New look and a Mini Me, Update

I hope everyone had a magical holiday season. I hope you didn’t kill anyone. I know I wanted to a few times. Luckily it ended when it did.

I’ve started a new look to my blog, I will probably change the photo soon, but I wanted a better font and line spacing, especially with the new way WordPress is making me format post now.

Thought I’d give you all a little health update since I left things kind of up in the air. My infections seem to be all gone, or at least almost all gone, no worries about that anymore! Yay! But my tests showed that I have an obstruction in my kidneys. Yes, I said, “kidneys” plural. I don’t know what is going on. I had an urgent referral to a nephrologist, but they seemed to not think it was urgent since I don’t have an appointment until January 7th. I have been told that if there is a change in my symptoms to get the ER immediately. Okay, I can do that. I’m thinking this was caused by inflammation from the infections and it will clear up, possibly on its own? (one can hope) Maybe that’s why they weren’t worried about getting me in there sooner? I did have a pretty severe pain yesterday, I decided to drink something other than water and very weak decaffeinated tea and my kidneys screamed in response, so did my bladder. Maybe it’s not just inflammation?

We had a very quiet Christmas. We had breakfast with Stuart’s father, and we watched holiday movies all day. I ate entirely too much the past couple of days. It’s obvious there is something going on there. I simply can’t stop eating. Either this new medication is making me crave all kinds of crap, or I’m not dealing with things as well as I think I am. Maybe it’s a little of both? All I know is that if I’m not eating, I’m thinking about the next thing to eat. (if I’m honest, I know I’m not dealing with everything well, I still have this underlying anger that wants to break through often. My husband has the patience of Gandhi. I don’t know if I would put up with me for this long. He says it really hasn’t been that long, it feels like a life time to me.)

We ended up canceling our rescheduled Christmas dinner too. That has been hard on me. Not really that we had to cancel, but that it is going to be very hard to plan it now. and the decorations would have made it very festive, what am I going to do with that empty spot in my corner where the tree was? We moved the furniture and now there is nothing to put there. hmmm. Luckily I like minimalism. We decided we just shouldn’t try to do all of that when we don’t know how I’ll be feeling. So I’m waiting until after I see the kidney doctor before rescheduling. We decided to make this dinner much more laid back though, spaghetti with salad and bread (all gluten free of course). Everyone was all on board with this too, amazing! Most of the time I’m hit with…so and so won’t eat that…it’s hard when you ask and ask what people can and can’t eat and then when you make plans you hear that it’s not right. This might be the last dinner I plan. I now understand why they all go out to eat so much.

There is still so much drama here that it makes my head spin. I’ve just been lying low and keeping to myself. Stuart worries that I need to be more social. Maybe when I feel better, but right now, as long as we get out for a little bit once a week, I’m good, just curled up in my chair with heat on my abdomen and/or back, I’m good to go for now. I’m worried about him, he’s been awfully depressed lately. I think this move took a lot more out of him than he wants to admit too, and he’s worried about me…darnit.

Well, it’s getting late and I find myself rambling so I’ll close for now. I do find myself rambling much more lately, can’t stop talking, a sure sign that I’m still dealing with mania, but I don’t like this new medication. It has too many side effects and too many things that can go wrong. I hope there is another option. I see that doctor late January, she took a lot of time off for the holidays and I had to cancel my last appointment right before she went on vacation because of the kidney stuff. I really need to see her though, we called and I’m on the wait list, hopefully an appointment will come available. We also asked for orders to get my blood drawn, since you are supposed to do that within the first month of being on this medication to make sure your live is okay. Got that yesterday, will be having it drawn tomorrow.

How’s everyone out there? I’m looking forward to having some of these things resolved soon so I can start the new year on a healthier note. I does seem that I either go out of a year feeling like crap or start a new year feeling like crap. Within the first hour of this year I had a cluster headache (and every day since) that’s a sure way to start the year off with a dud. 😉 I’m sure that it will only go up from here.

I will just stop and be thankful for all the support and love I have.

and just breathe.


9 thoughts on “New look and a Mini Me, Update

  1. Dearest, I’m sure hoping they get this kidney situation straightened out soon. Having had stone treatments and being a carrier of my own kidney rock garden, I can honestly state that it’s a pain I’m very familiar with. It’s also hard to have such discomfort and not have it trip up your feels. Holding you close to my ❤

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  2. Dorothy Murphey

    Good Morning Wendy – always nice to get your updates- kinda sounds like your doing a little better – sorry that you had to cancel dinner plans but I’m sure everyone eat anyway. Had a nice talk with John the other day and that’s always good. He sounds good and he’s doing OK. I’m glad he still working – that’s good for him to keep his kind busy. Bigs hugs to you and Stuart – give one to John also – Zia Dot

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  3. Rita McGregor

    I hope they find out what’s going on with your kidneys. All the medications have to be watched for side effects–what a pain. But necessary.

    Sounds like you should just plan very casual dinners if you have any in the future. That worked well. It should be more about the people getting together, anyways. 😉

    I’m hoping for a healthier 2019, too. 🙂

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  4. Hi Wen! 2018 definitely gave us BOTH a difficult time. Kidney infections are serious! Keep that appointment. Like you, I did not get to get to any family gatherings and celebrate Christmas, after 3 months of pneumonia I had the flu! I didn’t get any Xmas decorations up either… goodbye 2018 hello 2019! Every day is a new beginning. xo.

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    1. Dang child you have been through a LOT!! I’m ready to get back to my normal. I know you are too.
      I love the last sentence of your comment. Yes!! Every day is a new beginning. xxxooo Wen

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  5. I like the font and spacing, it’s clear and easy to read, and looks neat. I struggled getting it right on my blog and I’m still not sure I’ve managed it. Can’t say I was too keen on the new WP editor, but you kind of get used to it after a while. Still not figured out how to get images to the side of text well, it just doesn’t seem to work quite the way you want it to. Still, hurrah on your blog changes! This post has also reminded me that I should probably do my usual ’mini me’ update soon too.

    I’m glad the infections are gone but I’m sorry you’ve got another ‘spanner’ in the works with your kidneys, Wendy. If it’s not one thing… I think with your body struggling with whatever’s going on, and your brain taking a hit emotionally, it’s not surprising there’s issues with eating and anger and all sorts. I think the re-rescheduled Christmas dinner, minimalistic-style, will be something to look forward to. With you and Stuart, I think you both worry about each other and perhaps something nice to focus on will help, whether that’s the dinner or a little break from routine with an afternoon doing something different (board games, a walk, anything) may be nice..? I get the not-feeling-up-to-doing stuff thing, especially where being social is concerned. Keeping things fuss-free and low key and minimal stress is good.

    Please go easy on yourself, you’ve got a heck of a lot on your plate and the uncertainty with the kidneys issue won’t help. I take it that it’s your appointment today? Wishing you the best, I do hope it went okay. Keep us updated? Sending hugs and my very, very best for your appointment…  ♥
    Caz xxxxx

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  6. Like the new look — it’s very easy to read, and the font is nice (I’m a font-gal).
    Sorry things have been so tough for you (and Stuart).
    Hoping the new year brings good things your way. You are always in my thoughts. Gentle hugs. .

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