I love this little book…so I’m passing it along to you for Chirstmas. :-)

A while back I stumbled upon Lisa Esile’s blog and well, she has a way of saying things that just makes me think…yeah, that makes so much sense….thanks.

She has this cute little book ebook that she gives away.


That’s right, she gives it away.

It is so cute…I just loved it.

I think you will to, so I wanted to pass it on to you.

Here’s the link for you to go and grab a copy and read it…look at it….(it has some cute illustrations).

7 Secrets Your Mind Doesn’t Want You To Know

It’s really short, and it makes you feel good.

I didn’t have anything to personally give you for Christmas this year so I thought I’d pass along Lise’s book!

I hope you like it!!

(So…just click on the picture, or the title of the book and it will take you to a page where you can download a copy of this cute little book.)

Happy Holidays!


6 thoughts on “I love this little book…so I’m passing it along to you for Chirstmas. :-)

    1. ah Madelyn….sleep is good when it’s good, but when it’s off it can be a battle. Hope you can get it sorted out. Our Christmas was quiet.
      So happy for you and your new family member!! xoxo. w


      1. Lost my comment – drats! so will redo in the morning — I am almost falling asleep at the computer and don’t want to miss this sleep window. Thanks ALWAYS for your good wishes and friendship – and know that I am praying that these new doctors will be miracle workers for you.


  1. Just found your blog this morning. So glad I did!!! It is always nice to connect with another chronic painer/multiple chronic conditions person. Thanks so much for the link to the ebook. I have hyper-insomnia and one is the reasons is my mind refuses to stop spinning at night. Maybe this will help.


    1. Hope it helps a bit!!
      connected on LinkedIn this morning.
      I haven’t been posting as much lately….because of the pain. My brain is a bit fogged. Can’t think.
      hope to catch up to you soon.


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