5 Random Things About Me

The prompts on BlogHer this month are all about ME.  Well, not just me, anyone who actually uses the prompt.  I thought I would use a few of their prompts to get me posting more regularly, trying to get in the hang of it before  WEGO‘s  Health Advocates Writers Month Challenge starts in April.   (WEGO’s HAWMC sign up has not started yet.)

Five Random Things About ME!

  1. My hair wasn’t cut, except for tiny trims, for the first 10 years of my life.  I could sit on the floor and completely cover myself with my hair.  I pretended to be Cousin “It” from the Addams Family.

    Cousin It.  image from www.fanpop.com
    Cousin It. image from http://www.fanpop.com
  2. When asked what I wanted to be when I grew up I answered, “a Vampire”.  I was very young, but loved Dark Shadows, and believed if I was a Vampire no one could hurt me.  My mother’s friends were not amused.dark_shadows-show
  3. George.  When I was growing up I had a variety of pets that I found…..a turtle, a few snakes….ect.  I always named them George.  (now my computer’s name is George!)

    I will hug him and pet him and squeeze him. And name him George.
  4. My husband says that he has only seen me cry from joy twice.  The day we got married, and the day I met Mickey Mouse.  About the Mickey encounter I said, “I know it’s just some teenager in a suit, but I can’t stop crying!”   On both occasions the joy just exploded from me in the form of tears. me and mickey
  5. At one point in college I had 7 part time jobs.   (yes, I still kept my GPA above a 3.5)Several-Part-Time-Job-Stamps-and-Graphics-300x300

This was kind of hard to do.  My blog is all about me and my journey with chronic illnesses, I talk about me often, so coming up with 5 things I felt my readers wouldn’t know was tough.


8 thoughts on “5 Random Things About Me

  1. Do you plan on doing each day of the challenge or whatever you can do? And Dark Shadows… that was a bit of a tradition with me and my mom. Whenever I think of it, I remember black and white images and fog. Never saw the movie with Johnny Depp. Didn’t thing it would be as good as the tv show, though it would be different because of Tim Burton and I like his films. The tv show was just such a fun cult show.


    1. Sunshine and Chaos….. each day of the BlogHer challenge, obviously not,or I’ve failed miserably! the WEGO challenge….I plan to do what I can….maybe each day, maybe not….I’m not going to stress about it. : )
      Dark Shadows…we shared that tradition, it was a me and mom time too. There were so many….so very many, episodes, it’s amazing! I never realized until I looked them up later.

      The Johnny Depp version was not the same! If watching it, it’s much better if you don’t think of it as the Dark Shadows you remembered. It’s a tongue in cheek type of movie. I enjoyed it, after a little bit. i did wish they hadn’t made his makeup so odd, Johnny Depp is one of my most favorite actors…mainly because he’s so damn hot! ha! mix that with Dark Shadows I thought how could it not be perfect. Well, it was different….but as long as you accept that, it’s a very good show. a bit of a giggle really.


    1. Laurie,
      With our lives the way they are so often it’s much easier to think of things that are depressing, things we can’t do any more…ect. I tried hard to write a random list of things that didn’t include anything about my health, or sadness. Things that most people wouldn’t know…I hope it made you go…Really? or perhaps giggle a little….think of that little girl telling her mom’s friends she wanted to be a vampire when she grew up! I still giggle at that.

      I’m trying to write more, and read more, then I’ll have days like yesterday when my head feels like it’s on a boat and trying to read or write makes me seasick.
      I hope to get caught up with you soon. Keep striving to think of those fabulous things! When you got married, when your babies were born, the first steps, handmade cards just for you….I bet you can think of some fabulous family moments…times I would so envy.
      after all, you are fabulous darling. w


  2. I remember Dark Shadows vaguely. (I’m not sure I saw it first time around, but later as repeats.)
    I used to say I wanted to be an archeologist, but when my aunt told me how long it took, I said there would be nothing left to find, lol!
    My father used to tease me when my hair got long and call me “Cousin Itt.” He was a Charles Addams fan before the TV series brought the Addams family “to life.”
    Our first laptop was called “baby.” Gee I’ve almost completed the prompt!, lol.
    Thanks for sharing — brought back memories.


    1. Ahhh, Dark Shadows, I started watching the old shows on Netflix, but had to stop when the hearing died. Hopefully, I can find them subtitled one day. I remember feeling that the vampires had such power, as a child who felt very powerless, that was a big draw to me.

      Glad you had some good memories….I tried hard to list things that didn’t have anything to do with things I’ve lost, or anything to do with my health….things most people just wouldn’t know. Funny thing, I forgot things I had planned on listing….perhaps another time.


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