To My Husband

hearts color copy2Everyday He Loves Me

He holds my hair as my world spins

leaving me a wretched mess.

He brings me food

washes my body

cares for our home

He holds me

comforts me

helps me fight my battles.

He kisses me

caresses me

loves every part of me

To him I am no burden

He loves me.

Everyday He Loves Me.

He watches me get my hopes up

and holds me when they fall.

The words are nice to hear,

but easy to say.

Every day, he shows he loves me.

How can I write a tribute to a man who has given me so much?

The words seem to lose their potency after leaving my heart.

How do I express how much I love him?

My heart swells with emotions and words that will not come forth.

This man who shows his love each and every day.

Sometimes my Caregiver,

Often my Lover,

Always my Champion,

Forever my Hero,

My Husband,

My Friend.

I love you more than words can say.


11 thoughts on “To My Husband

  1. Just the right words for my hubby too – from me of course! You capture what our other halves do so well that i have to reblog for partners, best friends, lovers, care givers everywhere x


  2. I love this, girl! Hope you’re having a “good” day. He’s a keeper, that’s for sure. I didn’t realize this was your blog, til I got here. Do you have many different names you go by? We have company, right now, but I hope to catch up with you, tomorrow. Have a good night. 🙂


    1. no I don’t have many names I go by. Just 2 Wendy and Dizzy Chick. Then of course there is picnic with ants. I guess I do have a few aliases. 🙂
      seriously, I only have this blog and I try not to hide, so I hope I’m not confusing to people. I have been having man good days actually. The summer is good for my verigo, bad for my head. So migraines still, but vertigo is being kind.
      talk to you soon.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hope you keep having all the good days, my dear friend. I’ll be chatting with you by email, til you get your phone under control, and text, when possible. peace out! XXX 🙂


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