Mindfulness Monday 6

Max the cat.  by w. holcombe

Some of the best teachers of mindfulness and ‘being in the moment’ are animals.

– Richard J. Brewer


12 thoughts on “Mindfulness Monday 6

    1. The cat sketch is my Max the cat! We have a dog too. I haven’t been able to capture her as well in a sketch. Hopefully I can.
      I love the drawings you do of your doggies.
      I was reading Oscar Dandelion, but got sidetracked.
      I’ll get it finished one day!!
      how talented you are.

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      1. Max the cat, I love that name. I’ve had two cats who were especially close to my heart… I hope to see a sketch of your dog one day 🙂
        Thank you, it makes me happy drawing them or writing about them. It’s nice meeting other creative people such as yourself.
        I hope you don’t have this absurd heat we’re getting in Norfolk (England) today. John (from Maritime Canada) finds it too hot too!
        Take care xox


        1. We do have some insane heat. today isn’t as bad as it has been, but from what I hear it is going up. The humidity here is also high. Feels like you are walking in wet soup outside. 🙂
          In Charlotte, NC….Southeastern US
          Try to keep cool.

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