Disability Knocks
Disability Knocks

Yes, I know MOST people are denied disability the first time they apply, but this is the first time I’ve heard this crazy reason!

I was found to be DISABLED….Yes!

But was Denied because I waited so long to file.  What?So what is too long?  I had to be disabled before 2010.   Again, What?  My disability date was November of 2009!  So what are they reading?  And how can you screw up that bad?

So the appeal has been started.  We do have a lawyer who is taking the case, and she is kind of scratching her head asking….What?? too.  This time I will have witnesses as to when my vertigo actually started interfering with my work.  The disability date I used before was the date I had the vestibular testing, since that’s a requirement for Meniere’s to be considered a disability.  However, in 2002 or 2003…I’ll have to look it up…I started having severe vertigo, was sent to the emergency room.  I was managing a Custom Frame Shop at the time, can we say Dangerous?  I was found on the floor in the frame shop in full spin, another time I made it to the bathroom and was in there for close to 3 hours throwing up.  Fellow employees from a different part of the store had to take me home more than once.  We had to close the frame shop many times.  I had to quit because of my health.

There are more stories like this…soooo, they denied my disability claim that started in late 2009, now they may find out I was disabled before that, and they have to pay from the date of disability.  Think it would have been better if they had just approved it the first time.

Even if I had not worked within the given time, it’s not fair to be denied.  I was lucky, my husband made enough money that I didn’t need disability, but times have changed.  I need this now.  I should have filed earlier, but I didn’t.  Now, I’m being punished for not taking money from the government when I didn’t need it.

So as I said before….What???


6 thoughts on “DENIED!

  1. Say WHAAAAAAAAT??!!! SMH! I hope they go back to when you started losing work/money because if you were not able to self support you might qualify. Glad you have an attorney and SS has to pay for that too! Denial is not unusual if they think you are not disabled but your are determined disabled and then they say no? Cannot put the words here that are on my mind. xo


  2. Just an excuse NOT to pay you what you are owed, back to the initial date of disability. That’s like saying you have a refund on your tax return, but because we didn’t get your form until April 2nd, we won’t give it to you!
    Good luck — often, even the mention of having legal advice will make things happen. I don’t know about how SS (ominous initials when you think about it historically) would react. Probably used to the “l” word. I’ve used the ploy several times. I hadn’t retained a lawyer, just either knew lawyer students or a lawyer at the time. So, when I consult my lawyer . . .
    If they continue to say no, I could call them on one of my bad days — then fear, rather than reason, can win out!


  3. It never fails to amaze me all the different “reasons” governments come up with to not give money. I guess denying claims the first time is just a form job of security for them?

    Glad you got a lawyer, give ’em hell!


  4. I had people who wrote letters and record’s of doctor’s visits, etc, that put my disability years before…but the government picked a date about one year for back payments. You can tell them and show them when it started but, just to warn you, the government will pick some arbitrary date out of the air when they do agree to your being disabled enough and long enough for them. But don’t give up! I was declined twice and they finally said I was officially disabled the third time right as I was about to be homeless and lose everything. And my lawyer got a quarter of my backpay, too, of course. My advice–flood them with information and paperwork and records. 🙂


  5. BTW, batten down the hatches. I’ve been helping my daughter and we are over 400 days now. I managed to connect with a supervisor and hope we are only one more doctor’s appointment away from success. It can be a real nightmare due to documentation requirements, even when the Disability Examiner agrees the person is disabled.


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