Health Haiku – #HAWMC Day 6

“Quick Send Money Now!”

Yes, I have brain disorder,

But, I’m not Stupid!

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Cannot Hear the Voice

Startled by the man behind

He assumes I’m rude

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Living in Fun House

Is a scary place to live

Not knowing what’s real

The previous Haiku’s all represent health issues I deal with.  The first, a little joke about having a brain disorder, Intracranial Hypertension.  The second, a challenge about losing my hearing late in life.  Of course, anyone who is hearing impaired may have the same struggle, I do not know.  And lastly. this haiku talks a bit about living with both Intracranial Hypertension, and Meniere’s. Each cause me to have vertigo and other visual disturbances.

I hope you have enjoyed.


5 thoughts on “Health Haiku – #HAWMC Day 6

    1. Maureen, It’s a whole new fun house with the IH. Oh my goodness the things I see. But yes, both the vestibular problems and the IH cause the fun house troubles, but lately the IH, has made it much more visible….weirdly so. w


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