if I just rest…and frankly I can’t do much more, I’m dizzy with all this. feeling like on a boat dizzy. So I’ll rest and home it goes away soon. Up my vitamins and drink lots.

      ummm, love your hugs and kisses.


  5. Oh dear — I emailed you before I read your post. I was talking about the improvements, and then I read this. So sorry.

    The banana bloat could also have to the do the virus Or, your body has become used to the to low fructose. So sorry you have both things. But I’m glad you have the warm blanket out of the dryer to remind you of your pre-banana, pre-virus self.

    As to me and illness. I often get the feeling I’m coming down with something. Have the lighter symptoms for 2 day, and wait for it to get worse. On the 3rd day the symptoms disappear. I think because I have less “stuff” in my blood for fighting off infections, it takes me 2 1/2 days to get the enough immune blood working.

    Since I’ve had sinus issues since I was 2, I do tend to get sick with sinusitis or a sinus infection (the immunity I’m missing does lead to sinus infections).

    I think I don’t get it any worse, but it does take a longer time to recover, especially a bad sinus infection. As my IGA and IGG gets lower (almost no existent), I think it takes a while to recover. I know I might be sick if I get tired and out of it in a certain way.

    Sending all the hugs I can {{{{{{{{{{{{{{hug}}}}}}}}}}. Just ignore my most recent email. And get better soon. If it’s not inappropriate, I love your illustration.


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