5 minutes


Set a timer for 5 minutes.How are you feeling right now?
Jot down your thoughts, and try to limit yourself to just 5 minutes.

5 minutes for me to write a blog post will be a miracle, but if I don’t count editing, maybe I can get something out that will mean something.

How do I feel right now?  Less dizzy than I have in a week.  I’ve had vertigo so much this week, especially on Monday, I didn’t get Mindfulness Monday out this week.  This is the first Monday I’ve missed in over 7 months.  I’m so disappointed.  I felt guilty at first, but I had no control over it, so I “just stopped”  🙂

I’ve been able to knit some when the spinning in my head would slow down, that’s been nice.  I’m making a blanket now for Project Linus.  They make blankets for kids who need one.  It can be a baby or an older child.  They could be sick in the hospital, or homeless, if they need a blanket, they get one.  It’s a great project and I’m excited to get involved.  I may not be able to make many blankets, but to be able to do anything, it’s wonderful.  To be able to volunteer doing something is giving me more of a sense of purpose.

Well, that’s 5 minutes.  and that’s okay because I really don’t have much more to say.   I haven’t been feeling well, don’t worry, it’s just my normal way of not feeling well.  I’m grateful I’m not sick-sick on top of it.  (knock on wood)  There are so many bugs going around I hope none of you are sick.

How’s your week going?  It’s supposed to snow here tonight.  It doesn’t snow often where I live in NC, so people aren’t used to it.  It will be pretty for a few minutes then people will go crazy on the roads, and I’ll be ready for it to go away.  Truthfully, I wish it never snowed.  As the weather changes my head is killing me.  As it gets colder, and it is, I ache more.  I really don’t like cold weather.

Do you like the snow?  Does it make your symptoms worse?  Or do you love the snow?