Feeling Old

I just want to talk about something kind of silly today.

Wedding day, September 3, 2004

I was looking at my wedding pictures the other day and realized, I don’t look like that any more. It it will be 15 years in September, so go figure I don’t look the same, but golly, I sure was disappointed. Does the gray hair really age me? I actually like my gray, I think I have pretty streaks, I think it’s kinda cool. Looking close in the mirror at the new wrinkles is not such a welcome site. Suddenly, when I wasn’t looking, I got older.

Photo taken June 20, 2018
A good hair day….a little wet.

I never thought it would happen but I’m completely out of touch with today’s main stream society; by that I mean, fashion, popular TV, movies, and music. I was watching TV last night and there were so many commercials in which I had no idea who the people were. My TV watching normally includes cooking shows, cartoons, and British mysteries…with a little science fiction mixed in, last night we were watching The Good Place (not live, on DVR). I know very, very little about the new music and their artist, and most of the newer actors. Some I know by site, but I don’t know their names. Some I’ve heard of, but I don’t know anything they’ve done. Okay, the music is understandable since I can’t hear most music anymore, but it still makes me feel so out of touch. Even before I lost my hearing I wasn’t a fan of a lot of rap music. I often feel like it’s is yelling at me, if I wanted to hear someone yelling at me all the time, I’d have lived with my father.

Fashion these days? I simply do not understand leggings being used as pants. I once saw a billboard that said, “Leggings Are Not Pants”. They were advertising a store that sells office work clothes but, I just squealed! Exactly! I think they have their place, under a long shirt or tunic (that’s how I wear them), at the gym…but wearing them all the time out in public? I don’t think it looks good on anyone. I do wear nice yoga pants out in public, but they look like normal pants. Well, not normal pants that you see now a days, they are all “skinny”. Why does everyone desire to wear something called “skinny”? I think of “skinny” as someone who is underweight, no one needs to be skinny, sometimes it’s not a choice, but skinny is not something one should strive for, in my opinion,. Okay, I admit I tried on a pair of skinny jeans, eww, just ewww. Yeah, I’m not skinny and that’s okay. I’d rather be comfortable and look good. I probably just look like an old lady now, but I think that’s better than looking like my clothes are spray painted on.

Taken April 2018
Leggings my way.

It’s also very evident that I’m older because I found myself saying, “In my day….”, and calling a 30+ year old a kid. Also because I don’t have a tattoo. I like many that I see, but I do get a bit confused when I see so many on one person that I can’t tell what any are, and when someone gets one on their face, I have to wonder if they are going to regret that one. When I was younger I always said that I wouldn’t get one because I don’t know what it might look like when I’m old. Will it be stretched out, saggy, all faded and ugly? I guess now that I’m older I can get one and not worry about those things. Biggest problem there, not only do I not have any idea what I’d get or where I’d get it, the idea of being hurt intentionally for it, makes me run the other way, and I don’t really like the idea of having anything on my body permanently. But I do play with temporary tattoos. See…..

This is a Manifestation tattoo from Conscious Ink
“Let Go” is something I am trying to remember.

Remember all opinions expressed here are my own.

Today I’m feeling old.

Tomorrow maybe I’ll feel young again.

*all photos are the sole property of W. Holcombe.


35 thoughts on “Feeling Old

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  2. Rita McGregor

    My son is 44 and I think of him and his wife as “the kids”. I don’t know any of the new music or most of the new actors. I never cared much for fashion in the first place but I was occasionally willing to be miserable for a day–LOL! But now it’s comfort all the way. I do really like your version of leggings, though! 😉

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  3. Loving the reminder to “get off my lawn!” by sunshine and chaos! You HAVE to do that! I am literally lost, too. I don’t know if it’s age or not having kids, or having a chronic illness. I was just “pinning” after “50” hairstyles and fashion on a SECRET board on my Pinterest. I’m trying to figure out NOT who I am now but what am I SUPPOSE to look like now??? When you come up with a gameplan, I’m in! (The gray hair is fabulous, Wen!) xo

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  4. Oops hit send. Hate it when I do that.
    I’m getting to my “style” much like the last picture of me. I have 3 dresses similar to that on different colors. Great for summers here.
    Now..Get off my lawn youngin!
    Pretty sure I’m older than you. 😘💕


    1. Stuart said, “there’s no old people on Twitter” LOL. We think “Get off my lawn” still works. As you said, doesnt matter if you’ve got one, people know what you mean. Well…if their old enough! Hahaha
      Get off my comments? Post(s)? Eh, doesnt have the same ring to it.

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  5. I have leggings I just bought last week on today! But I usually wear them with something that goes down past my hips. Today that’s hubby’s sweater.
    I’m the wild child. 13 tattoos and counting, but I did find something pretty cool with my youngest. It’s called Inkbox and it’s a henna based temp tattoo that lasts about 2 weeks. It’s pretty cool. And we always get henna tattoos when we go to Renn Fest!

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    1. I love henna tattoos!!
      The one I have on last about 2 weeks.
      But I will look for Inkbox, cool.
      Nothing wrong with tattoos, I just get confused when there are so many they meld together and I cant tell what’s what. Some I think they’ve blacked out, I know a girl at my doctor’s office did, it looks icky. Face tattoos confuse me, I think that will be a regret…or is that just me? I thought about getting one about my hearing, but decided against.
      I like the fun ones, I’ll keep those. 😉 I love you wild child. That’s what I was called for years. Now I’m just old.
      You’re a baby. 💜💚💋

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      1. I agree! I don’t get the face tattoos. I pierced my nose, that’s about as crazy as I’ll get with my face!
        I love my ink. I have one that’s gaelic for “breathe” on my forearm. It’s all just part of how we tell our story. Ink, no ink, piercings, surgical scars….they all tell our story! 😉
        Stay wild, moon child. Love you too! You’re not old! (I’ve been 37 for 8 years!)

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  6. You look very cute to me.
    My friends dye their hair but I’m not one to do that. But I have found a purple rinse that adds just a wee bit of brightness to the gray around my face. I’m 65! And get lots of compliments when out and about. It’s fun.

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      1. Colorista by Loreal. I wanted one that I didn’t have to bleach my hair first. It is a rinse you leave on a half hour then wash off. I put a grocery bag around it and close it with a clothespin during that time.
        I use Maroon which looks a bit purply and is perfect for me. Now I just use a half a tube on the hair around my face where the grey is the most. It doesn’t seem to seep into my other hair. It is lots of fun. Walmart, Target, etc. Less than ten bucks a tube… : )
        It can last many weeks up to 3 months depending on how often you wash it. .

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  7. Hello my beautiful friend Wendy. I absolutely love the photo of you with you slightly wet hair and grey streaks – stunning! Well, I am 36, and I don’t think I have ever known what is in fashion, and I have definitely never liked rap music, haha! Talking about leggings – I love them. I find it difficult to find trousers (pants) that fit me well as i am quite petite, so often I will wear dresses, skirts and long shirts with leggins. But I completely agree about wearing something over the top of them!!
    Anyway, I enjoyed reading this post, it made me smile.
    Embrace your age because you wear it well.
    Love from Spain

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  8. If I had to do my youth all over again . . . I’d die my hair green, wear leggings and sequined Doc Martens . . . and not care what others think. (no tattoos . . . I’m already in enough pain without choosing it).

    I think you look pretty “hip” in that picture . . .

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  9. Aw, I’ve had a lot of moments like this when I turned 30 last year (which you probably think is young, and I will when I’m 40, it’s how things go I guess), and now I’m getting antsy at feeling like I’ve lost my 20s. I’ll get to 40 and feel the same, wondering where the time’s gone. I feel older than I am, which is the problem. Hold onto the youthful feeling and joy and knowing who you are and being able to laugh, that counts for a lot more. I love the grey streaks, by the way. And I also do the temporary tattoo thing, usually with Hello Kitty tats, because you’ve never too old for Hello Kitty 😉
    Caz xxx

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      1. No, in the sense that it’s not silly to feel like that at all! I do think we need to approach these things with a little humour – if we don’t laugh, we’ll cry!! Now, let’s shop for some more temporary tats to make ourselves feel better 🙂

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