A Series Of Unfortunate Events

So late last night I wrote this long post detailing everything (well most things) that have been happening lately, I decided that most people really don’t want/need to read all those details so let me just sum it all up. (if you are really interested I left the detailed post at the end)

Stuart was laid off yesterday because of lost revenue due to COVID-19. It came as a huge shock and I’m still processing it all. I know we’ll be okay, we are in this together and that’s all that counts.

The beginning of last month we cut my SPRAVATO (esketamine) from twice a week to once a week and I did not do well, both the depression and the migraines came back full force. It has not been a good month. This week we went back to twice a week, let’s hope I see improvement soon. More about this later.

About a week ago I was stung by a scorpion while sitting in my living room. I didn’t have to go to the ER or anything like that. I’m fine. I just hurt like hell, and I still have this spot on my leg that feels kind of weird when I scratch it, but it’s getting better every day.

I had a severe allergic reaction a couple of days ago to something, I don’t know what. My doctor thinks it was a combination of things. Simply put I have had too many allergens bombard me at once, so it wasn’t just one thing, therefore it probably won’t happen again. But if it does I have lots of Benadryl and my EpiPen.

So that’s the series of unfortunate events that have been happening in my life. It really hasn’t been all bad, but this post has gotten way too long! I’ll post more soon, I hope, and tell you all happier things. Like, we got added a new member to our family!! We rescued a kitty. I’ll tell you all about Brody and more soon!

Brody, his first night home.

If you’d like to read more details here they are, this is the post I wrote last night….if you read it, you can tell I was not in the best frame of mind. I hope you’ve had a better month.

It’s 1:33am and I’m sitting here in tears, today, um yesterday, the most recent and the worst of the latest in a string of pretty crappy events happened and I’m not taking this last one very well. Stuart was laid off. We were finally affected by the backlash from COVID-19. It came as a huge shock. There was a big layoff in his company right when they started the work-from-home phase, we felt it was a knee jerk reaction at the time. We don’t know what to think now. There is no rhyme or reason as to who they chose to lay off. The company he works for isn’t really losing any business. They are a huge irrigation company for large golf courses, agriculture….they do supply Disneyland, but I don’t think they stopped watering their grass just because they’re closed, and that is just a small fraction of their business (all over the world). The only thing they are having trouble with is getting parts in from overseas.His team is down to 3 people! They can’t do all the work and no one knows how to do the things Stuart does. They just shot themselves in the foot.

I’m freaking out. It’s not the money, not really. We have money saved, unemployment is higher right now, he got a little severance package, and we have my small disability income and Medicare, however he was laid off before and was out of work for almost a year, I do not want to go through that again. It totally depleted out savings I finally felt like I could have nice things, now I feel like I have to scrimp and save every penny. I had a house keeper coming in once a month to help me out, I can’t do that now. We had plans for the house and yard, not any more…. I’m heartbroken. I’m shattered.

Now for at least some of the other things that have happened over the last few weeks. We cut my SPRAVATO (esketamine) treatments down from twice a week to once a week and I crashed hard. The depression came back in a huge black wave. It has been suffocating. With the depression, came the migraines, and the increased dizziness and vertigo. The good news, we increased it back to twice a week this week, hopefully I’ll be feeling better soon. But I really do not want to be tied to this stuff twice a week, that takes two days out of my life every week. That isn’t really feasible. I could never even go out of town, and when Stuart gets a new job I don’t think they will be too pleased that he has to take 2 days a week to take me to these appointments.

Next, I was stung by a scorpion. Stuart lived in the desert for many years and never even saw a scorpion, I live here less than 2 years and get stung by one while sitting in my chair watching TV. The irony, you gotta laugh. I had no idea what had happened, I only had this very intense nerve pain in my leg. I yelped in pain and told Stuart, then I noticed that there was a red spot on my leg, and he got me a Benadryl and ice real quick. Because of his quick thinking (we thought it was a spider bite) it didn’t swell at all. It hurt so bad that night I barely slept. For two days it hurt and felt numb at the same time. This was over a week ago and still if I scratch in that place it feels funny, kind of tingly, but it’s getting better. Oh, Stuart found the scorpion the next day, dead. When I looked up the symptoms it was dead on for a scorpion sting.

Day before yesterday I had a pretty severe allergy attack. I was just sitting in my living room and my throat started to close up. Stuart was just in the next room but it closed to fast I couldn’t call out. I took a Benadryl fast, and started looking for my inhaler, which was hard to find simply because I was getting confused. I finally took about 3 Benadryl and used my inhaler so many times I just don’t know. I’m just glad I didn’t have to use my Epi Pen or go to the ER. It did happen again that night, but I got the Benadryl in faster and it ended faster, then yesterday I took Benadry every 4 hours and I was fine. Today I’ve itched a lot. My doctor (I had a telehealth visit with my migraine doctor yesterday and I had to tell her because I had taken my migraine shot the night before the attack) she said it could be a high load of allergens. The allergy count is very high here right now, and then the scorpion, add in a powerful medication, and we got a cat…the combination could have caused it, but one on it’s own probably wouldn’t. So I’m okay there.

I told my neighbor, who has become a very good friend, that she must think I’m a calamity of horrors. I was so touched by what she said, “No, I think you are a beautiful young lady with the most positive outlook I have ever seen” She will never know how much I needed to hear that.


23 thoughts on “A Series Of Unfortunate Events

  1. I’m sorry things are rough. They will get better. I’m sorry to hear Stuart was laid off. My daughter was laid off last month. Yesterday she started a new job so there are jobs and there is hope.
    Sorry about the scorpion bite. I got Lyme Disease after being bitten by a tick in my bed. Crazy things bugs!
    I enjoy reading your blog:)

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    1. Thank you. I’m okay. We’ll get through this unemployment thing and the rest is already starting to get sorted. 🤞🤞
      I’m so glad your daughter found a new job so fast, I’m concerned about how you’d even go in for an interview. Stuart has already started applying. Always hope…always.
      I’m so sorry about the Lyme disease. I grew up in SC I know about ticks well. I did not know much about scorpions! They have a nerve toxin, luckily I didn’t get a bad one. And they don’t leave you with an incurable disease like Lyme. Again, I’m sorry. That really sucks. Bugs are crazy!!
      I’m glad you enjoy it here.
      I really need to be here more and comment on blogs I’m reading. 💕💕💕

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        1. Wow! Sounds like it! But also very cool.
          Since my husband is a programmer, I could see him interviewing like that.
          I really hope this layoff period is very short, but we are lucky, he got a small severance package plus his vacation time….so we will be fine…for a while.

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    1. Thank you, yes, it will all work out I’m sure. We do think it was a combo of the scorpion, the Aimovig shot, Spring allergies, maybe the new kitty….just everything on top of everything else. If I had just one it would have been okay, but all of them together made my body go crazy. No worries, I’m okay and prepared if it happens again. Hope you are safe and well. 💕💕

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  2. yA Scorpian!!! I would have had a heart attack! I was bitten buy a spider in my 20’s and suffered with symptoms for a long time. I am petrified of insects of any kind. Please take care of yourself and your new kitty too. I wish you lived next door!

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    1. Oh my golly I wish we lived nextdoor to each other too!!! That would be awesome!!
      I never saw the 🦂!! I felt the PAIN! Thought I suddenly had a pinched nerve or something, it was horrible nerve pain! Then I saw the red dot growing, and Stuart ran and got ice and Benadryl. I thought it was a spider, so I searched for the symptoms and found that a scorpion matched. Then Stuart found it the next day. He threw it out and never showed me. I still have not seen a scorpion in real life. We had the exterminator here today😁. Love and hugs my friend.


  3. Dorothy Murphey

    Wendy & Stuart

    Sorry sorry to hear about this – you hand in there – I’m sure things will turn around sooner then later. Y’all take care and give each other a big hug from me❤️ ZiaDot (Aunt Dot) Sent from my iPad


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  4. limitlessmare

    Welcome Brody 😉 Looks like a sweetheart!
    Wendy, thank you for sharing everything you’re going through. There is so much uncertainty these days. Sounds like you and Stuart are prepared to weather the storm, it helps to have a strong relationship, which it sounds like you do. You’ve been though so much and come so far, I have no doubt you’ll pull through, I know it doesn’t help to hear that when you’re in the thick of things. Good call on going back to treatments twice a week. The scorpion thing would freak me the frack out! That’s some terrifying shit. Big hugs to you, remember to breathe, as will I. I feel like I haven’t taken a deep breath in months.

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    1. Yes little lady you remember to breathe, you are going through a LOT! You are on my mind so often, I’m sorry I don’t come over and comment on your blog as often as I should, I’m slack these days. Please know that doesn’t mean I don’t care you aren’t on my mind.
      I need to hear more about tent life. 🤗.
      We will weather this storm, even if we’re a little worried right now. One moment at a time.

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      1. limitlessmare

        ❤️ thank you and never ever ever feel poorly about not commenting on my blog. I know you’re genuine and you care. Life is happening and we must have people in our lives that allow us to be human, to come and go as we please ❤️ thinking of you! 🦋🌸☀️

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  5. I meant to ask you if you had rescued a cat yet — you had mentioned you folks might. Tekva, my mom’s cat, had similar black and white markings on his face.
    I haven’t read the longer version — know that I will.
    I’m about to start a free course about dealing with all that’s going on now (from the University of Toronto). I’ll let you know if there are any new “tips” for living in this time of virus, job loss, and such.
    Hang in there — always remember you are a warrior princess!

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    1. Oh my goodness, I thought I told you about Brody! Much to tell about this boy! We are in the pre-adoptiion phase with him. I’ll explain it all to you you. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you. It’s been a whirlwind with the Spravato stuff going on and all that.
      I will remember my warrior queen 👑!


  6. These are such weird and uncertain times but it has brought out a lot of good from so many people in an infinite number of ways. I try to focus on the good and have good thoughts so that was what I am sending to you and Stuart along with a lot of love.

    And Brody is beautiful!

    Seriously, we’ll have to talk soon. Just been dealing with it all by listening to music, some reading and daydreaming and avoiding the news for the most part. Then I see the time and it’s like 10 or 11 pm and I wonder where the day went and what exactly did I do. 🤔 Here’s to better days coming soon.

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    1. Remember your 10 or 11pm is now my 7 or 8pm, and I’m usually not sleeping before 1 or 2am my time, so if you ever find yourself up late and want to chat hit me up, I just might be available. 😉

      Check out the YouTube show “Some Good News”, it shows some of that good you’re talking about. 😍

      Brody is very scruffy. You can’t see that half of his hair has been shaved because he had such matted fur. He was in very bad shape, but he’s getting better. He has to have his teeth removed because he has an autoimmune disease that attacks the gums. It’s very painful. (and causes him to stink!!) He is the sweetest cat I’ve ever met though. So very affectionate and he’s so funny! He chases his own tail! Like a puppy! 🤣.
      I’ll be glad when we can get the surgery done. The shelter is doing it, we just have to wait until they are doing more than non-emergency procedures.

      To better days. 🏜️🤟


  7. Oh my goodness, what a mess! I am so very sorry! Hopefully your med increase, after a decrease will help and your husband will be working again soon………..I am sending up prayers for you this afternoon!
    I love your rescue kitty……..we just rescued another dog……..I guess I needed more chaos in my life. 🙂

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    1. Thank you love. I’m a bit of a mess right now, but I’m starting to get it together. This lay off brought back some feelings that I didn’t know we’re there. PTSD is no joke. 😳
      Aw, a new dog! How wonderful!
      I feel the same about Brody, he has definitely brought some chaos is the house! 🤣. A post about him is coming up very soon! His story will make your heart melt.
      Love and hugs my friend. Namaste.

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      1. I cannot imagine how you are feeling, but I know it must be a whole lot of mixed up emotions………..please know that I am praying for both of you……..and you are right, PTSD is NO joke and there are times you wonder why something tiggers such fear.
        I look forward to reading about Brody! He is a very lucky boy.

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  8. Wendy, I am sorry to hear of Stuart being laid off. I am thinking of you both, you’re in my heart. Kind of you to take in the kitty-kat. I was thinking how on earth did a scorpion get in your house?! How awful. xo


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