A Day in my life…..

During my last post I told how I planned to do some journal posts during the month of January.  I planned on these being open and honest reviews of my days, then I realized I wasn’t totally honest while writing my last journal entry.  I talked about the good things, the things I accomplished that day, but I glossed over the fact that I had a vertigo attack.  I just slightly mentioned it, instead of saying how horrible it was.  How it stopped me dead in my tracks.  How I was stuck in a chair for over 2 hours not being able to focus on anything and being so upset that the day was ruined.  (as you know now I decided to risk things and go out anyway, very unlike what I normally do, normally I stick very close to home after having a vertigo attack, but I was determined)  During the attack I was scared.  It is a very tough thing to deal with.  After the attack, I’was exhausted and had to rest for a while before I could do anything else.  Everything I did I pushed through.  That doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good day, it did turn out to be a very good day.  I simply glossed over the rough parts when I was journaling about it.

Well, day before yesterday was a good day.  Yesterday I paid for it, but I couldn’t give in and just rest all day, I had my yearly physical I had to go to.  I ached all over and just wanted to stay in bed all day, but I had to go to the doctor and have her poke me a bit and talk about my blood work.  I hate going for my physical, often they find something else wrong, who wants to go find out something else is wrong?  This time I didn’t find out anything else is wrong.  Yay.  My cholesterol is still high.  The good cholesterol is in good shape, but the bad and total are not in good shape and my triglycerides are too high, as usual.  We discussed my diet.  First she told me that I’ve lost weight.  SIX pounds!  Woot!  Yes I’m being sarcastic.  She was trying to be supportive, but really, 6 pounds in a year, is not good. (She had no idea I’d been trying to lose around 40lbs the whole year.)  So we discussed how I could get my weight down and my cholesterol in better shape.  I have a friend who has been on the Ketogenic diet for a while, so I asked about that before she suggested anything and she said it was a good diet for what I need.  She said it is good for people who have to be more sedentary.  The Ketogenic diet is very low in carbs and high in fat.  This is very different than I am used to eating.  I don’t go crazy with carbs usually, so I don’t think that is going to be too big of an issue, however increasing the fat is going to be odd.  It’s just so counterintuitive to what I’ve always done.  As soon as I can wrap my head around this and all the sweets from the holidays are out of the house, I’ll start the diet.  wish me luck.

Today I’m still achey.  I’ve had a migraine all day.  I had an appointment with my therapist this morning.  That’s going well, I think.  Some days I wonder why I’m spending so much money to just sit in there and talk, am I really that hard up for friends?  By that I mean that on some days I feel like all we talk about is stuff you’d talk about with your girlfriend.  Like, I found out who cuts her hair….now my hair finally has a good cut!  But if I think about it, most everything we talk about comes around to something that could benefit me in the long run.  So it’s all good.


On the way home today we stopped off to buy more yarn.  Yes, I’m really enjoying my Knifty Knitter, so much so I think I’m going to finish my first scarf in a week….or less.  I’m thrilled that when I’m all achey and feel cruddy I can still sit and “knit”.  I feel productive.  I’ve always wanted to make baby blankets for charity, now I might be able to do that.  I’m looking into it.

Right now everything is taking much longer than it should.  But that’s normal for me.  Right now I’m going on 2 hours for writing this post, and I know it will go longer.   I keep wording things wrong, can’t think of words, can’t spell, or I simply get stuck.  At this moment I hurt too much to think and I don’t want to try any more….it’s just too hard.

It’s very unfortunate that cannibus is illegal in most states.  I’ve used it to help me in the past, but it is illegal in my state.  I’ve tried cannibus infused coconut oil to help with the pain and sleep, it is amazing for that.  I’ve used it via a vape pen during a vertigo attack and it stopped me from throwing up and slowed the vertigo.  What I wouldn’t give for it to be legal.  I’m having a hard time recently with vertigo and pain, it just makes me think about this more and more.

I think that’s all for my journal entry today.  I didn’t mention that I had a vertigo attack yesterday and a small one today, but if I mentioned every one we would be talking about vertigo a lot.  However, I think I should mention it every time during these journal entries to bring attention to how often I really do have vertigo.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Years Eve celebration!!

Tomorrow in my mother’s  birthday.  It’s always a bittersweet day for me.  I celebrate the day of her birth, but I’m sad she is no longer with us to celebrate.  It’s always an emotional way to start the year.



12 thoughts on “A Day in my life…..

  1. I like you knifty knitter and am planning on looking that tool up! Vertigo… only had it once really bad, throwing up and feeling like I was in a fun house for about four days! Never had it that bad EVER again. So extremely SORRY. Terrible. Scary stuff. I think knowing where your therapist gets her haircut is a benefit. Especially if you like her hair! I don’t think I would have ever trusted my therapist if she hadn’t shared a bit about herself. Thats a good thing Wendy. I went to a therapist for about seven years straight, until I moved out of state. Now off and on. Happy New Year and Happy Birthday to your Mom, bittersweet. -Kim

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    1. Thank you Kim. Today is bittersweet. I always have an emotional day on mom’s birthday. Maybe it’s because of the New Year too, who knows. Just up and down all day. Ugh.
      You’d be shocked at how long my scarf is now. I may finish it today. I’m on the last skein. Skwee!
      I’m sorry you’ve experienced vertigo, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. I have it so often now I only mention it when it’s really bad. I have these feelings like I’m moving and I’m not, that happens often, will make me fall down, but I don’t even talk about that often. These journal entries this month are for 2 reasons, to get people to know me, and to have me pay more attention to what’s going on with me.
      Happy New Year my new friend.

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      1. Absolutely great reasons to journal, my friend! You are tracking all of your episodes, yes? I will be starting up a food journal, but I’m not making it a resolution, just is something I need to do. I need high protein low carb and I must hit a certain number everyday. (Due to a different health issue, blah.) But I love my carbs!!! Bye carbs… only 40 net allowed. SO we will do our journaling with purpose and because it is good for us! Not because we have to. (Total mind game but lets play!) Get through today and be gentle with your self. So glad to be your new friend!

        PS. I taught myself to cut my own hair:)

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  2. Hey, 6 pounds is better than 0 pounds! I know how hard it is to lose weight without all of your impediments so you done did good.
    Beautiful scarf colors.
    P.S. Actually it’s a better idea to journal the good stuff than the “bad” stuff – been proven to be healthier both physically and emotionally -since journaling or talking embeds more memory. Maybe you are intuitively knowing this.

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    1. You sound like my doctor! LOL.
      Thank you about the scarf. I just finished it. It’s much bigger than expected. Oops. I hope the friend I made it for likes it.
      I have a gratitude journal, only good stuff!! These few entry days I want to just be as the day goes. The good, the bad, the goofy….well you know me. 🙂
      Happy New Year!! Thanks for coming by this new year’s day.


  3. Hi Wendy, I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been suffering so much with the vertigo. I’d like the medical marijuana to be legalised so I can get some. I think Britain only permits it for ME patients. I’d much rather take something natural than all the other painkillers… I get migraines too as well as the inflammation and the neuropathy.
    I love your rainbow scarf! I think it’s a wonderful idea to make them for charity. Good to be able to take your mind off for a while from the pain. 🙂 xo
    PS. My father’s birthday is tomorrow and he would have been 84. We’ll also be thinking about our loved one as the new year starts. All the best my friend.


    1. Hi Faith, I’m having a REALLY rough day today, but wanted to comment, it is a bittersweet time right now. I miss having the new year baby for a mom. Actually I think she was the 2nd born that day in her town. But I really miss her. She would have been 89. She’s missed 23 birthdays.
      I don’t have any idea where my train of thought was going. Really rough vertigo day.
      Happy thoughts to you now and always my friend.

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        1. My father was a difficult man too.
          I have a lot of conflicting emotions surrounding him. Working on it. Long story.
          My mom was my best friend. Her birthday was special, so this anniversary date is the toughest for me. xo

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