URevolution Featured Article

I’m so excited and honored to announce that one of my posts has been published in URevolution – The chronic illness and disability magazine.

I’m so impressed with the magazine and everything URevolution does and stands for, please go over and check them out and read or reread my article Losing a Loved One From Alzheimer’s Disease Druing Cornonavirus Pandemic and let me know what you think.


19 thoughts on “URevolution Featured Article

        1. It’s all so difficult and different. But as you say, we’re muddling along. I saw you wearing a bandana on IG, I’m glad I went gray years ago. Hahaha!!
          I know your daughter must miss her friends! What grade is she in? I was thinking she was a senior, I hope not. I’d hate for this to be her senior year.
          I hope your son’s job is low profile, not too much contact. I’m still going to #stayhome for the foreseeable future.
          Love and hugs my friend. xoxo

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          1. It is a a very strange world we find ourselves in! She’s a Junior this year. Not a senior, but still hard. She was supposed to have her biggest role yet in the Spring musical so that’s been hard. My son works at Starbucks so we all feel a little better knowing he’ll at least be just doing drive thru. Since I’m post-radiation I’m staying home as much as possible too!!
            Lots of love and gentle hugs! xoxo

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    1. Aw Mo, I think you are a bit prejudiced, and I love you for it!! I hope you are well. Haven’t talked in a while, I’m really slack lately. Tired, tired a lot lately. Hugs and love sweet lady.


    1. On the header of my blog or the article? My blog is a photo, the article is credited on URevolution, you’d have to ask the artist there. I often have paintings on my blog, but not right now.


  1. Woohoooo, that’s amazing! Just going to check it out now. Don’t think I’ve come across URevolution but they’re obviously a smart magazine for having your article 😉 Well done, Wendy, you should be super proud! xx

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    1. Thank you Caz! I’m super impressed by their magazine, I hope you like it.
      And I am kinda proud. It has been the featured article on their home page this past week. It really made me feel good. I hopefully well represented regular families losing people during this, and a little glimpse at Alzheimer’s for some.
      Miss you. I know I’m not around as much, I’m sorry. I’m just so tired lately. Fatigue is palpable. Love u 💋

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