Control your Stress & Anxiety: 6 Ways to Meditate for People Who Can’t “Meditate”

During these unsettling and uncertain times my friends, Judy and Peggy, are sharing some posts for our mental and physical well-being.
I hope you enjoy.


Yay. Sure. 100%.  When I meditate it’s 50%-50% at best.  My monkey mind swings from trees with great abandon, my thoughts rambling, rumbling and wildly roaming.

So!  Why meditate?

Meditation has been rigorously scientifically studied and it’s shown to literally change the brain.  A regular meditation practice helps significantly with depression and anxiety, meditation has been shown to help with anti-aging, fighting infections, contributing to a sense of control and combating feelings of loneliness.

Nearly anything can be turned into a meditative practice as long as you focus on leaving your “head” and experience the world through your senses.(Sorry – Television, video games and reading don’t count as meditation because they simply replace our own thoughts with more stimulating ones.)

When the stress…

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3 thoughts on “Control your Stress & Anxiety: 6 Ways to Meditate for People Who Can’t “Meditate”

    1. Been having some rough days. I keep wanting to get here to comment on your comments, but my head hasn’t let me. I promise I will ASAP. I think of you so often you’d be surprised. Much love from across the pond. 💕🏜️😍

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      1. Please Wendy, don’t feel you have to rush…I know what you mean, I can have a run of days when it’s impossible to connect with others. I think of you too and wish you and Stuart easier and happier times (I’m sorry to hear about the job loss, that is awful…). Sending you both love and best wishes, from this side of the pond. I will say a special prayer for you, including better medication to help you. xox

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