Gratitudes in the middle of a mess

It’s time to take a little time to notice some of the things I’m grateful for…before I completely meltdown (again)…I know this will help!

This move has been extremely challenging, mentally and physically.  I am very grateful that I (and I am serious here) am not curled up in a corner crying and trying to hide from the world.  I’m also grateful that I am still able to get out of bed and accomplish some things.  Yes, I am in a lot of pain but, I’m still doing much more than I have in years.  I am so VERY GRATEFUL for this.  I told Stuart last night, I just can’t believe I started feeling better (no not well, but a bit better) right before all of this happened.  Wow!  If I was still like I was just a few months ago now.  This move would have been…..uh, well I just don’t want to think about it.

I’m grateful I sold almost all of my fused glass supplies.  I have only 2 things left and they should be very easy to sell!  Because of this we didn’t have to move any of that!  Yay!!!  Also, because of this I was able to buy our living room furniture.  This made me feel so good.  I was able to contribute to the household.  This is the first time I have been able to do this in YEARS!  (We had to by new living room furniture because the furniture from out old place was too big.)  This is a loan to the house though, as soon as we can pay it back that money goes in my service dog fund.)

I’m very grateful that I met the nicest lady when I sold my fused glass supplies and she actually sold my kiln for me!  How cool is that?

I’m grateful that our new place has a beautiful backyard.

I’m grateful that we live within walking distance to a grocery store and other little shops.  I hope it really is within MY walking distance.  If not now, soon.

I’m grateful there is a park nearby.

I’m grateful Stuart works very close.

I’m grateful we found a restaurant that will make meals that meet my food requirements, and it isn’t far away.  Plus, the very first time we went we got the best waitress, she is the bomb!  We’ve been there one more time and asked for her, she remembered what I needed and helped me order!  Wow!

I’m very grateful I’m still losing weight.  It feels so good to be getting in to smaller clothes and seeing a smaller face in the mirror.  I’m grateful that the diet is making me feel so much better!  What you eat really can make such a HUGE difference in how you feel!

I’m grateful I have the coolest cousin in the world living close by!  Can’t wait to see him and his brood this week!  And it’s so nice we can call on each other!  He’s real family!  If your reading this, I love you man!!!

I’m grateful things are coming together……wait, did I just say that?  do I believe it?  Am I just saying it or do I believe it?  hmmm, let me think.  (Jeopardy them playing in my head…)   I’m not sure.   One thing will happen and it looks like things are flowing along then one thing will happen and things just start going backward…but I know things will end up…the way it’s supposed to be, after all how else could it be?

And yes, I do mean that.


I’m grateful I wrote this post, because I needed it.  I needed to remind myself that things are going happen.  They are going to be the way they are, no matter what.  I keep trying to bend things the way I want them, I keep fighting to make things happen faster than they are going to, and well, I needed to remind myself…’s going to happen, or it’s not, and that’s OK.

Yesterday is gone, I can’t worry about what happened, tomorrow isn’t here yet can’t do anything about it.  So today I’ll do what I can, and that’s it, if something comes up and makes it so things get in the way I’m going to go with the flow and not get all out of sorts.   Just breathe.   It will get done, or it won’t, maybe it wasn’t meant to be.  I’m so very grateful I realize that.

Today’s meltdown averted…..maybe I should have written this yesterday.



13 thoughts on “Gratitudes in the middle of a mess

  1. It was so wonderful to read this! I’m so happy to see you’re able to find some good in the midst of what’s obviously very stressful! And HOORAY for a restaurant that can meet your needs! Ah, that’s got to be wonderful! All in all, it sounds like you’re in a wonderful new location, and I’m so happy for you!

    Good luck, and remember to rest – you’re doing so amazing!


  2. Lin,
    Rest? what’s that? Actually, right now I’m taking a forced rest. I’m in so much pain I have to lie down flat on my back to be able to stand it. this helps. I’m getting a little concerned. Think it’s just my arthritis, but if it doesn’t calm down I may have to have it checked out…oh joy something else huh? I broke the 7th cervical vertebrae years ago…it’s the last cervical vertebrae and doesn’t move, so I was lucky….if you’re going to brake one, that’s the one to brake. Of course, it has caused arthritis to set in. But the symptoms I’m having are…worrisome. And I’m not getting enough done! oh wait, that’s the little voice inside my head talking….you know, it will get done, or it won’t. If it’s meant to be, it will be. If not….oh well.
    I’m not going to worry about what is done and what isn’t. There’s plenty of time.
    Right now, I’m going to lie here on my bed and catch up with my friends a bit.

    Thank you my dear….you know I think you are pretty amazing too!
    and love Marv Man’s birthday present!!!!

    (and I’m already finding things and thinking…why do I need this? I don’t think I’ll ever stop minimizing. but then I went out and bought a couch!…but it’s small!) haha


    1. No you haven’t missed the post. I will write about it. it’s not really for Meniere’s, it’s for people with gut issues. But I will write about it. You know I have fructose intolerance. and IBS. This diet is low FODMAPs…but it’s even restrictive on it…kind of an elimination diet on it…and gradually add on. I didn’t do well with the “in moderation” foods, and grains….
      but I’ll post more on it. mostly it’s in the 21 Day Tummy book. and I ask Kate Scarlata…just Google her…a lot. she’s one of the authors of the book, and a RD who is a big authority in the states on FODMAPs. another thing I’m doing that is really helping is studying Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. I’ll talk more about that too, as soon as things slow down!


  3. LOL! If you feel a meltdown coming go back and read this post!! Whoohoo!!
    I am so glad things are going okay and even better than expected in so many aspects. I am just thrilled that you are functioning at all!! I was completely physically broken down from the move here for an entire week. You’re doing great!! Print this off and keep it in your night stand. 😉 😉


    1. Rita,
      I am feeling better than I was. Had a bit of a blow up yesterday. I’m so tired of trying to figure out what to do with that darn tiny kitchen! Really it is TINY….funny to see that in big letters…haha. The bathroom is a little bit bigger. Only meaning we can get everything we need to do done in there, HA…but it has no outlets! Glad I’m not high maintenance and don’t blow dry my hair, and all of that, but do need to charge my toothbrush in the bedroom.
      It’s funny. Sounds like we are living in a dorm. This place has charm, I do like it, it’s just older.

      Point is…I’m doing surprisingly well, and I didn’t realize it. Wow. Duh.


  4. I’m so happy, and grateful, that you’re now moved and can start to settle in. Enjoy your new home and I hope you discover many things within YOUR walking distance.

    Tell Stuart I said “good luck on Monday”.


    1. Starting to “settle” is a bit of a stretch..but we are here, now we need to get ALL of our stuff here and get the kitchen able to be “settled”…long story. I do think there will be thing within MY walking distance. If I can walk all over IKEA, I can surely walk the 2 or 3 blocks to the stores. : ) and I’ve walked IKEA twice now…or has it been three times. Yesterday without my walker!! (figured there were plenty of places for me to stop and sit down…haha)

      Stuart’s orientation is today. It’s weird being here alone. A lot I want to do but keep thinking, I possibly shouldn’t do that without someone here. then I think…what the hell! now which one am I going to listen to?

      Thanks for the good wishes.


    1. Judy,

      and the next…more of me!
      ….it is amazing how much I have been downsizing lately. I didn’t realize it until someone in my diet group mentioned it, as a quip, kind of like you did, downsizing many things in my life including me. *snort (the weight loss has slowed down, but that is to be expected, as long as it keeps going down, I’ll be happy. please, please, please…actually I feel so much better, that’s the main thing!)


  5. The one draw back to only getting an email once a week of the posts on a blog I’m following (always sounds like a stalker to me), is that you miss posts, and if I don’t carefully go through the weeks’ list, I miss posts like this one! Downsizing sucks. I’ve downsized so many times now, I know the places I usually use as my downsizer!
    Weight loss will continue, I’ve very sure.


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