photo to share 2This week is not a full as last week, but I still have many GRATITUDES.

After weeks of waking up every night a 4am with a very severe pain in my head and neck last night I slept with a soft cervical collar on, it helped.  I still woke up in pain, but I got a lot more sleep, and when I woke up the pain was much less severe.  However, I did snore all night, and the collar does take some getting use to.  But I am so VERY GRATEFUL for a soft cervical collar, and more sleep!

Me with cervical collar
Me with cervical collar

I’m grateful that I was able to make it out to TWO appointments this week two days in a row!  First to the Pain Clinic and next to the Neuro-Opthomologist.  That is a big accomplishment.  I didn’t really think about it, I just knew I had to do it, but Stuart pointed out how proud he was of me.  I don’t think of it as being proud of me, I get upset when I can’t do it, but I need to realize, this is wonderful!  When we started to leave for the neuro-opthomologist appointment I felt like I was starting to have vertigo, but I couldn’t cancel this appointment, it took me over 3 months to get in to see this doctor!  I was scared, but I took some medication, turned the air conditioner on me full blast, and made a go for it.  It was a grueling day, filled with hours of tests.  I’m grateful that everything turned out fine.  No problems with my eyesight, except that I need new glasses!  

I’m grateful that the bunnies have grown up enough to leave the nest.  We are officially empty nesters!  Stuart was a little sad.  The first night he was very worried, he kept saying, “I hope they are alright.”  Such a sweet foster bunny dad.


I’m grateful for my friends.  I’ve lost many along the way over the past few years, things happen, life moves on.  The friends who are still active in my life are the kind you have for a life time.  My new friends are so precious, I hope you know how much you mean to me.  My dear friends, I am so very grateful for each and every one of you.

I’m grateful for books.  For the library, for my Kindle, for any way that I can get free books that I actually want to read!  Recently I’ve been reading a lot more about my gut issues.  I’m grateful that I think I found a book that is going to help me with my restrictive diet dealing with my fructose malabsorption.  I’m reading about ways to handle chronic pain using Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, I think this could also help me during a vertigo attack.  I already use some of these techniques, and it does help quite a bit.  I’m reading a lot about Buddhism, all about the different types and how they are different from one another.  I’m reading about minimalism, trying to reduce things in my life.  I’m reading about art and photography.  I’m reading a mystery, some science fiction…..  I read to relax, and I read to learn.   I just love to read.

I’m grateful for this silly goat someone shared with me today that made me laugh and laugh….Stuart laughed at me blabbing with this goat.  Blab, Blabb, Blablbelble….   I think he really laughed because I couldn’t hear myself and I was just going on and on blable, bable….hahaha

Derpy Goat

So my friends these are some of the things I’m grateful for this week.

Share with me, what are some of the things you are grateful for????


12 thoughts on “GRATITUDES – 2

  1. I’m really enjoying reading your gratitude posts. Even though all those things we have to deal with are still there, it really helps me to focus on the positives as much as I can.

    Are you reading Jon Kabat Zinn? I read most of Full Catastrophe Living. I didn’t care for how detailed it was, but I just skimmed through some parts and really got a lot out of it still. Might be one of those books that I keep going back to and rereading.

    Do you think you could have sleep apnea? I’ve been reading more about this lately and was surprised at all the daytime symptoms it can cause, mostly from not getting restful sleep. Snoring and headaches are two common symptoms.

    Well, I hope you have a lot to be grateful for today!

    P.S. What wonderful news about your dad!


    1. I’m glad you like the gratitudes! They are helping me too. I have another one today…I peeled and cut up a carrot, I haven’t used a knife in a long time! But I was feeling steady, so I went for it! yay. I’m trying hard to stop relying on someone else to do things for me that I could do, and that means I need to try more things to see if I can do them….just because I couldn’t doesn’t mean I can’t.

      I am reading Jon Kabat Zinn. Just read a book that covered a conference with the Dali Lama and a bunch of MBSR people and their studies, it was very interesting…but I can’t think of the name of it. I just checked out Full Catastrophe Living from the library, and Mindfullness Basics…it has a CD, I’m going to try to hook up and listen to….Wish me luck. And I have lot’s of books that I feel that way about…I just have to keep going back to them.

      Not sure about the sleep apnea. Haven’t really snored so much before, only when I had a stuffy nose. But when I had that collar on, I sure did, and it woke me up a lot. I could feel the rattle in my nose and throat. I told Stuart it woke me up and he said, “how you can’t hear it?” Ummm, I felt it. He said he didn’t hear it. Who knows. We’ll figure it out.

      and thanks about my dad. It’s amazing. He almost decided not to do the treatment. Thought he was too old and didn’t want to go through the hardship of chemo, but since this treatment was different and doesn’t make you so sick, he decided to do it. and now!!! Wow!


  2. livingincurably

    Books! I too am grateful for books, they can be such a refuge and distraction. Hope the neck collar continues to help.


    1. yes, books! Where would I be without them? I don’t want to think about it.
      Remember the Twilight Zone where the guy thinks all his wishes have come true,
      he’s the last man on earth but he has all the books he could ever read, then his glasses break.
      I think of him lately, as I need new glasses. poor thing.
      and thank you…my neck feels much better.


  3. When I read about the neck brace helping you sleep it made me wonder if a neck traction device would help. I have one for a neck sprain and arthritis. It helps me manage the pain. I am grateful for you and baby bunnies and I may have developed a little crush on Stuart for being such a great bunny foster daddy. You both have such a love for all creatures great and small. I am also grateful I am able to get around a bit better than I was.


    1. I’m so glad you can get around better too!
      and a little crush on Stuart is OK…I think everyone needs a Stuart. He’s pretty darn special!
      My neck is much better. I have a theory about that, but have to investigate a bit more.
      but it will be on my next grateful list.


    1. ah…but he is a silly goat….I think he would saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay he likes it very much!
      and thank you about taking the time and energy to post, some days are easier than others.
      and that I am grateful for.


  4. Glad to read you had things and people to be grateful for this week. Little things do matter, as well as the big stuff like going to the drs. Yeah for you, warrior princess.


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