Writer’s Choice – #HACMC – Day 7 I Heard a Bee Buzz.

With Meniere’s I have fluctuation hearing loss, with eventual permanent hearing loss.

If you are a regular reader you know my situation, if not I’ll fill you in.

Right now, my left ear has 0% word recognition and cannot be helped with a hearing aid, my right aid has about 80% word recognition with the help of a hearing aid.  However, the hearing fluctuates.  My hearing fluctuates more with weather changes, and  when I have a Meniere’s attack.  (to learn more about Meniere’s please see the page above).

One day a few weeks ago I woke up and could barely hear.  Every sound sounded like it was coming through a busted speaker.  The same went on for 3 days.  I admit this had me concerned.  When I lost the hearing in my left ear, the majority was lost in just 3 short months.  The loss started in this fashion.  Sounding like a busted speaker, having a tinny sound.  Normally, in my right ear when the hearing fluctuated, it simply dropped, then would return, sometimes not quite all the way, but when it dropped, it was just a bit softer, not this tinny sound.  So I was nervous.  And I realize, this could still be a sign of potential nerve damage.

However, in about 3 or 4 days, I had a vertigo attack.  Classic sign of a Meniere’s attack.  Fluctuating hearing, then a vertigo attack, ending in complete exhaustion.  When I woke the next day.  I could hear again!  I was so thrilled.  I had a horrible headache, but I could hear.  Who knows how long this hearing may last.  I decided to do something I rarely do, I took much medication to get my headache under control, and went outside hoping to hear some birds.  Sadly I didn’t hear any birds.  I was not the right time of the day.  But being outside was so nice.  I decided to sit on the back porch and enjoy the beautiful spring late afternoon. Soon I was joined by a friend.

Photo courtesy of mr.brown thumb
click photo to be taken to his blog.

A huge bumble bee decided I would make a good friend.  I was out on the back porch for at leash half an hour possibly more, this lovely bumble bee kept me company the entire time.  He would come closer, then go a little bit away.  He faced me, then raced away and buzzed right back.  I talked to him and told him how beautiful he was and how I was out there hoping to hear things I may not hear much longer.  As if he could hear me, he came up right beside my head, I could not only HEAR this beautiful Bumble Bee BUZZ, I felt it!!  He then came around in front of me and looked at me.  I know, this was just by chance, and perhaps because I had on a bright orange shirt.  However, no matter how long I live, and no matter if I lose all of my hearing, I will never forget the day I heard a bee buzz.


8 thoughts on “Writer’s Choice – #HACMC – Day 7 I Heard a Bee Buzz.

    1. I could really feel the vibration. He…or his friends…have been coming back to say hello. It will be chilly tomorrow, so I hope they return. There are wild flowers in the back yard now, but on that day…all the dandylions had blown away, there were no flowers near me….it was simply magical.

      very cool indeed.


    1. Rita, hearing a bee is rare on it’s own I think. Stuart tried and tried and never did hear him. But I don’t think I’ll be hearing it without more help for much longer. Bumble Bees….don’t be afraid. They are very gentle, and only interested in pollen….and me evidently. : ) but really, they don’t sting unless they are being smushed. now yellow jackets ….they sting I think for the fun of it.

      Hope you have a friendly Bumble Bee encounter. w


  1. What a nice story! I am petrified of bees…but I think if I see any this summer, I might just listen. One never knows what you might hear them say!


  2. Fizzy

    classic example of how the smallest thing can be so beautiful and make us so happy, and thats something we can take from illness isnt it that others dont appreciate these small things, i like the thought of you sitting outside in the sun hearing the bee 😀


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