5 minutes


Set a timer for 5 minutes.How are you feeling right now?
Jot down your thoughts, and try to limit yourself to just 5 minutes.

5 minutes for me to write a blog post will be a miracle, but if I don’t count editing, maybe I can get something out that will mean something.

How do I feel right now?  Less dizzy than I have in a week.  I’ve had vertigo so much this week, especially on Monday, I didn’t get Mindfulness Monday out this week.  This is the first Monday I’ve missed in over 7 months.  I’m so disappointed.  I felt guilty at first, but I had no control over it, so I “just stopped”  🙂

I’ve been able to knit some when the spinning in my head would slow down, that’s been nice.  I’m making a blanket now for Project Linus.  They make blankets for kids who need one.  It can be a baby or an older child.  They could be sick in the hospital, or homeless, if they need a blanket, they get one.  It’s a great project and I’m excited to get involved.  I may not be able to make many blankets, but to be able to do anything, it’s wonderful.  To be able to volunteer doing something is giving me more of a sense of purpose.

Well, that’s 5 minutes.  and that’s okay because I really don’t have much more to say.   I haven’t been feeling well, don’t worry, it’s just my normal way of not feeling well.  I’m grateful I’m not sick-sick on top of it.  (knock on wood)  There are so many bugs going around I hope none of you are sick.

How’s your week going?  It’s supposed to snow here tonight.  It doesn’t snow often where I live in NC, so people aren’t used to it.  It will be pretty for a few minutes then people will go crazy on the roads, and I’ll be ready for it to go away.  Truthfully, I wish it never snowed.  As the weather changes my head is killing me.  As it gets colder, and it is, I ache more.  I really don’t like cold weather.

Do you like the snow?  Does it make your symptoms worse?  Or do you love the snow?


16 thoughts on “5 minutes

  1. I have problems with each weather change, but things usually settle down after a few weeks. I like cold weather because cold feels good on my head and face. And because I grew up in Houston, where it hardly ever snows. Where it’s hot for 10 months out of the year. Where the humidity makes it even hotter. If I can find the energy, I’m thinking about making a snowwoman tomorrow. 🙂

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  2. I used to love the snow! Growing up in MN you enjoyed the seasons. Winter was ice skating, snowmobiling, skiing – downhill and cross country… I was lucky that my parents were able to provide us with a snowmobile, ice skates and skis. I know some things I can’t do anymore, like snowmobiling is too hard on my body, but ice skating – I would love to do that again! I wish I had the resources for a ski weekend at Lutsen Mt. but the cost is daunting. Yes, the weather affects me in a negative way. It is a bummer.

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    1. I’ve always wanted to go ice skating, but I’ve never had the opportunity.
      But I really hate the cold.
      I did visit Buffalo one winter and played the winter games, it was fun. Cold, but fun. But I wasn’t sick then. Can’t see me tubing now. LOL.
      We ended up with very little snow. I’m happy. I’m sure the kids aren’t.

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      1. Yes we certainly pre-illness and post- illness lives. But it is what it is. Luckily you can now go to an indoor scaring rink. You can almost get away with a warm sweater while skating! Not like the rinks I went to as a child. You should go! Did you roller skate? -kim

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        1. I used to love roller skating, but with my balance issues could do either now. I’d be a riot. On my butt more than on the skates. Heck, I’m on my butt almost more than my feet. LOL
          No, really I don’t fall that often any more, just stumble a lot. 😉

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          1. Ahhh, yes that would be tough. Don’t feel bad. When I try to ride bike, I feel like I am going in a straight line but I lean to the left somehow and crash into the curb! You know, we could really put on a show! Well, be good to yourself and take care of you during this weather change! -kim

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  3. My Dear Wendy, came across this Your post a few days back in Facebook, wanted to write at least a comment on this, so I left it ‘Open’ and Google kept it for me.

    How do I feel? …I feel Happy. Besides having Terrific memories to fall back on, the Good Lord gifted me with a Kitten last month. I Love Cats, and the many I have had have all ‘grown up’ and moved house! So I am Thrilled that that this little one ‘strayed’ in and has remained. (There are No issues with ‘Ownership!’).

    My Health is Improving, though it is a Constant Battle with Tiredness!

    As I write very little about myself unless as an example, I would conclude this my attempt to write on ‘How I feel!’

    I am writing on about 6 subject Simultaneously just now. They are in various stages of development. As I do not have ‘Time Limits’ about Publishing, I am Good!

    Much Love to You, Good Soldier! 🙂


    1. Oh, my friend, I’m so glad you took the time to comment.
      A kitten is wonderful. A cat has been living with us for about 14 years, he was 4 when he arrived. I think he’ll stay, he doesn’t like going outside.
      I love that you feel happy. That is a wonderful place to be.
      I feel happy that you feel happy…joy is contagious sometimes.

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      1. Am happy that You are Happy, my Dear Wendy, one way or the other! Wish You much Happiness and Good health.

        Thank You very much my Dear Wendy.

        Sadly, Cats don’t last too long in India. There are so many of them roaming around, they fight among themselves, become prey to Dogs and the Traffic, and some people even Eat them if they look well fed.

        One of mine still comes to ‘Sleep’ here, and the New one is a Delight.

        Much Love to You! 🙂

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        1. Oh my. Keep the new little kitty indoors. Our kitty lives inside. He’s a big old kitty. I know he wouldn’t have survived this long in the city if he were an out door kitty. But when Max goes out, he wants right back in. He’s happy in a sunny window.
          I’m late replying. I’m really sick with vertigo and migraines. Having a really hard time doing anything, especially reading.

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          1. Thank You for taking the time to respond, my Dear Wendy. I appreciate this very much. Very Kind of You.

            I am keeping You in my Prayers, and am praying especially for Your good health.

            I have a biggish place, (for India), many rooms, as this is an Ashram, but for Years and Years have been alone, and thus only my room is inhabited and used.

            Yet, though I love my little kitty very, very much, I am not ready to bring it or keep it inside my room, as She likes to Investigate, climbing up and down, and knocking down things with great impartiality!

            But happily, She is Safe enough. She has made friends with one of my neighbours, have a couple of cats of their own. So she spends quite a lot of time in their company! Not bad altogether.

            Love and Regards to You, my Dear. 🙂

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  4. Wendy, I prefer cooler weather, like when it’s autumn. When it’s really cold my body hurts more. I grew up with snow as a child of the 70s/80s. We loved it! Went sledging in it on the gentle slopes on the sand dunes. Your project sounds great – it’s not just a needed blanket, it’s love you’re giving 🙂 I hope the vertigo is less this week for you.

    I’m enjoying participating in the blog colour challenge. This morning (Tuesday) I got all ready and showered (not washed from the sink! – standing is so painful and I cannot always do it) to go food shopping with John, but now I’m hurting too much… It’s frustrating isn’t it when you aim to do something? I’ll just have to rest and then go a little later.

    Love and hugs xo


  5. Faith. Forgive my absence from your blog. I’ve been really bad with vertigo. I can’t focus on the computer at all. I’m speech writings now on my phone. I’ll get caught up on your month of colors soon I hope.
    Yes, my dear, it is very frustrating when you plan to do something, then you can’t. Love to you xo


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