Weekend = 1 good day + 1 bad day

Fireflies 1.0
Fireflies – Photo by Dortothy Handleman visit her website at: http://dorothyhandelman.com/

This was my post on Facebook about Saturday:

“Yesterday I felt like I did more than I have in the past year!

I cleaned out my dresser, and my closet!

I had dinner at the table.

I sat outside and watched fireflies with my husband….arguing over who loved who the most.    

*note…I am careful. I realize I’m still disabled. I did have my walker with me in the closet, I did not bend over to pick things up off the floor, I sat down and worked on the lower areas…ect. I took breaks. I’m living in this moment, and doing what I want to do….as much as I can.”

Saturday was a really good day.  I was amazed with myself.  I got very tired at one point and thought, “Why am I so tired, I’m just looking at things hanging in a closet!”  I had a muscle spasm in my back.  I was frustrated, and went and laid down on the bed.  “UGH!”  I said aloud.  Stuart came in and asked what was wrong, I told him….he massaged my back…and as he did I thought.  Why am I upset?  I couldn’t even think about doing this less than 2 weeks ago. Now I’m upset because I’m getting a little tired?  How silly.  Besides….remember…live in the moment…what ever this moment gives you.  It takes a long time to get this through my head, but I’m determined.  Living in the moment is helping me so much.

After Stuart massaged a little, I felt better, he went back to working, and I rested a little more, thinking, this is a good moment,  then I went back to the closet.  I shocked Stuart and myself, I finished going through the closet!

It felt good.

The rest of the day was good.   Dinner at the table.  Watching fireflies on the back porch with my hubby.  Stuart is from the desert, he didn’t grow up with fireflies, they amaze him.  Every year when they start to come out I love to see his wonder watching the flicker of the little lights going through the yard.  He loves the sounds of the insects, and smells of the forest.  I love it all….but the mosquitoes love me!  They never bother him.  So sad, it always spoils the mood.

But we laughed and had a good night, playfully arguing over who loved who the most.  (he never plays that game, it was funny)


Sunday started off very good too.  I was sore from the day before.  I slept a little late.  I went downstairs and had breakfast. Started the day, and had the feelings of a headache starting….oh, it was starting in my eye.  Oh no…that’s where the cluster headaches start, I was so hoping that wasn’t going to happen, then it moved…it shot through the right side of my head – a migraine!  I took a Maxalt very quickly and the migraine didn’t last long….yay!  the medicine worked.  However, I got very dopey.  Odd, that doesn’t usually happen.   I was very sleepy.  I had a little lunch.   As the hours progressed, I continued to feel groggy.  Finally, I decided to take a nap.  I woke after dinner time.  I ate something and watched a little TV, and went back to sleep.  I was not feeling well.

Various fruit smoothies isolated on white backgroundI woke up a lot in the night with my stomach hurting so much.  I was very nauseous and had a lot of acid indigestion.  I took medicine for it, but it would not go away. I was awake most of the night.  When Stuart woke up, I had him make me a Smoothie to help my tummy (it’s part of the elimination diet, you have one almost every morning), I thought it would help.  It did make it better, but it still hurt.  I took more medication and finally fell asleep.

This weekend I had 1 new thing I haven’t eaten before on this diet.  Also, I ate more of something than I might should have.  With Fructose Malabsorbtion, you not only have to watch what you eat but how much of it.   So, I know have to figure out which of these caused these horrible symptoms.  (I had grapes for the first time, and I had a lot of cabbage….hmmm, I’m thinking the grapes because I ate them on Saturday and again close to bedtime on Sunday.  Right now I’m not eager to try either again any time soon!)

Today is the first day I have not made it out of bed in 2 weeks.  I have simply felt icky.  Tonight I did get a bath, and I do feel much better, but just having one little thing to eat that my body doesn’t react well to, really set me back.

I was surprised at all the symptoms that could have been caused by eating something I reacted to:

  • migraine
  • feeling foggy/fatigued
  • nausea
  • heartburn/acid indigestion
  • stomach pain!
  • hot and dizzy
  • overall achiness
  • gas/bloating  (foul smelling)
  • many trips to the bathroom
  • pain in bladder and urinary track

Some of these may have just been because I did so much on Saturday, but I think most of it was caused from my reaction to the food I ate.

The last symptom may seem very obscure, but I have been plagued with very intense pain in my bladder and urinary track for a very long time.  I’ve been on medication for it for years.  I have been told I have Interstitial cystitis.  Since I have started on this diet I have not had these symptoms.  I have stopped taking the medication.  The first sign of the symptoms again happened Sunday night….and they are gone now.   I am not suggesting that I may not have this condition, I am suggesting that it may be irritated by certain foods (I have read that some studies suggest that in some patients it has been found that some foods were triggers for symptoms).  I have been in pain with this for so long, and to have the pain simply disappear, almost overnight, is mind-boggling to me.   *note, I have needed to go to the urologist to see more about this condition but have put it off because of my complications with Meniere’s and Migraines.  I have put off many things because of these illnesses, as many of you know, they have taken up most of my time for the past few years.

I have a week full of activities planned, so I hope I feel much better tomorrow.  I do feel much better tonight.

Coming soon, I will have a new look.  Now that I have been feeling like I can get out.  I’m getting my hair cut!  And I really need new glasses….so, I’m changing that too!    Wonder what I’ll look like????


9 thoughts on “Weekend = 1 good day + 1 bad day

  1. Fireflies! I don’t think I’ve ever seen any. I’d be looking at them with wonder, too.

    I am quite impressed that you were able to do your dresser and closet. I’m still looking at my room. I did some rearranging because I had to put up the new shelf but that was a while ago and you know how things go.

    And I waved my magic wand in your direction to help you figure out what caused what. It’s so strange to think of some foods like cabbage as having sugar even though I know they do. I’m so used to thinking of it as a vegetable.

    Feel better and have a productive week.


    1. I’ll have to explain my diet I have to be on better. It’s not just sugars…it’s all of a certain kind of carbohydrate…but not all carbs. it’s complicated. I’ll write a post about it. They are finding the diet is good for people with IBS, IBD, colitis, Chrone’s…. especially people with IBS! So I think I will post about it. But it can be complicated.

      Not the dresser was easy. It was mostly cleaned out. I still have one drawer to do….the dreaded everything drawer….the one everything ends up in. And I have one more go through in the the closet. Things I saved for a friend…and some things I wanted to think about. : )
      But the shoes are gone! Ahhh….I had a small very expensive pile that made me sad. I don’t own a lot of shoes, but I believe in not owning shoes that are bad for your feet, so my shoes are expensive. Sigh. But if it has a heel, I can’t wear it.
      And some of my old work clothes…..$$ I’ve never been a big clothes hound, but I buy classics that last…but cost $$ so they last! sigh.

      but if I lose weight, I deserve new clothes.

      and found out the big acid problem was my teeth whitener. the rest of my symptoms I’m not sure…but at least I know why my stomach hurt all night. hahaha for vanity’s sake.


    1. Lisa….me too…and same for you!
      btw….13mm????? what the heck? mine is 3mm and I keep thinking, I’m going to die when that think passes.
      and do not say……and I promise I will not say…..this too shall pass. OH BOO HISS! Yes you may slap me the next time you see me!


  2. I’ll be curious to hear about all this new diet entails. I had just tried one that set me back terribly, so I am glad to hear about something that works for IBS, etc. I know all about getting things done in a very different way that you used to be able to do them–lots more breaks, sitting, and needing help with certain things you can’t do anymore–but what a feeling of accomplishment!!! Good for you, lady! 🙂


    1. I will tell you all about this diet. It has been found to help those with IBS, IBD….ect. I’ve tried following it on my own for a long time as I could not find a nutritionist of dietitian locally to help me, finally I’ve found a book that really has helped. I’ve been tummy trouble free for almost a month…and I’ve lost 8 lbs…and 4 inches around my tummy. and I don’t blow up any more! (and no more embarrassing…not quite making it to the potty times.) I’ll write you.
      For some reason your last 3 comments have gone to Spam, and I haven’t been checking my Spam..as it is normally just Spam in there….I’m so sorry your comments have gone there…it’s weird, it did that to you before. weird. my blog doesn’t like you…it’s WordPress. It’s mean.


  3. Wendy,
    So nice to hear you are having some good days – may they continue to multiple.
    I’ve never seen a firefly so I would probably be sitting with Stuart in amazement.
    AND you are living proof that the fuel we put in our bodies – including teeth whitener – matter. I will think of you when I reach for the refined sugar!


    1. funny thing….I can eat what you are probably calling refined sugar….white sugar…sucrose? that’s fine, it’s 50% fructose and 50% glucose so I can eat it…but i don’t eat much of it, it makes me feel icky…but that’s just me. I don’t do much sweet stuff at all.

      The fructose is what kills me….and High Fructose Corn Syrup will really KILLS me. Bad. it has more fructose than regular sugar. and that can really mess with you. That can trigger your body to want more and more sweet stuff. yes…turn on that diabetes. bad, bad stuff.
      They will say in commercials…corn syrup is just like sugar…yep it is…but it regular corn syrup isn’t HIGH FRUCTOSE corn syrup…that has more fructose. ugh….I’ll get off my soap box.

      However, about me…. some fruits and veggies actually have more fructose than glucose so I can’t eat them…my body won’t absorb them. blows up my gut and well you can guess the rest. I also have trouble with this little guy named fructan, and some other guys….all of these are types of carbohydrates….I’ll write a post about it one day and share…because most people with IBS and IBD and all kinds of gut problems are reacting to these little carbohydrates….and no I’m not talking about all the carbs…like Atkins or South Beach….these are special things. and they can mess up sensitive tummies.

      So when you reach for that apple, or onion think about me…and think….dang even so called “good” food can hurt people. *sigh*

      But there is hope! There is a diet that helps we people with the sensitive tummies…and great people who create tasty recipes that leave out those offending foods….and the sensitive tummies are happy! and feeling so much better they want to dance!!

      And as long as your tummy feels good…reach for what ever food you want!

      I’m thrilled with my new diet…not only does my tunny feel good, my body feels better, and so far I’m about 15 lbs lighter…and my tummy’s around 5 inches smaller….haven’t measured it this week. So yay….little tummy dance.


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