Trying to write

I’ve started countless posts but, like so much in life now, I haven’t finished any. Do I write about me? How my treatments aren’t working as well as they were in the beginning? How my migraines and vertigo have once again taken over my life? or do I write about the travesties that are going on in this country? I’ve never used my blog as a political voice, I never want anyone to feel excluded or uncomfortable here, but I also feel so compelled to shout from the rooftops that I demand change! I was at the point recently that I simply no longer wanted to live in a world where people treated each other the way we do here. On Juneteenth we celebrated the 155th anniversary of the freedom of the last slaves in the United States. 155 years and racism is still rampant. Our leaders should be bringing us together, instead there is fuel being thrown on the fires.

View of the Bighorn Fire from my home on June 19th, 2020

It doesn’t help that each day I look outside and literally see fire. Normally when I need to escape from the stress of the world I retreat to nature, it calms me, but where I live we are in the midst of a natural disaster. A fire, named The Bighorn Fire, started by lightening on June 5th in the Catalina Mountains surrounding Tucson has burned over 58,500 acres so far and it’s 19% contained. We have an air quality advisory because of the smoke. The masks might help in more ways than one huh?

Speaking of masks, our mayor has issued an ordinance requiring everyone over the age of two to wear a mask when in public (there are a few exemptions) if you do not wear a mask you can be fined or be required to do community service. This is in response to the extreme jump in the number of COVID-19 cases Arizona has been experiencing since we reopened. I applaud her bravery for this, I wish our state, and national, leaders would take such an initiative. I feel it’s my Civic and Human duty to wear a mask. I wear a mask not to protect ME. I wear a mask to protect YOU! Is this political? I don’t think so. This is a health issue. We need to take care of each other. Wearing a mask is to prevent the spread of the virus when you are asymptomatic. Be kind to your fellow human, wear a mask. The life you save may be someone you love.

I think about being here, and talking with you, my friends. I think about sharing my thoughts, my fears, my pain, my dreams. June is Migraine and Headache Awareness Month. Yesterday was Shades for Migraines Day. I was so proud of myself that I at least got a post on Facebook and Instagram with a photo of me and Stuart in our “Shades”, but I had a lot of post planned for this month, they didn’t happen. So many other things happened this month. My migraines are back to being daily. I haven’t had a break in days other than the few hours I get when I go in for treatment, but it no longer last. I still have lots to say on this subject and just because the month is going to end doesn’t mean I’m going to stop being an advocate. I will be posting much more about migraine. I have a lot of information to share, a lot of promise for many people, a lot of hope. Oh, and I will be seeing my doctor in about 3 weeks, so cross your fingers we can get some kind of rescue medication for me. As I said a lot of hope out there. And that’s how I will close for the day…..with hope.

#shadesformigraine #mham

15 thoughts on “Trying to write

  1. We must have a spooky subconscious link! I too have started countless posts and you will see that my last post started with those exact words, LOL! A blogger friend also had almost the same photo of the Bighorn fire, so you must live close by- that is SUPER spooky! Hope the fire can be brought under control and you don’t get more. We had exactly the same here in Adelaide, South Australia starting on Christmas Eve 2019. Our Hills and national parks are devastated. But still we stride forward amid the COVID crisis. I don’t know how we do it.


    1. I think a lot of bloggers have that problem, but I sure wish I could get my post out more regularly. I really need to work on it.
      Your last post was almost 3 months ago…well 2 1/2, if you keep that up it will be a year again before you know it. πŸ˜‚ Can you share the blog that posted the photo of the Bighorn Fire? I’d love to see it.
      I think they are starting to get it under control, there’s less smoke my way, but that could be wind direction. It does look better. There are 2 other fires in Arizona right now, but nothing like the Australia fires were. That was devastating. The fires you are talking about aren’t the fires I’m thinking of though, the ones I’m thinking of was longer ago, not too long though. The whole country was on fire! Terrifying. And you barely saw it in the news. I was so sad.
      Yes, we still strive forward!
      No options.
      Be safe out there


  2. Several times, as I adjusted my mask to enter a building, some one driving by has stopped their car, and chastised me for wearing one. (It’s the law, here, to wear one when in a business establishment!) One woman, driving in the opposite direction, rolled down her passenger side window called out, “Take off that mask,fresh air won’t kill you.” I replied, “Yes, but the corona virus will.” I wear a mask in support of the essential workers and to protect people like her should I have it but not show symptoms. It’s polite, not political. No one has the constitutional right to kill another person, be it by virus or chokehold. In the past, taking to the streets has translated to matching to the ballot box. That’s a scrap of democracy we have left. I hope everyone exercises that constitutional right.
    As you say, once a national month is over, the advocacy continues.
    Stay as strong as you can, warrior princess. I hope your battles all lead to victories, big and small. Namaste.


    1. I’m in shock!! But I guess I shouldn’t be, I’ve seen the stupidest things lately! I swear people just want to find something to bitch about! These are the same type of people who fought to keep smoking allowed in public building, and they still smoke too close to the entrances! I just do not understand the arrogance of some people, why do they think they are more important than everyone else?
      The way they have messed up the polling places recently, making it much more difficult for so many people to vote, I’m not sure the ballot box is going to truly show the will of the people. I hope it gets straightened out before the main election in November, we need every vote counted.
      Peace πŸ’•πŸ’•


  3. I hope the fires stop soon, and that the air quality isn’t too bad…
    Ah, Wendy! The photo of you and Stuart make me smile πŸ˜ƒ how sweet is that! 🌼 πŸ’š
    I’m sorry to hear about the chronic migraines, I hope they can really help you when you next go to your doctor.
    Thinking of you my friend, love and best wishes to you both xox 🐻

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    1. The air isn’t bad, I don’t really smell the fire even now. It was 33% contained this morning…oops, yesterday morning. Painsomnia is getting me tonight.
      Thank you about our photo. Good thing you can’t tell just how horrible I felt. A smile sure hides a lot doesn’t it?
      I don’t really have great hope that my doctor is going to be able to do much for my migraines. I’ve tried most everything, even the newest preventatives. I don’t see many more options, and I try to stay well informed on this stuff. I hope I’m wrong.
      Thank you my dear
      Thinking of you too!!
      Our best to you both.
      Love and hugs ❣️🏜️

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  4. limitlessmare

    You and Stewart look great in your shades! Love that πŸ™‚ We are living in some strange times. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Wendy, this was beautifully written. You are such a warrior and an inspiration. Hugs to you xoxox

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    1. I’m glad you still have hope. I would like to add faith. I have faith that the right things will keep happening more often, that we become more tolerant, knowledgeable, empowered. Nothing this huge happens overnight. Some baby steps are happening, some monumental ones, too. We are all in the middle of it and sometimes we are able to walk with the changes. Sometimes we have to be on the sidelines watching, listening. But we have to keep hoping and have faith in one another.

      Good luck with the doctor’s appointment.

      And my goodness you guys make a beautiful and cool looking couple.


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  5. first let me start by writing you and your husband make one great looking couple!! πŸ™‚ since I don’t watch the news I had no idea that your area was experiencing a fire……..please stay safe! Everything going on seems so surreal that my mind runs in circles……..thank you for sharing your thoughts……….sending you love!

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    1. Thank you sweetie. I don’t know if our fire is making headline news, and it is getting better I think. I actually don’t watch the news either, but it sure is hard to escape everything. And sometimes I feel guilty when I do, I know that’s weird.
      My mind is in circles too.
      Love to you and yoursπŸ’•πŸ’•

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