I have a Facebook Page!

Yep, I’ve started a Facebook page, and I’d love it if you followed me there.  It’s a very easy way to get in touch with me.  All my post will be listed there and I do post little things there that I don’t post here, so jump on over there and Like my page.

Picnic With Ants on Facebook

I’m a doofus and can’t figure out how to get a picture from there to here.  Duh.

So here’s a picture that used to be the header to my blog, because I just love pictures.

ant and flower copy3




5 thoughts on “I have a Facebook Page!

  1. Well, I went there and liked, but I am seldom on facebook–just to let you know. I’ve had people ask me to go on it and post my blog so I finally did but I’m not over there very often other than that. Lots of my family members are on facebook, but I miss everything anyways–LOL!

    Hope you’re coping with the loss of your father okay. hugs


    1. Truthfully I’m not on Facebook all that much myself. But I will be posting on this page. I promise to all who are reading this. 🙂

      Thank you for your thoughts. I’m coping well right now. I don’t think it has sunk in, since I didn’t live close it doesn’t feel like he’s not there yet. When it gets to times we normally made a point to spend time together then it will hit me hard I’m sure. and this weekend I’m going to his house to try to help my sister a little and pick up some things that I’m getting. I’m sure that will be rough. I wish I could do more to help my sister go through all of this stuff, but just as I couldn’t help when he was sick, I still can’t help. So far, that’s been the hardest part of all of this…how helpless I’ve felt.


    1. Aw. I don’t plan to change the drawing any time soon. If I do it will be with something else I’ve drawn. But that will be a long time out.
      The picture on here is an old header, when I first started my blog.

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