Mindfulness Monday 6


Max the cat.  by w. holcombe

Some of the best teachers of mindfulness and ‘being in the moment’ are animals.

– Richard J. Brewer


12 thoughts on “Mindfulness Monday 6

    • The cat sketch is my Max the cat! We have a dog too. I haven’t been able to capture her as well in a sketch. Hopefully I can.
      I love the drawings you do of your doggies.
      I was reading Oscar Dandelion, but got sidetracked.
      I’ll get it finished one day!!
      how talented you are.

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      • Max the cat, I love that name. I’ve had two cats who were especially close to my heart… I hope to see a sketch of your dog one day 🙂
        Thank you, it makes me happy drawing them or writing about them. It’s nice meeting other creative people such as yourself.
        I hope you don’t have this absurd heat we’re getting in Norfolk (England) today. John (from Maritime Canada) finds it too hot too!
        Take care xox


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