Job, moving, packing, and spilled spoons


spoons by w. holcombe
spoons by w. holcombe

This will be a very quick post….I just don’t have time!  And I’m spilling spoons all over the place……..

I realized how long it has been since I have posted or read anyone’s blog posts and thought….my people will think I have died!  Or they will think I have run away and am dancing with the natives on a semi-deserted island!

I’m happy and sorry to disappoint, but both are wrong.

Many things have happened….and I will not be able to tell you them all here.

Here are the highlights:

  1. Stuart was offered a job in Charlotte, NC….about 3 hours from where we live now.  This is a great job.  We are so grateful!
  2. We had to go look for a place to live in Charlotte, NC.
  3. We spent 4 exhausting days looking for suitable place to live in Charlotte, NC   (a suitable place, must be 1 story….I can no longer do stairs. Walker should fit in bathroom. Preferably 2 bedrooms. A very narrow price range due to the fact that we will still be paying a mortgage until we sell our house ….plus double utilities, ect.,)
  4. We returned home, not knowing if we had found a place to live, even though we changed some of our must list. (walker did not have to fit in bathroom, could have 1 or 2 steps to enter. Would accept 1 bedroom.)
  5. After being home for 2 days we found out we had the duplex we really did like!  It did not meet all of our preferred requirements, but we can live with it.  My walker will not fit in the bathroom…but I’m used to that.  It does fit in every other room.  There are 2 bedrooms!  There are 2 steps to enter the home, but the landlord is going to put in a railing.  I can deal with that too!  It’s in a great place, and it ‘s just what we need.  Yay!  (dancing a little jig!)
  6. Our new place is about 1/4 the size of our house.   Yes, we meant to get a place that was much smaller than the place we live now.  We want to downsize and minimize.  It will make things much easier on both of us.  However, the next couple of weeks things will not be easier!
  7. Stuart starts work on July 20th.  We want to move in about a week or so before then.  However, that means we want to have the things we want to keep in the new place.  That doesn’t mean we will have all the things we no longer want out of our old place.  We plan to have that taken care of by the end of the month and put the house on the market next month.  Whew!

So……I’ve used up all of my spoons every day.

some days I haven’t had any spoons when I wake up in the morning.  One day I had no spoons to even make it out of bed.

Today I got up and started to do a go through things and suddenly I picked up something that was my mother’s and spilled all my spoons all over the floor!   I had been surrounded  by dusty things and my asthma was starting to tickle…I had planned to go get my inhaler, then I picked up my mother’s things….and CRASH spoons everywhere!!!……suddenly I couldn’t  breathe!    eehheheheheeeeeswwwhwhwhwhwwwwwwwwwhwhwhwweeezzz   Stuart was upstairs, I’m crying and can’t take a breath….eehehewwwhwhwheeehwwheeeezzzzz   I picked up something and threw it trying to make a noise….luckily he was coming down stairs and saw me and grabbed my inhaler….I got was able to get a breath and then I had a nebulizer treatment.  I could breathe again….but Stuart had this huge guilt trip….”What if I wasn’t here?  What is going to happen when I go to work?”

Then I had a guilt trip….but…”Ummmm. when you aren’t here I have my emergency kit next to me.  This was my fault I should have had my inhaler with me.”   and I’m thinking….please stop I feel bad enough……

But he is getting all worked up, it’s been so long since he worked out of the house…..then I started feeling more guilty…..and suddenly i feel like a little kid being scolded for not taking care of myself.

yep….Spoons all over the place!!!  some I’m sure are coming from tomorrow”s reserve.

(no worries, you know we got it all straight, emotions calmed down and communication started working…….we work well together….but we are both out of spoons today!)

if anyone is reading this and doesn’t understand my reference to spoons please refer to this link:  The Spoon Theory


11 thoughts on “Job, moving, packing, and spilled spoons

    1. Debra,
      I’m so glad you know how to get to Charlotte….I hope you use that road often! I will miss my favorite neighbor! you have helped me so often and so much. i wish my health would have allowed us to have more fun. Just as I’m getting able to do more, we are being swept off to another city. I will miss you dear one.


    1. Darlin’ knowing he has a job has created more spoons than I thought I had each day…..I still run out though, sometimes faster than other times. : )
      but we’ll get through it, then maybe I’ll have a few to spare at the end of the night.

      hey, keep me up to date about how you are doing.
      I passed some very tiny kidney stones this past week. they think mine may have broken up into pieces. Hope your’s breaks up!!!!
      Mine wasn’t painful really, more uncomfortable. But my pee turned orange! I should post about this. If your pee turns orange Dr. Google may be wrong!! Google said dehydration or live problems. It was the minerals from the stones and blood.
      now I have an infection from it. it hurts worse.

      I know I’m a lucky girl….but isn’t that weird. I thought I was in a mess of trouble. Orange Pee!!


  1. I do remember the Spoon Theory! I have days without spoons, too. Sometimes with just one–LOL! I haven’t read it for years, though, so I might have to peek at it again.

    I am so happy that there’s a new job and a new place and you can downsize like you want to. I hope this is a wonderful new start! And-yes-you will have to plan ahead all the time now with Sturat out of the house, but you’ll get used to it. Congrats!! 🙂


    1. Rita,
      I’m so tickled…you comment came through without it going to spam!
      maybe WP finally realized you are not a spammer!
      you have such a bad reputation!! *giggle*

      I’m actually looking forward to him being out of the house some. I think I will try to do more things.
      and the smaller the place, i think I will be less intimidated.
      I just wish I had your ability to organize so well.
      you are amazing!
      This place has the smallest kitchen…and bathroom…..with no place for storage. I’m lost.
      But I’m getting a few ideas.
      but right now can’t spend money.
      so I’m lost again.
      I’ll get there.
      wish me luck.


  2. I have a few extra spoons — a bit bent, tarnish, and well used, but spoons none the less. I can send them express!
    Glad things are coming together.
    Two suggestions: 1) rent a storage locker in Charlotte — then if you haven’t downsized completely, you can go through at a more leisurely place. 2) After you have determined what you want to keep, sell the rest as a house lot. There are people/companies who come in, offer you a price, and then when in agreement, they take it all away.
    Remember, you are a warrior princess. You can do the move; you can manage on your own, or find help to do so.
    I avoid fb, so I’m not totally up to date with how things are going.


  3. no worries my fellow Warrior Princess….you are as up to date as anyone!

    We have a spare room to store things if need be…and an attack and under the house storage. didn’t know that until we signed the lease. cool. But we plan to get it gone. most of it anyway. don’t want to rent a storage room…$$$ we don’t have.
    We plan to get everything out of this house the middle of Aug. So time. Will sell some things on craig’s list. will do garage sale for some things. Will do some big sale thing….not sure what…maybe like an estate sale.

    People act interested in stuff and say they want to pay me top dollar for something, then when I say OK pay me for it. they will say….how about I trade you for it..well I need to get rid of stuff. Well I’m kind of stuck for money. Well I kind of need money and need to get rid of stuff , not just get rid of stuff. So you can’t just have it because you are my friend. Sorry. We can sell this stuff.

    Whew. and even when I did barter with someone they kind of dropped the ball about things. Was going to come get the stuff and didn’t mention going to do the stuff for me. ummm, no deal here! so had to woop some ass today. haha.

    I can be a Warrior alright!
    but i’m a worn out warrior. I wish I could just borrow some spoons….I need a few.


  4. Congrats to Stuart on his new job!! You will be in my thoughts as you all move and do all the crazy stuff related to moving! Sounds like you need a plan in place for when Stuart is not there so that you both will feel safe and he won’t feel concerned when he is at work. Cheering you on! Go Wendy, Go!


    1. Kelly, first welcome back to blogging land!
      I always have a plan for when he isn’t home…have my emergency kit close by, and my cell phone attached to me! *smiles* the new place is much smaller so not as much room for me to get lost in. No stairs to fall down!
      Stuart will only be about 10 mins away. He is much more worried than I am. He panics when he leaves the house, “what if?”
      I’m not as concerned…”what if?” I’ll handle it. He went out of town in January and I broke my foot, I handled it. I’m sure I can handle what happens. I have my emergency kit…really it is filled with all I could need. And if I need more, I can push the emergency button on my phone. And the wonders of living in a duplex, I have a neighbor who can probably hear me. haha.

      he will have to have some call times. We planned to get something like the Life alert thing, but I’m not sure if we are going to do that right now. I’m doing so much better, I don’t know if it’s really necessary. hopefully I’ll keep doing better. I have my days, but over all, I’m doing well. comparatively. again, welcome back my friend, you have been missed!


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