Ready for 2020?!

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I’m baaaack! Whew, I didn’t mean to be gone so long. I actually did write a post during my absence, but, silly me, I forgot to hit “Publish” and it’s out of date now.

Let’s see what was going on when last I left you?

We were getting ready to move into our house. Check, that happened; there are still plenty of boxes and there is actually more to move from Stuart’s dad’s house, but we are in OUR house and it feels good, even if I’m extremely exhausted and flaring.

I had hopes that the nerve block injection I had in my neck was working, but it didn’t. I had a couple of good days, but I think that may have just been good days because it sure didn’t last. I saw the pain doctor again and I had an occipital nerve block on the right side on December 30th to hopefully help with my migraines. I actually do think this one is working. I have had migraines since the injection, but they did not start in that area. That’s great, because a LOT of my migraines do start in that area. It hasn’t been long, but so far I’m hopeful. I also had an x-ray of the thoracic region of my back and it showed no damage; I have to say I was surprised. I have so much pain in that area, and it feels like it comes from the bone. I’m happy I don’t have problems there, but I do wish I knew what the heck is wrong. It’s really hard when you can’t have an MRI. She also wants me to have a nerve conduction study to see what may be causing my arms to go to sleep since the nerve block in my neck didn’t help. I’m not looking forward to that test, it’s not very comfortable (to say the least), but hopefully it will provide some answers.

Right after my last post I had a severe gastritis attack accompanied by severe diarrhea (literally crapping my pants over and over. yes, I know, TMI). I had my yearly physical right after that and my doctor thinks I may also have diverticulitis. I’ve been referred to a gastroenterologist, but haven’t heard from them yet. The day of our move I woke to the all too familiar feeling of gnawing pain in my stomach, luckily it didn’t escalate to a severe gastritis attack, but it was a very uncomfortable day.

I can’t say much about the holidays because it is just a blur. I know they happened because of all the decorations in stores and specials on TV, but boy oh boy we sure didn’t have time to celebrate anything.

So now I am ready to say goodbye to 2019, and face 2020 with renewed hope and wonder. I plan to take each day as it comes, have more fun, and take things less seriously. I’m not going to make up a bunch of resolutions I probably won’t be able to keep, but I do want to face this year feeling a bit renewed. After all, I just moved into a new house, my life is drastically changing. I’m going to be changing places I normally do my shopping and even some doctors…because we now live on the other side of town. So much is changing, there is no need for me to make resolutions, things are just going to change naturally. However, I do plan to make some short term changes throughout the year. There are some things I want to try so I plan on doing some 30 day challenges for myself, perhaps some of them will last longer, I’m sure some won’t last the whole 30 days. For example, for 30 days I want to eat vegetarian, to meditate daily, to journal daily, to draw daily, to not eat out, to not buy anything new except food… Well that’s 6 months right there! I’m not going to be hard on myself if I can’t keep to these things, but I feel like if I put a short time frame on it then I can just try it out and see if it’s for me, who knows it may be something I just love and will keep doing forever, or it may be something I hate and quit in a week, no pressure.

I think that’s enough to get things updated and to get me writing again. It has been one crazy busy month! Not only have we been moving, during the holidays, I had 1-3 doctor’s appointments each week. It’s time to slow down and get this year started.

Happy New Year everyone! May this year be filled with love and happiness for you all.


13 thoughts on “Ready for 2020?!

  1. Congratulations!! I like 30 day challenges. Let me know if you want to have a challenge buddy. My nerve thing in my neck is up and down but pt and traction in pt seems to be working. I’m taking my traction unit in today so it can be calibrated to use at home. My next treatment on neck nerves for the left side is January 27. Glad your doctor sounds interested in problem solving.


    1. Oh my friend, we need to chat. I’m sorry I’ve been so silent. It’s not you, I’ve been like that with most everyone.
      I’m glad your nerve thing is doing some whatbetter. How’s the vertigo?
      Talk soon, I promise.

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  2. Hello my friend! Bummer about the shit pants deal… I can say ‘shit pants’ in Norwegian but I can’t spell it. It comes in handy…! So you have great things to try in 2020! I’m glad you won’t get upset with yourself if they don’t work out. I think I’d go with; I’ll eat out more, have more shopping experiences, and sing loudly everyday! Yep. That’s my problem. I’m too much! Oh well. We are still locked in to South Texas. The weather is great here, tho! We will begin our journey towards Arizona the end of January! I’m looking forward to that. That’s one state I’ve never been to! In fact, I’ve never been to the Carolinas either. New Mexico as well, but I’ll get to see that soon, too! Otherwise… I’ve hit just about all… 😊💜

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    1. Oh Kim you are a hoot! Thank you for understanding about the dritbukse. (I looked up how to spell it) We had an exchange student from Norway, she didn’t teach me any good words. 😉
      Love your goals for the year! I think I’ll sing loudly every day too!! As long as no one else has to hear it. 😅
      We’ll be here whenever you get here! Well, we are going to CA for a week in March and a long weekend in April, but other than that, we’ll be here!!
      We had some icky weather last week, glad you weren’t here, but it was in the 70s today and gorgeous.
      I haven’t seen much of New Mexico, but what I have seen was gorgeous.
      I have many states i haven’t been to, I’ll visit them through you as you keep traveling. 😘❤

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  3. Happy New Year! So glad you are moved in and starting to get settled. I loath moving. We should all have our own homes or condos and when we want to move, the whole unit is moved. Of course, no need to pack because moving is so efficient and nothing is broken. Some day that will be a reality, I’m sure.

    I don’t do resolutions any more, either. Too much pressure and I would feel bad when I failed. Some of the best changes started with a baby step in the middle of the year that slowly progressed or when opportunity presented itself with something new.

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    1. Oh, did I give the impression we were any where close to being settled? 😅🤣😆 I can’t imagine when that day may actually get here. We still have another move to go through! Getting furniture from 2 of Dad’s houses and moving furniture around for him….long story. There is NOTHING in the studio yet. And my back is flaring so bad I can’t do anything. Settled? Maybe by the end of 2020 😆 But we’re in OUR house, and that’s just fine. (I’ll keep reminding myself of that. I’m trying hard to not take things so seriously)

      Nope no resolutions, and the mini challenges I’m planning are just things I want to try out, if it doesn’t work, no biggie.
      I’m trying hard to get back to being more me, I feel like the depression has robbed me of some things that make me me.

      We do need to chat soon.
      I miss you.
      Stuart asks about you.
      Soon…real soon


  4. Welcome back! And woooohooo, so glad things are on track with the house 😄 All of this must be hugely exhausting. Stuff in boxes can wait.

    Aw no, I’m so sorry about the gastro issues. It’s never just one thing to deal with though. You know the saying, ‘when it rains, it pours’! Fingers are very much crossed for the occipital nerve block on the right side & for the nerve conduction study, whenever you get an appointment through for that. In the mean time, it’s good news about the x-ray results.  

    I really, truly do hope that 2020 is kinder to you. Wishing you all the very best for a happier, healthier and brighter New Year for you & Stewart. New house, new tests, new nerve block, new times ahead, Wendy … ♥♥♥♥

    Caz xx

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