#MyMightyMonth – A day in my life

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I just got an email from The Mighty, they are starting challenges to promote self-care.  The first 30-day challenge is to journal.  I thought, what better way to keep me posting and keep my creative juices flowing?  I may not post every day, this is not that kind of challenge, I do not feel pressured to post every day, it’s just a challenge to get you started journaling, but I plan on posting often during the month of January.  Most of these won’t be my normal post, these are going to be journal entries.  You will be able to step in my life for a month and see what Wendy is up to.  You may get very, very bored, but you may find out a few things about me that you never knew.  You may also find out how I deal with some of my trials, or how I don’t deal with them.  You might find out just how long it takes me to do things.  Some days, you might find out that I don’t do much of anything.  I think all of this will be good, for me, and hopefully for you and this blog.  I have a lot of new followers who don’t know a lot about me, this is a great opportunity for them to find out all about ME.  🙂

It’s not quite January yet, but I thought I’d write about my day today, it was much more eventful than my normal day.

We had planned to go to Ikea today to get hubby a desk, he is in dire need of one.  I’m very tired of seeing his computer on the dining room table.  Unfortunately, when he looked at his coupon he found it expired and he didn’t want to spend that much money right now.  Truthfully, I’m not sure he’s completely decided that’s the desk he wants.

I have to admit this put my entire day off game.  I was really looking forward to going out to Ikea and walking around that big store and getting some exercise.  It’s always a bit of a scare doing something like that, but after being closed up in the house so much, it is a thrill for me to be able to do anything out of the house.  Even if I might pay for it later.  Needless to say, I was upset, so we decided we needed to go somewhere.  We decided to go to the mall.  I have a gift certificate, what better time to use it?   Well today was the day that everyone decided to use their gift certificates, or take presents back, or shop after Christmas sales, or something, because there were NO parking places at the mall.   I couldn’t see fighting all the people, and me with my walker, no way.

We decided to go by the library.  I had a book on hold and thought we’d pick it up.  We were waiting because I have another book coming from another library, but it was something to do!  It made me happy, and Stuart found 2 books, that made him happy too!

After the library, I admitted I still had some energy and wanted to walk.  We discussed going to the park, then I asked if we would be driving close to Michaels, because I knew hubby needed glue for models.  We were driving right by there so we decided to check and see if maybe we could get in there.  It was great, there’s a handicapped space on the side and 3 were open!  Bam! right by the door.  We were in.  And it really wasn’t that crowded once we were inside.  We decided to just browse.   I’ve been looking for something I can do with my hands.  I used to like doing cross stitch when I was younger, but what do you do with that kind of stuff when you are finished with it?  I have a lot of paintings that I have no where to put now.  Anyone want a painting?  So, I’ve been thinking about crochet, but I’m not very good at it, I just can’t keep my tension correct.  I have this Knifty Knitter thing that is pretty cool.  It’s a tool you use to knit with.  You aren’t really knitting in the traditional sense, but it looks neat when you are finished.  I decided to work on that again and bought some yarn.  Unfortunately, when I got home I found the yarn is too thin, I’ll have to get thicker yarn for this to look right.  After that I’ll be making things left and right.  hahaha   Working with yarn is good for tactile sensations and fine motor skills.


by w. holcombe

I also got a book called Zendoodle.  I love this kind of drawing. (please I don’t want a debate about Zentangles here)  So far, I’ve doodled just a little, but I know I’m going to be doodling more.  I used to do this a lot, it’s very calming, and it is good for my spacial relations.

I took Valium today when we left as a precaution to try to prevent me from having vertigo.  I’ve been having it a lot recently.  When we got home today, I started playing with the yarn, and shortly thereafter, the vertigo started.  I didn’t get much done today after that.  It wasn’t a violent bout of vertigo, but it was certainly not slow.   I felt sick, but luckily I didn’t throw up.

The vertigo has been starting and stopping over and over for the rest of the evening.

That was my day today.  Hubby took the week off work.  I think this is a dumb time to take off work, but I didn’t think about that when he asked me about thinking this week off.  There are just way too many other people off work doing things, there’s too much traffic, too many people.  You can’t do anything.  And we couldn’t take a trip.  Heck, who wants to take a trip around Christmas, unless you are visiting family, it’s too crowded.

I’d rather stay home and enjoy the last days of my Christmas tree.

Tomorrow I’ll pay for today a bit.  I’ll need to take it slow because I did so much, but I wouldn’t change a thing.  I had fun, and that’s important.  Oh, tomorrow I have my yearly physical, so much for totally resting.

If you’d like to take The Mighty’s 30-Day Challenge go to their Facebook page and check it out. 


9 thoughts on “#MyMightyMonth – A day in my life

  1. HI Glad to hear you were able to get out and do a few things. Paintings? I would love one. Do you have room to display them in the house? Maybe the library would display them for you? Perhaps you could post them on FB and try to sell them? I wish I was closer, I would help with this. 🙂


  2. Knitting – lol – I did my best to pick it up when I was working in summer theatre early in my acting career – to keep myself occupied during repeated turns manning the ticket booth for rehearsals I did not need to attend. Knitting turned out to be a total disaster!

    Every time I got “interrupted” by a potential patron, I kept forgetting which way I was going, and actually knitted holes into what I was working on. It was intended to be a scarf, but my actor-friends laughingly referred to it as “the worm” – because that is what it most looked like. 🙂

    I discovered, years later, that I don’t really enjoy the process of “making” as much as I enjoy “having made” – so that changed my approach to crafty tasks considerably.

    I do enjoy journaling, but when I am “Challenged” to do so regularly, it loses it’s appeal practically immediately. The ONLY way I’ve managed to continue to write and post regularly for the past 5 years is to give Challenges like these a wide berth. Even extremely subtle “shoulds” shut me down brain-wise, it seems. (The neuro-psychs would say my brain respond best to intrinsic motivation vs. extrinsic motivational techniques )

    I hope this new Challenge works for you – your response to the last one you took on was positive, right? Different strokes! I encourage everyone to discover and use whatever takes them in the direction they want to travel in the New Year.

    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

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    1. Madelyn, I could have sworn I replied to this, something is going on. I doubt I’ll remember all I said.
      My knitting is more like a mini loom, I’m having so much fun with it. Almost finished the first scarf.
      This challenge, isn’t really one, more like a suggestion.
      I’ve been having a hard time deciding what to post and my creativity has been in the crapper, so I thought a few public journal entries might make a difference. Gives me an excuse to post a certain way.
      Post in any way that works for you.
      Happy New Year my friend.
      To Tink too.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s probably the result of some WordPress Gremlin “improvement” again – obviously very little testing goes on in those back rooms pre-launch. And it always messes up SOMETHING. Wish they cared enough about the community that helped them build their platform to begin with to respond to what we like and what we don’t about their hotshot “better” ideas. ::sigh::

        “Post in any way that works for you.” – ABSOLUTELY! Use whatever works to get your insides OUTside (and onto your blog).


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  3. Oh Madelyn, the knotting I’m doing is not like the traditional type. I’m having aball, and moving fast. This scarf will be finished in no time.
    I’m not normally one for a challenge, but I’m having a hard time with inspiration and I thought journaling to the public might get me going. I do have a couple of order ideas, but they will take a while. Posts take me a while to write any way.
    I paid for my outings today. I’ll have to write about it.
    I think you do just fine without any challenges.
    I don’t have many people to share my life with, so this could be fun.
    As always, thank you for coming by and commenting.


    1. Is this is? It posted, just not under the comment to which you were attempting to respond. It’s hard to tell when mistakes are ours or a platform glitch anymore. I don’t want ANY attention on how so I can focus on what I’m saying. ::sigh:: Unremitting changes suck the joy right out of blogging for me.


  4. Well this is the comment. I’m sure it was my fault all along. I was on my tablet and I goof up on there all the time. Oops. LOL
    Love to you on this rainy new years day. Smooches.


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