I’m happy to report that my ultrasound showed that my ureter (my kidney plumbing that was not working right) is going back to normal and I will be fine without further action, no more hydronephrosis!! Yay! Happy Dance!! If you missed the post about all of this, you can find it here: My Plumbing Doesn’t Work

However, they found that I have a kidney stone on both sides. Bummer. They are small enough to pass, but they will probably hurt….a lot. Bigger bummer. I now have to do a 24 hour urine collection. Yes, I have to pee in a “hat”, (that is actually what they call the collection container that fits in the toilet) then I put it in a jug and keep it in my refrigerator the whole time. It’s not so much the eww factor, my refrigerator is small! and the jug is a 2 liter. Since I drink so much water I’ve been given 2 jugs, just in case. That was kinda funny. I actually hope I do have to use both just to shock the ladies in the lab, they were very surprised when they were told to give me 2! LOL. But there will be nothing in the refrigerator to eat, just pee. Okay a little Eww factor. When I take the urine back, I have to get labs done, they are checking for risk factors for kidney stones (what I eat, drink, medications, genes….).

My Urine Collection bottle and “hat”

I’ll keep posting as we find out more, but I don’t have another appointment with her until April. That’s a very good sign that I’m doing well.


14 thoughts on “Unblocked!!

  1. Great news! (Except for the stones.) Always love great news.

    I had to do the urine test, good times. But you could see what was in the bottles because they were only a bit opaque. Had to make sure I kept it away from my apple juice. So, you know, ewwww at that thought of reaching for my juice in the middle of the night. Bwahaha.

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  2. Hurrah that the ureter is on the way to sorting itself out! Really sorry about the kidney stones though, that’s not fun at all. I guess it’s a good thing they’re small enough to pass on their own, even though I can imagine that’ll not be pleasant, it should hopefully mean they won’t cause major problems and need surgery. Keeping pee in the fridge though? Never heard of that before. I hope you have some frozen food or cereal in the cupboard to eat in the meantime while the fridge is full to capacity! Really hoping everything’s going okay with it all lovely xxxx

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    1. I’m hoping the stones will just stay in there and not come out. Just ouch…ouch..ouch.
      Thst jug is 2 liter size! 2 of them in my fridge, wow. Hazardous material. Hahaha
      It’s all good. No surgery on my ureter, so I’m pleased.

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  3. Yay! Yuck. Kidney stones suck. But I’m glad you’re gonna be okay. Fun fact (aka bizarre xun info): my bladder can hold between 300-350 ccs! (I had to have a cystoscopy a few years ago when I had e-coli in my left kidney.)


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