Best Conversation – #HAWMC Day 8

Today’s Prompt is Best conversation I had this week. Try writing script-style (or with dialogue) today
to recap an awesome conversation you had this week.

I had an entirely different post written for today….then Saturday afternoon Stuart and I were out running errands and decided stop in a fast food restaurant for a drink and a snack.  (not the best place for a snack, but dinner was a long way off and we were both hungry!)

We ordered our food, got our drinks and sat at our table.  We were just chatting and planning the rest of the day waiting on our fries.   An elderly lady who smelled of Channel No. 5 walked up, she was dressed in a floral dress, with a bright sweater, costume jewelry that was stylish many years before I was born, and lipstick that mostly covered her lips.  She was delightful!

She smiled broadly and asked, “Are you married?”

I looked at Stuart and smiled, we both shook our heads yes, and answered, “Yes, yes we are.”

“Oh! I thought so!  You just look at each other as if you are!  My husband and I have been married for 58 years!”

Stuart, “Oh, my! That’s admirable, I hope we can make it that long!”

Me – “How amazing, you look so happy!”  “We’ve only been married for 8 1/2 years.”

Dear Lady – “That long??  I thought you just got married the way you look at each other!  You look like you are still on your honeymoon!”

We looked at each other and smiled, then looked at her and both agreed, it still feels like we just got married.  She was thrilled….and so were we.

there was a bit more gushing, thank you’s and congratulations and she disappeared as mysteriously as she arrived.  I never did see her husband, he was behind me.  I kept thinking, I wonder what it was about us that made her come up and do that…, I keep thinking…I don’t care.   I’m so happy for such a chance encounter with such an amazing woman.

For that moment…I was not a sick person.   My husband and I were simply sharing a moment, acting as we normally would, and it sparked something so deep in this marvelous woman that she felt compelled to come and tell us how in love we looked.  Stuart said that I can never tell him that he doesn’t show me how much he loves me, but I wouldn’t.  He does, every day.  And on a normal day, we do hold hands, and gaze in each others’ eyes.  We laugh with each other, and sneak a quick pinch on the butt….is the honeymoon over….truthfully, we never had a real honeymoon.  I can tell you, when we talk about our wedding we still feel like it just happened.  We get all mushy about it.  I can also tell you, every day I love my husband just a little bit more.

First Dance at our wedding.
Sept. 3, 2004


7 thoughts on “Best Conversation – #HAWMC Day 8

  1. Fizzy

    Awwwww 🙂 how beautiful, what a great thing that others can even pick up on how much you two love each other, and i love what you said that feeling of ‘not being the sick one’ and just being two people in love. Best couple ever!


    1. this was such a surprise….and something I needed.
      I’m tickled that people can pick up on just how close Stuart and I are, and how much fun we have together.
      I hope as we grow old we turn out like that couple!


  2. Congratulations on such a fond and loving relationship! It sounds like you have an Irresistible and heartwarming chemistry creating an exceptional bond. Love and commitment will help you get through a difficult journey and focus on the positives. Your hearing is a difficult sensory organ to loose. God Bless You!


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