My Plumbing Doesn’t Work

I saw the nephrologist today (kidney doctor), she was very thorough and very kind. When I told her I needed to read her lips she immediately started looking at me when she talked and did not forget, not once! That’s pretty remarkable, even people who are around me all the time often forget. I admit it does drive me crazy how often medical personnel seem to just ignore me when I say it. I liked her from the start.

When I told her I was there for hydronephrosis (the kidney swelling due to urine failing to properly drain from the kidney to the bladder, caused by an obstruction ) she mentioned that a stone is the most common cause, but I have it in both kidneys, so that isn’t my issue. She told me “your kidneys are working fine, it’s just your plumbing that isn’t working”. The ureter (the tube that hooks the kidney to the bladder) simply isn’t allowing my urine to flow like it should. We are hoping that it was caused by the urinary tract infection and it will resolve on it’s own. I have to have another ultrasound week after next (our schedule and their schedule didn’t work together before then), to see if I still have the hydronephrosis, if not, then we know it was caused by the UTI, if so, then I’ll need to have a CT scan. I’m having the ultrasound first to try to avoid radiation exposure unless it’s necessary. After the CT scan we will discuss treatment options.

Hopefully it will be all clear, but if pain is any indication then it’s still there. I’m not in pain all the time, but today was a higher pain day. If I drink anything other than water it hurts a lot, I tried that today…I won’t be trying it again for a very long time.

Now I have to pee.


21 thoughts on “My Plumbing Doesn’t Work

    1. Thank you Kim. One step at a time, right? It will be what it is. I do think my doctor is pretty darn good. Thank goodness. Glad to see you’re up and around again. Been reading your post by email, will get there soon to comment.
      Remember, I’m pulling for you.

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  1. Oh no! I went through a thing a few years ago, kicked off by food poisoning I got e-coli in my kidney and because of my implant, they can’t see my left kidney, Long story, and several procedures later, it worked itself out. Here’s to hoping your body sorts itself out too!
    Gentle hugs!

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  2. I’m glad the nephrologist was compassionate and actually took on board what you said about needing to read her lips, that’s certainly a good start. An interesting development about the ureter rather than it being specifically with the kidneys. Could it perhaps be an inflammatory issue that was caused by the UTI, narrowing the ureter and preventing normal flow? I really do hope it’s something that can resolve of its own accord over time, but it’s good that you know and that there’s a plan of action going forward xxxx

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    1. Yes! That’s exactly what it could be. That’s why we are hopeful it will resolve itself. But if it hasn’t by now, it probably wont. Just have to wait for the ultrasound, and pee often, just little bits at a time. lol….TMI there. 😉
      I’ve been so horrible about keeping up with my friends, looking forward to catching up on your blog soon.
      So tired lately.

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      1. I’d like to hope that problems with the urethra would be easier to deal with than the kidneys themselves, so if it doesn’t resolve in time then with any luck there’ll be something relatively straightforward that can be done about it.

        I’m not surprised you’re tired. Don’t worry on the blog front. Just rest up and take care of yourself. xxxx

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  3. Rita McGregor

    Whoohoo! Sounds like an excellent doctor who listens!! Hopefully it will be the infection and can be fixed with antibiotics. So glad it’s not stones! I hope it is all better soon. 🙂 🙂

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    1. I think I worded that wrong. The infection might have caused it by causing inflammation in the tube. But the actual infection is gone. Hooefully it is clearing up all by itself.


  4. She sounds like a great doctor. Wish her professionalism and work ethic could be cloned to other doctors. We can dream.

    I hope it clears up really soon. This isn’t how to start the new year but, thinking positively, you are not being rushed to get tests done or be put on more meds either. A good sign. There should be awards and prizes for having to have the amount of patience we have while we wait. At the very least, bonus points like air miles program. 😊🏆

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    1. I feel like I’m in good hands now, thankfully. If I start having more trouble peeing or have more severe pain everything will happen sooner, but right now, I think I’m okay.
      Speaking of new meds, you would not believe the amount of meds my psych dr has me on now. That will change as soon as I’m stable, I think she’s just trying hard to get me back to normal right now. I dont want to be on so many medications. The side effects are wicked.
      Talk soon. xo

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  5. Thanks for explaining what is going on with you.
    Glad to read you have a good doctor you can work with.
    Hope you are feeling better soon, and you get stable and can cut back on the meds.
    Sending gentle hugs.

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  6. Agh, so sorry for your pain, I’ve sooo been there! I’ve had a lot of hydronephrosis issues and UTI issues over the years, but I’ve never heard of a UTI -causing- hydronephrosis, so that’s very interesting. Sending healing wishes your way!

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    1. Thank you very much. I’m so sorry about your pain and ordeal. Hoping this clears up.soon, but I feel like another UTI might be starting. 🙄 Maybe I’m just paranoid right now. Healing hugs to you!!


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