Just Stop

My theme for this year.  Just stop.

  • Just Stop and listen to my body more.
  • Just Stop and listen to others.
  • Just Stop and think before doing.
  • Just Stop and think before speaking.
  • Just Stop and get centered before moving.
  • Just Stop and think before putting that food in my mouth.
  • Just Stop trying too hard.
  • Just Stop feeling guilty for things I can’t change.
  • Just Stop and meditate.

Just Stop.

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23 thoughts on “Just Stop

  1. Wonderful theme, Wendy. There are a number of things I need to “just stop” so that I can focus my time and energy on the things that move my life forward. I’m hoping that blogging activities won’t end up on that “stop” list, but I AM going to have to cut back in 2017 – no choice!
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”


      1. Thank you my dear friend. It’s not my first choice either. Unfortunately, it seems that what now looks like financial naivety has bitten me in the behind. 😦

        I am finally scraping the very bottom of my financial barrel, and simply MUST cut back on all I have been doing for free to be able to use the huge amounts of time I have been spending there to turn my attention to making a living — unless something changes dramatically and practically immediately.

        I made the decision to limit my private coaching practice to be available to help MORE people with EF challenges in a more affordable group or self-help format which, in hindsight, looks like it was probably a HUGE mistake.
        My truly helpful classes and groups seem to be taking way too long to fill these days, regardless of how reasonably I have priced them.

        I’m currently thinking, after five years of posting on ADDandSoMuchMore.com, I must move on to a couple of things I had hoped would NEVER be necessary:

        a. In addition to abandoning my dream of helping those who can’t afford brain-based coaching so that I can use those blogging hours for marketing (in hopes of re-filling my private practice) . . .

        b. I need to turn my attention to publishing formerly free content in books or eBooks for which I could charge a little. Any writer will tell you that the task is extremely time-consuming.

        Unfortunately, it looks like it will probably finally be necessary to charge for access to most of my expertise in order to keep a roof over Tink’s head and food in his bowl (and mine). I can’t exactly put HIM to work. 🙂

        I KNOW that you know that I am NOT one of those money-grubbing capitalists, but my only other alternative, given the twin challenges of my sleep disorder and my broken car, looks like trying to get a full-time job at an all-night convenience store within walking distance — which would also leave me with precious little time to blog (or coach!) and would barely cover keeping the basics in place. It may well come to something like that anyway.

        I’ll do my best to continue to post as I have the time or need a break. But I can’t see a way – right now, anyway – to keep up anything approaching my 2016 posting pace if I hope to continue to be able to pay my bills with what I do with my time.

        I pray that my followers will be able to understand my personal predicament and will continue to support my past efforts by helping to spread the word once I am unable to spare the time to continue to do so.

        Sad, huh?


        1. Yes, it’s sad. But understandable. You can’t live on nothing, and the service you provide is important, therefore you should be paid for them.
          Do what you need to do to survive. Then think about being altruistic.
          Take care of you my friend.

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