Mindfulness Monday – Pain

water scene
painting by W. Holcombe 

“Pain can change you,

but that doesn’t mean

it has to be a bad change.

Take that pain and

turn it into wisdom.

~Dalai Lama

“To diminish the suffering of pain,

We need to make a crucial distinction

Between pain of pain,

And the pain we create

By our thoughts about the pain.

Fear, anger, guilt, loneliness and helplessness

Are all mental and emotional responses

That can intensify pain.”

~Howard Cutler

“Pain is not wrong.

reacting to pain as wrong initiates

the trance of unworthiness.

The moment we believe something is wrong,

our world shrinks and

we lose ourselves in the effort

to combat the pain.”

~Tara Brach



*painting by W. Holcombe.  All rights reserved. Please do not use without permission.


13 thoughts on “Mindfulness Monday – Pain

  1. Rita McGregor

    Love all these quotes. It is so true that when I accept the pain it lessens a bit. The more I fight it in my head or focus on it the worse it gets. So true. In my life pain is not wrong. It just is. And I have learned a lot of spiritual lessons over these many years of living with my prickly companion. Not easy or fast lessons, but so worth learning. 😉

    Have as peaceful a week as you can have with everything going on. 🙂

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  2. When I was learning to walk again I suffered a lot of pain. A pain therapist at the hospital suggested I made a friend of my pain and use it rather than just let it use me.
    I have worked on this over the years..
    Pain may not be a friend but it is a constant companion who I have learnt to live with. It very rarely rules me anymore.💜

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    1. I had the same suggestion for me about my Menieres. I don’t fight so much any more. It’s simply a part of who I am, and it will not ruin my life anymore.


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