Blogging Brings out the Best of Me!

The prompt from BlogHer today is “Does blogging bring out your best or worst self?”  This was an easy one for me to answer….Blogging definitely brings out the Best of Me!

The Best of Me! photo taken Aug.2010
The Best of Me!
photo taken Aug.2010

As any long time reader of my blog knows, I tell all the details of my illnesses, I don’t sugar coat it, but blogging helps me put it all in perspective.  The people I’ve met through my blog encourage me, support me, and have made me want to be a better person.  A better advocate for those with the same illnesses.  A person who doesn’t give up, one who always strives to make life better….even if there is no way to make an illness better.

When I feel down about things, I tell about it here,  but by telling it here makes me want to feel better about things.  I don’t like it when I feel I’m not handling things well.  A friend says that she will “Fake it until she can Make it.”, meaning she will Fake feeling good until she really starts feeling better.  We both realized that when we catch ourselves slipping into that dark, sad state, if we try to keep our thoughts positive, we will soon feel more positive.  No, it doesn’t always work.  But it works enough that I keep doing it, and have noticed a big difference.  (I must note here, I do have a mental illness, Bipolar I, therefore sometimes it doesn’t matter how much positive thinking I may do, nothing can help if my medication isn’t working.)

Blogging makes me stretch myself.  I think about things I may not normally consider.  I dare to write about things I may not have even talked about before.  Why?  Because I know there are others out there who are going through the same type of things I am, by telling my story, in detail, I might reach someone who really needs to know they are not alone.

Having multiple chronic illnesses has reduced my self-esteem immensely.  Through blogging, I now feel I have something to offer, my experiences, and I have found I can write pretty well.  No, I’m not the greatest writer, and the way I write may not appeal to everyone, but some people really find my writing interesting and easy to read.  I’m thrilled to learn this and hope I can continue to reach those who may benefit from what I’m writing about.

Blogging makes me accountable, it makes me follow through on what I start….most of the time…if I tell my readers I’m trying something, I do it!

One day I decided to start a blog, an on-line journal if you will, to keep up with everything I was going though…..then one day someone took the time to email me about what I had written.  She told me how alone she had been feeling, and how my blog had helped her.  After that day, each time I write I think about how my words may reach someone who needs to hear just what I’ve written….Yes, blogging brings out the Best of ME!


5 thoughts on “Blogging Brings out the Best of Me!

  1. That is such a cute picture of you!!! 🙂
    Blogland has been such an unexpectedly wondrous place for me. I just started posting to keep in touch with friends and family because I had moved 250 miles away, but I have met the nicest, kindest people. I have had people tell me that they kept coming back to my blog because it lifts their spirits. Wow! One lady went back and started reading it from the beginning because when she would feel overwhelmed (health issues with her mother) she said it always cheered her up. There’s nothing better than that to me. What a blessing! What a joy!
    And I am home, like you. Turns out I have made friends all over the world from my little apartment in Fargo. What a world we live in! And you and I can talk and discuss and connect when we would never ever have met before this thing called the internet. Blogging is a huge positive addition to my life, too. 🙂


  2. Haven’t “seen you” look so happy in years and yes, that makes me happy. Wonderful. Love the connection to our facebook friends. they are friends that are true, we are honest, we communicate, we understand. We go through struggles together and we are there for each other. I am grinning widely now, Wend. I’m NOT deleting this post. Want to look at your photo again and again when I need a boost. Love, your friend, Laurie F.


  3. Laurie,
    This photo was taken about 5 months after my first ear surgery. The part you will love about it, a 2 year old took the photo! That’s one reason that my face looks like that. I was having a wonderful time with my niece and the little boys from next door.

    I’m glad you like it. I need more photos of me more recently, but alas, my little ones have moved away, no one to just snap a silly photo huh?

    love w


  4. Your blogging helps others put their lives and experiences into perspective, too. Blogging can be therapeutic for the blogger and the reader. Your blog has a lot to give. You at your best is very good indeed.


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