8 thoughts on “Mindfulness Monday 7

    1. I used Photoshop. I’m sure there are others out there that are free that you can use that will work just fine, but I have Photoshop so I used it. I also used it to adjust one of the photos just a little, it was too dark. I know there are apps that can do that. 🙂 My phone has it built in. I can add text with it but it doesn’t go where I want it.


        1. I really have to work with the text to get it to work right and I tried 100 fonts to find one that worked. Some would print out much smaller on the same size. the two above have different size font text but they look the same. It has to do with the size of the picture, the number of pixels, the quality of the photo. So it’s different I guess because they are cropped so the number of pixels is probably different from one to the other. hmmm that’s my guess anyway. The biggest reason I used Photoshop is so I could easily move the text around. Photoshop is very hard to work with a lot of the time. In my humble opinion, it is not user friendly.


          1. “I agree — I must admit I fall back on the original Live Gallery and Live Writer to do certain sorts of editing, and Live Writer is the only place I can get a watermark.” she complained. “I’m writing to Adobe to tell them this latest version is crap at some times.” she added. “Thanks for the info.”

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  1. Sometimes it takes a long time to see the blessings and gifts in traumatic events and circumstances, but they are there. Took me 20 years to start to comprehend the positive spiritual lessons that came out of being beaten and gang raped at 17. 🙂


    1. Oh my, that is horrible. I don’t think you told me that before. I’m surprised you could find anything good come from that. there are things in my past that I have a very hard time looking back on and thinking anything good came from them, but if I look back at my life as a whole I can see things. Sometimes it’s a change of view that can make things different I guess.
      You are an amazing woman. I’m so glad I know you.


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