Dear Santa,

I write you a letter_____by_mechtaniya
I write you a letter, by mechtaniya at

Dearest Santa please check your list,
I’ve tried to be, extra nice.

I could ask for a lot,
but am so grateful for what I have.

I’m writing my letter to ask for special things….
Dear Santa please hear my plea,
because what I want is not for me.

So many people,
Need you so much more.

There are those who are ill,
Who can’t pay their bills.

A friend needs a kidney,
How can I think about me?

My father has cancer,
please give him what you can.

I have friends with no income
and some losing their homes.

Please think of the children,
who live in a country that’s torn.

I ask of you this year to give some relief
so many are hurting and feeling much grief.

Please help those who need so much.
A Christmas Miracle filled for one and all,
filled with health, healing, peace, and love.
May we all find more balance in our lives.

Thank you Santa for all that you do,
I know I’m asking for much,
could you please help one or two?

With love to you and all of your helpers.

I’ll always believe,


Santa Claus reading letter, by cannella_cannella
Santa Claus reading letter, by cannella_cannella

7 thoughts on “Dear Santa,

  1. I hope that Santa includes you on his list; you deserve so many of things you ask for others. That is the true meaning of this time of the year. Not Hallmark, not Walmart, but altruism, reflection and sharing.
    Wishing you an exceptional 2014; may you wishes come true for you and the others.


    1. Thank you…..He did send me a gift I liked quite a bit. I woke up Christmas day without a headache!! I haven’t done that in years! I often say to Stuart, I wish I could wake up and not be in pain, just one day…..well, Christmas was the day! I hope he answers a few of the things i asked for on my list, my gift was a surprise! (and you were included in my wishes) I received so much this year, yes I could have asked for more, but I’m not greedy, many have received nothing this year that made them feel any respite. I am now able to hear thanks to the new computers in my head and the processors I wear. Looks like my hubby is going to be getting a job…..a wish I have for him. (yes I know it’s for me too, but I really want it to be something he enjoys)

      Thank you for your wishes for me, perhaps he heard, that’s why I had no headache! I’ll always remember this Christmas as the day without a headache. (yes it was back that night.) (Stuart said, “now if we could just figure out how to repeat that.” I said, It was a gift from Santa, you can’t duplicate it)


      1. I hope Santa brings you more headache free days! In some traditions, Christmas comes a bit later, so there may yet be another morning without a headache!
        Good luck to Stuart — hope he gets a job that he will really enjoy! That would be a great Christmas present, I’m sure.
        I hope you were able to hear your favourite Christmas season songs with your bionic ears! (The Bionic Woman is on one of the retro tv networks, (we have at least 3 or 4 now, and find myself watching the old stuff — laughing at the dated stuff, and enjoying the better quality items such as the original twilight zone, or night gallery. Creepy –yes, but well written and acted for the most part.) and makes me think of your CIs!
        Wishing you a headache free new year! All the best!


    1. I’m glad you liked it. It was hard to limit my wants for Christmas to just one page. I tried not to be greedy, so many people need so much this year, I hope he remembers to drop by and check on everyone throughout the year.

      Happy New Year to us all. May 2014 be a little bit easier, a lot more loving, and filled with happiness.


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