This photo symbolizes what I need to do…
Stop and listen to what my body says.
Stop and look, really look at everything.
Stop and smell, and see, and taste…
Stop and breathe.
Remember to STOP and be mindful.

stop sign

this was part of the Chronic Pain and Illness Photo Project 2016

The theme for today was Mindfulness.


5 thoughts on “STOP

  1. Teresa Rader

    I certainly need to do more to improve my mindedness. Thanks so much for your articles. I’m disabled to but I look “normal”. Although after 30 years of chronic pain, it’s pretty obvious on my face. Pain certainly ages! 😶


  2. Wow I have been learning this the hard way. I’m looking forward to catching up with you soon! My life is well . . . confusing right now, but I’m at least able to come up for air for now. Just racing to figure out why I needed surgery last month, it’s been a little harrowing. Wishing you the best and a vertigo & migraine free spring.

    Also I wanted to know I am now on Lamictal, and thanks to Autoimmune disorder X a lot of Dexamethasone. Despite the tears, med changes, hospitalizations blah blah blah my Meniere’s and migraines (especially the auras) have been creepily quiet. I’m also going back to Hopkins on the 3rd, this time to the Rheumatology. I hope they were able to help you when you came up to meet with them in December.


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