guilt, blame & chronic illness(es)

I needed to hear this lecture recently, and will probably need to hear it over and over …
Thanks Phylor for “lecturing” us, and reminding us, that there is simply no room for all that guilt and blame in our lives. This is a post I know I will come back to and read over and over.

Phylor's Blog

This is a lecture. A lecture I’ve given myself many times. A lecture I’ve given to other people. A lecture I thought I’d post and give to you. Guilt and blame don’t necessarily come with chronic illness(es), but these emotions can. This added stress does nothing for your body, or your mind.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

We all, I think, carry guilt and blame from our pasts. Things we’ve done, intentionally or not, that we feel guilty about. Events and circumstances that rightly or wrongly, we blame ourselves for. These feelings can haunt us all our lives; sometimes we can challenge them, or shine such a strong light on them, we begin to understand, forgive, “bless and move forward.”

Past guilt/blame can make us a better person, or turn us into something else (even something we are aware of, and don’t like). We can try…

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About Wendy

I'm taking a journey learning to live a mindful and happy life, while living with Chronic Illnesses. I'm a bit of an idealist. I want everyone to be happy and think everyone should want the same for others. I don’t understand mean people. I cry easily and laugh often. I love cartoons, Dr. Who, and my wonderful husband...not in that order!

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