Day 23

*first….I’m having trouble with my blog, I’ve written WordPress but don’t know what’s going on yet.  I cannot post any images or tags.  Sorry*

Last night I started on Diamox, per doctor Gray’s instructions.  Still talking a little Topamax, I have to wean off of it.

I admit I still wasn’t feeling great in the evening, well I haven’t felt “great” for a long time, but I wasn’t feeling good.  We decided to watch some things on Netflix because I was afraid to go to sleep.  First we watched Donkey X, a silly animated movie about Don Quiote and Sancho as told by Sancho’s Donkey….OK…that’s the very short synopsis, but really that’s not why you are reading this post is it?  Then we watched a number of old Dr. Who’s – the old one’s with Baker…if you are a geek/nerd type then you know Baker is the Doctor who had the very long scarf and the curly hair.  (perhaps the most famous Doctor of all – unless you are under 20, then it would be David Tennet) – again, not why you are reading this post huh?

Finally, I decided to try to sleep.  I have found I feel a bit better if I’m not lying flat.  So I propped myself up a bit and I do believe I was asleep before my eyes were shut!  I woke up about 4 1/2 hours later with a headache in about the 4 range.  A 4!  OK, for those of you who don’t realize what I’ve been going through (here is where I really wish I could post photos), I have been in the 7-9 range for days.  Occasionally hitting a 6, and if I hit a 5 I was pretty doped up!   I was so happy.  I thought, “Yes, this is going to work!”  Then I thought, “Well, this means I definitely have high pressure.”  You see, if I didn’t have high CSF (cerebrospinal fluid pressure) this drug would have made me feel much worse, so I took a great risk taking it, but I was willing to try ANYTHING!

I decided, to try a little experiment and lower my head a bit, I woke up at about 9:30am, and my headache had climbed to about a 6, I should have taken a pain pill, but didn’t want to do that on an empty stomach.  Unfortunately, I didn’t trust myself to go downstairs to get anything, and Stuart was too exhausted to get up yet.  So I went back to sleep.  When we woke again, my head was back to an 8.  Stuart made me some breakfast.  I ate, took my morning medications.  Including the Diamox and the little bit of Topamax.  Shortly afterward the world started to spin.  Luckily, if I stayed very still on my right side it was almost still.  So I dozed.  But if I tried to move it went crazy again!  (and oh how I had to go to the bathroom! Isn’t that always the way?)  This last over 2 hours.

My headache has been around 7 -8 most of the day unless I took a Maxalt or Hydrocodone, then it would ease to a 4 or 5.  But I feel much more dopey when I take those than I used to.  I wonder if they Diamox makes them more potent, or if it’s just because I’m sleep deprived.  Unfortunately, often when I try to sleep I start to spin.  That just happened a little while ago.  I gave up and decided to update all of you.

All and all, I take last night as a good sign.  Perhaps we can get this medication worked out and I can at least get things under control enough so I can get out of bed!  It’s horrible.  I have 2 people living in my house and I haven’t seen them in days.  I’m still lonely.  It’s sad really.  But it’s hard.  People don’t want to intrude when I’m like this.  I admit I don’t like for people to see me when I’m having a vertigo attack, or in horrible pain…but I am lonely.  Thankfully, I do have Stuart, and he tries so hard to keep me entertained.  : )

I’m not crazy about being on Diamox.  The side effects aren’t fun.  Well, two in particular.  One is this tingling sensation.  Kind of like when your hand or foot starts to go to sleep, but not quite..and it’s just an icky feeling.  The other is brain fog.  Often very intense brain fog.  So we’ll have to see if I can deal with that.

I will say, either the Topamax or the Diamox  (these two drugs are in the same class) is already reducing my appetite.  Thank goodness, I needed that!  I weighed in at the doctor’s on Wednesday at 200.9 lbs.  I NEVER thought I’d ever see 200lbs.  I’m only 5′ 4 1/2″.  I do realize it was the day before I started my period, and I was fully clothed in jeans and tennis shoes, but that should only take away about 5lbs.  I was happy today to feel like my appetite was much more back to normal.  Ever since I started having trouble with this fructose intolerance I’ve been so hungry.  Having cravings I just couldn’t satisfy.  Top that off with not being able to exercise.  I gained about 55 lbs.  Now it’s time to take that off!

Anyone out there want a weight loss buddy?  As soon as I can do any exercise at all I will be easing into something slowly.  Stuart surprised me, he’s looking into getting a therapeutic pool.  I don’t think we can afford it.  But it sure would be nice.  First things first, I need to get this vertigo under control first.  Can’t be getting in water when I can’t see straight.  : )

OK, as you can tell, I am sleep deprived and just rambling.

with no photos…my posts are a bit boring huh?

I leave you with this…..

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The Challenges of Summer.

Phineas and Ferb courtesy of The Disney Channel

As Phineas and Ferb say:

There’s 104 days of summer vacation
And school comes along just to end it
So the annual problem for our generation
Is finding a good way to spend it…

Yes, it has been a long time since I’ve been in school and had a “summer vacation”, but I have always loved summer.  For as long as I can remember I’ve always felt better in the summer.  I hurt less, and I just want to get out and do more.  Longer Days and Warmer Nights…life is good.

The challenges of Summer?

  1. I over do it because I feel better, then I pay for it!
  2. I get over heated easily and don’t realize it because I love hot weather.  (although we lived in Palm Springs, CA for a while…it was too hot there!)
  3. I over extend myself.  I have a hard time saying “No”, I seem to think I can do anything during this time of year.
  4. I often end up eating things I shouldn’t, and get sick.  (I just don’t plan well.)
  5. Again, I get too hot before I realize it!
How I can over come these challenges?
  1. Well, this should be easy, just do less!  However, it’s often hard to tell when I might be over doing it.  I guess my best option here is to pay more attention to what my body is telling me.  And REST OFTEN.
  2. Limit the amount time I spend in the heat.  Don’t just trust that I can tell when I get too hot, or thirsty.  Set a time limit, and stick to it.  And DRINK A LOT of water!
  3. I need to remember, I can only do so much!  And sometimes, I can’t do anything.  I feel guilty when I tell people I will be somewhere and then I can’t show up.  I need to tell more people either, “No.”  Or “Maybe.”  If people don’t understand, then do I really want to be doing anything with them?
  4. Since I have gluten and fructose intolerance, there are a lot of things I can’t eat.  Too often I go out and don’t realize we may not be home when I get hungry.  I must plan better for this.  Make sure there will be food I can eat at parties.  The easiest way to do this is to bring something.  When we are going out and about I need to make sure we will be near places I can eat, or keep food with me.  I used to carry protein bars in my purse that were gluten free so I’d always have something.  Now, it’s more difficult.  I haven’t found a protein bar that doesn’t have things I can’t have because of the fructose.  I must find something!!
  5. I used to never get over heated.  I have a convertible, and I love to drive and feel the heat, and wind.  On Wednesday, I was on my way home and got stopped due to road work.  I was sitting still for about 20 minutes.  When I got home I felt sick, and dizzy.  I got way too hot.  How can I prevent this?  I have to keep WATER with me.  Not soda, WATER!  If I get stuck in traffic, I need put the top up and turn on the AC.
What do I want to accomplish this summer?
  1. Complete all the requirements for becoming a licensed foster parent.
  2. Perhaps take a vacation…something we haven’t done in a very long time.  Even a long weekend would be nice.  But traveling scares me…I’ll have to be prepared.  And we really don’t want to leave our dog.
  3. Take care of me.  (read *pamper* here)
  4. Read more books.  I really don’t know if this is possible, but I’ll give it a go.  (I love to read!)
  5. Enjoy my birthday!  (July 2nd)
  6. Spend time with hubby.  (I don’t really care what we do, just as long as we do it together.)
  7. Enjoy my pets.  Especially Sandy, on July 2010, the vet told us that Sandy had 6 months to a year to live.  I don’t think anyone told her!
  8. Enjoy driving.  (something I haven’t been able to do much for the last 2 years.)
  9. Enjoy our garden!  This is the first year we’ve tried growing a vegetable garden.  I keep looking at a friend’s garden and think…”Wow, why does their garden look so much better than mine?”   Oh yeah, they aren’t using all organic practices.  Let’s just say I now understand why organic produce cost so much more.
No matter what your plans for the summer, be sure to take care of yourself.  Keep things close to you that make you feel good.  For example: I take a bath every night right before I go to bed.  It really helps me get to sleep, feel more relaxed, and hurt much less.   I put lotion on every night, often my husband puts special peppermint lotion on my feet.  (My feet get hot at night and the peppermint makes them feel cool.)
Spend time with people who are good for you.  Avoid people who are toxic.  (you know who they are, you may feel like you have to spend time with them for some reason or another, maybe they are family, but you don’t.  Just say “NO”.  You can do it.  I know you can.)
Enjoy yourself.  That’s the most important thing.  Find ways to make your life easier, and more enjoyable.
Then pass it on.  Let other’s know what secrets you have found that make you feel better.
What’s your plans for the Summer?

What’s in your Medications?

I posted this on my other blog Wendy Cooks, but thought it important enough to post it here too.

When you have a food allergy or intolerance it is very important to know what all the ingredients are in our medications.  However, it can be hard to find reliable information about the inactive ingredients.  I’ve asked my pharmacist to be sure to check the ingredients, but they are busy, and I’m sure some of them don’t actually check.   When I was diagnosed with Fructose Intolerance (malabsorption), I asked my pharmacist to check to ensure there were no ingredients in my medications that would make me sick.  He told me that I wasn’t on any liquid medications so I didn’t have to worry.  I wasn’t really happy with that answer, so I looked up the ingredients in the medications I bought that day.  I soon found that one of my medications had Mannitol in it, something I should not be taking.  It was easy to rectify, I just called my doctor and got a prescription for the regular tablets.  However, if I had taken the pharmacist at his word I would have wondered why I was continuing to get sick.  (and unfortunately, I had to pay for 2 prescriptions)

I was looking at the Health Resources listed on my library’s website, and I found this wonderful site.  Pillbox, is part of the US National Library of Medicine, it gives “rapid identification, (and) reliable information” on medications.  Pillbox, has two ways you can check for your drugs.

One is a Quick Search, and one is the Advanced Search.  I used the Advance Search, simply because I found it first.  The Quick Search has photos of the medications, it is still under development, so some medications may not have photos.

In the Advanced Search, just fill in what you know about the medication, and it will give you a list, choose your medication and it will give you all the information you need.  I tried it on a few of my medications, including an over the counter allergy medication.  One I put in the name, one I just put in the description, and one I just put in part of a description.  For most it found the medication I was looking for, the only one it didn’t find was one that is labeled as a pharmaceutical food supplement.  It gave all of the ingredients on all of the medications except the over the counter allergy medication, but they are listed on the box.

I hope this will help you and give you more peace of mind about the medications you are taking (or giving to your children).

Please let me know if you use the Pillbox site, and how well it works for you.

Feel free to comment and subscribe to my blog so you won’t miss a post.

I’ve been a Slacker.

I know I’ve been very slack at updating my blog lately.  I hope you haven’t given up on me.

Remember when I posted that I had a little dizzy feeling, not much, just a little off?  Well, it happened again during one of our classes.  I stood up during the break and the floor moved under me, this was pretty alarming considering we were on the 6th floor.  Then I realized that no one else noticed it, so that could only mean it was just me.  *sigh*  I was also having pain in my left ear.  I saw the audiologist for a follow-up on my hearing aids, and she said my ear drum was a little red, so I could be getting an ear infection.  This was on a Thursday, I had my physical scheduled for the next Tuesday so I decided to have my doctor look at it then.  On Tuesday, my doctor looked and said I had one of the worst classic ear infections she has seen.  I was told to not wear my hearing aid for a week or so.  It was very painful, and I was off-balance for about a week, but I’m so glad it was something that could be easily fixed.  And not a relapse.  Whew!

I was surprised to find out that my blood work, cholesterol and all that stuff, was better this year than it was last year, and I weigh about 40 pounds more now.  Go figure.  It seems that elevated triglycerides can be caused by fructose intolerance.  My triglycerides have been high for years…many years!  They are still a little high, but much lower than they have been in a long time!  Now if the weight would just start to come off.  I just don’t understand why I’m not loosing weight.  One step at a time I guess.

Fostering Classes have taught me so much.  Not just about becoming a foster parent, but also about myself.  I’ve been looking inside much more than I have in a long time.  The classes have been emotionally draining, but I feel I’m much more resourceful now.  I may need help, but now I feel that I’m more prepared at knowing where to get the help I will need.  I also know that no matter how much I learn, I will feel a bit lost when a child actually comes into our home.  Hands on is going to be much different from in a classroom.

I am so disappointed that we aren’t getting more support from our family and friends.  My father has hurt me to the extent that I am at a loss for what to do.  We haven’t ever been close, and I know that he is very prejudice.  Not only did he say that he could not accept it if we got a child of a different race.  He told me that he didn’t believe that I would be happy with this.  He is completely against it.  If it comes down to me choosing between my father and my child, my father will lose.  (but really, he lost me a long time ago)

My sister and I were estranged for many years.  This past year we started talking again.  She doesn’t say much.  A couple of sentences here and there, nothing of substance really.  I’ve mentioned to her about us fostering in 3 separate emails, and she hasn’t acknowledged it.  I’m certain she feels the same way my father does.

It’s hard feeling like I would be better off if I just didn’t have a family.  Since my mother died, I haven’t felt like I had a family at all.  I’ve remained in touch with my father and sister because it makes it easier if I want to see or even talk to anyone else in our family.  (like aunts, uncles, cousins..)  But recently, I’ve realized I haven’t had much contact with any of these people in years.  So why do I continue to try?  It’s so confusing.

One of the exercises in our classes we had to write down 5 things we were close to, that made us who we are.  Most people included their family.  I wrote: My husband, My pets, Art, Friends, and my Blog.  The friends I’ve made from my blog have been more supportive of me than my family, and most of my in person friends.  Thank you all.

Thankful that I know…

When you are suffering for a long time and don’t know what’s wrong, when doctors look at you like it’s all in your head (and some even tell you that), when it takes years and still no one knows…it’s so nice to be diagnosed.

art by Aquatic Fishy at Deviant

Some of my illnesses were diagnosed fairly quickly, and still some things are still pretty vague. (chronic hip and pelvic pain – ummm, why?)

I know it may sound weird but I was so happy when I found out that I had a wheat allergy, gluten intolerance, hypothyroidism, Meniere’s, hypoglycemia, a B12 deficiency, a Vitamin D deficiency, and finally and most recently fructose intolerance.

Each of these diagnosis took a long time to discover.  Especially the wheat allergy (gluten intolerance) and Meniere’s.

For years I was sick.  I saw a note in my medical records one time from a doctor that said, “This patient comes in with a laundry list of complaints….”  I was shuffled from doctor to doctor.  I was told I had Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and IBS.  I had to learn to live with it, and I did for years.  I even started a local Fibromyalgia support group.  (I’m so very thankful for one very special friend that came from that group.  You’re great Lisa!!)  But I never stopped looking for an answer, or something that could help.

Finally, I was reading about food allergies and asked my doctor to test me.  Come to find out I have a wheat allergy.  Thank Goodness, I found out.  I stopped eating wheat immediately, and started feeling so much better within weeks.  Then I read about how many people can not tolerate gluten, and the symptoms for celiac disease.  A lot of these symptoms fit me, so I decided to stop eating gluten, and it was like a light switch came on in my life.  I no longer felt like I had the flu all the time, or that I needed to sleep most of the time.  I had a new lease on life.  I’m so grateful.

I had vertigo attacks on and off for years, with a full feeling in my ear and a constant ringing, but no one could tell me why.  One night after having vertigo and throwing up over 8 hours my fiance (now my husband) took me to the emergency room.  The doctor there told me that he thought I may have something wrong with my ears.  Perhaps the crystals that some people get, or something else that causes vertigo…he even mentioned the possibility of Meniere’s.  I loved this doctor.  I was so grateful that he believed that there was something wrong with me, and I wasn’t just getting food poisoning over and over.  (yes, that’s what I had been told.)  So I went to an ENT, and he said I have Meniere’s Disease.  I was so thankful to know something.  Am I happy that I have Meniere’s? NO.  But I am just so thankful that I have a diagnosis.

I’m so happy to be involved in the research going on at Duke to find out if an imbalance of Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF) may be one of the causes for vestibular vertigo in some Meniere’s and Ramsey Hunt Syndrome patients.  I was so very happy to find out that I had CSF leaks and they could patch them. My life is a new again.  (no vertigo for over 2 months now!)

Most recently, after 7 months of chronic, almost daily, diarrhea; and a battery of tests, I am so thankful to find out that I have Dietary Fructose Intolerance (or Fructose Malabsorption).  Yes, it makes eating much more difficult, but I’m already feeling better after just one week.  What a difference knowing can make.

Am I thrilled to have so many chronic illnesses?  Of course not.  But I’m so thankful that I know.

I’m also thankful for all that I’ve learned from having chronic illnesses.  I’ve grown so much as a person.  But that story is for another day.

Thank you all for supporting me through all of time trials.  Isn’t it great to know?

Thank you! and What’s up with Wendy?

First I would like to thank all of my contributors to the Meniere’s Treatments Series.  I hope we all learned something (I know I did).  I’m also hoping that this series will help those who are going through all of this understand that they are not alone.  That not all treatments work for everyone, but there are many treatments out there and hopefully one will work for them.

Thank you to all who contributed, either through a guest post, or by commenting.  This could not have worked without all of you.

It’s been a while since I posted about what’s going on in my life.  So, on at the risk of boring you, here it is:

NOT Gluten Free!

The biggest thing that is consuming my mind today is the trial against Paul Seelig.  The man who is accused of selling bread as gluten free when in fact is wasn’t.   I have to testify against him on Thursday.  This is just so hard.  I don’t want to see this man again.  I don’t want to relive what he put me through.  I read a post on Facebook by a woman who was at the trial yesterday.  They were selecting the jury.  She said that he kept chuckling.  What could possibly be so dang funny?  She also said that many potential jurors said they couldn’t be impartial because what he did was so horrible.  Hmmm, what about innocent until proven guilty.  I mean I know he’s guilty because I was there, but if I wasn’t I don’t think I could say that.

Of course, that is what I said the whole time all of this was going on.  People were saying they were getting sick from the gluten free bread this man was selling, heck I was sick.  But there was only a few people, and I thought I was sick from Meniere’s.  I felt that people were publishing things on their blogs about his selling bread as gluten free before they really had any proof.  Plus, he kept telling me that he was setting up a time for me to come in to his bakery and be there when he had testing done, so I could witness it.  He even applied with the Gluten Intolerance Group to have his facility certified gluten free.  I kept thinking, why would he do this if his products were in fact not gluten free.

However, even if he was guilty (as I now know he is) I felt that it was irresponsible for people to be publishing this without proof.  And I didn’t feel like a home gluten test was enough.  After all, we wouldn’t know if it was cross contaminated or not.

But the sad fact is, I believed him. He told me that he sold to the government and to hospitals.  He said he only sold to the public because he wanted people to be able to have good gluten free bread.

I look back at the emails we wrote to each other and I feel so very stupid.  Why did I believe this guy?  I think I just couldn’t believe that anyone would purposefully contaminate people.  And how could he be so stupid that he didn’t think he would get caught?  He was making people sick, did he think they wouldn’t eventually put it together?  I fell so betrayed.  He must really have been thrilled to have had someone who was so gullible on his side.

Ok, enough about that.  I’ll let you know how it goes after I testify, and then after the trial is over.

making a mold of my ear for my hearing aids

I have some good news.  I was fitted for hearing aids last week.  I will be getting them on the 8th.  I’m very excited.  Think of all the things I’ll be able to hear, that I can’t hear now.  hehehe.

The fructose intolerance diet is going well.  I saw the nutritionist on the 23rd.  She put me on a pretty strict fructose elimination diet for 4-6 weeks.  Then after my body starts absorbing nutrition again, I can try to add in new foods and see how I do.  Right now, I’m doing so much better.  No GI upset.  I did have a little of one thing on my NO list, and I got so bloated, and gassy.  Then within an hour I had a horrible migraine.  I’m really hoping that once I get this food intolerance under control I will stop having so many migraines.  (one can hope right?)  According to our scales, it looks like I’ve lost about 2 pounds this week.  Oh, I forgot to mention, the nutritionist told me I’m not eating enough.  I’ve been trying to eat more calories since I saw her, but it’s really hard for me.

I joined Spark People, an online weight loss community, so I could log everything I eat and keep up with my symptoms and my calories.  If you happen to be over there, look me up, my username is ONEARTSYCHICK.

One more piece of news.  Stuart and I are starting classes on April 5th, to become Foster Parents.  I may need a lot of advise from you who have children.  Wish us luck!

As you can probably tell, the patches are still holding, and I’m not having any vertigo, and the disequilibrium is gone.  Hearing is stable.

My hip is bothering me much more.  I’m sure it’s because I’ve been doing more.  But it’s a real pain….literally.  I’m also having more trouble with the pelvic pain, I’m sure that’s because I’ve been feeling a little more amorous lately, since the world stopped spinning.  However, just because I know why these things are bothering me more doesn’t mean it should be that way.  I should be able to walk and not hurt, or have sex without pain.  One thing at a time.  Perhaps I will get there.

What’s going on with you these days?

I have Fructose Malabsorption

I know I promised Part 2 of Treatments for Meniere’s as the next post, but I got some news today that I wanted to share.  It may also go along with the last post.

image from the fructose malabsorption group on Yahoo

Today I got the results of my Breath Tests, I talked about those previous posts.  They tested for digestion issues, Lactose Intolerance, and Fructose Intolerance (otherwise known as Fructose Malabsorption).  I have the later.

This is going to take some getting used to.  As you probably know I already have to avoid gluten, this will just add to the things I can’t eat.  I knew this may be a problem, but I never knew there would be so many things I wouldn’t be able to eat.  I’m shocked actually.

According to the diet my doctor gave me there are only 9 vegetables I can eat. And after doing some research on this disorder on the web, I found that one of those vegetables are not recommended.  I will be calling a nutritionist tomorrow morning to get in as soon as possible to help me with this.

Not only can I not eat fruit, and many vegetables, I can’t eat any sugar at all.

I don’t know if this aggravated my Meniere’s symptoms or not, but I’m sure it effected me in more ways than I know.

Life without chocolate…*sigh*.