Mindful writing – sharing an article from Mindful magazine

I have a bad cold so today I’m changing things up a bit.  In lieu of Mindfulness Monday I’d like to share with you an article I read in Mindful magazine.  I found it very interesting and plan to put this practice to use.  So you may find me doing a lot more blog posts in the future, as I meditate while writing.

Image from Mindful magazine

A Writing Practice For Those Who Like To Keep Doing by By  

I don’t want to copy the whole article here, it’s a short article, but it’s not proper to copy someone else’s work, so I’m going to give you the highlights. However, you really need to jump over and read the article to understand what this entails.  It’s fun!  go do it!

Shamash starts by saying: “I’m writing this article in a state of meditation. And there’s no editing required (for the first round, anyway). How am I accomplishing this? And how could you join in the fun?”

He gives us instructions on how to find out just how we can do it.  I’m listing just the highlight of each point, you will have to read the article to find out more.

  1.  Set a timer for 30 minutes.
  2. Keep your eyes closed. if you can touch type, if not, then write long hand with your eyes open 😉
  3. At the end of every sentence, stop for a full in-breath and out-breath.
  4. Begin with no clear aim.
  5. Try to find time to write regularly

He answers the question “What’s the point of journaling…..?”  Here are the benefits he says he enjoys as he writes:


  • “My body feels happy and relaxed.”
  • “My mind feels calm and peaceful.”
  • “I’ve gently entered into a meditative state without having to fully stop “doing stuff.””
  • “I’m doing something different, so it feels fun and exciting. And having fun is a really important value and experience for me.”


Go ahead, what are you waiting for, jump over to Mindful and find out more about mindful writing.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.




8 thoughts on “Mindful writing – sharing an article from Mindful magazine

    1. I’m glad you liked this. I did it last night and I will try to do it again tonight. and I’ll try and post some of what came out. It’s interesting. I need that meditation.


    1. Oh Kim you are so funny. it’s not meant to be something hard, or anything that takes up too much time. Hopefully it’s something you could do a little bit here and there.
      I was sitting here last night and just tuned out everything and started writing….eyes closed…ha…I got a few sentences in before I remembered to take a breath after each sentence, that was the hardest part for me. I just might post what came out. I didn’t do it for the allotted amount of time, I don’t know how long I wrote, I just wrote until I felt like I was paying too much attention on trying to write instead of letting it just come.
      but darlin’ if it gives you angst, don’t do it. You have enough on your plate.
      xo ~w

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