I write about my health because – #HAWMC Day 4

I started writing about my health because I wanted to log how my health was improving.  It was after a couple of surgeries, and I was ready to start exercising, eating better, and making some grand changes in my life, but I still wanted to keep up with my symptoms and start talking to others who had some of the conditions I did to find out how they dealt with them.  I knew not all of my conditions were going away, I just didn’t understand how much they could take over your life.  (for a list of my conditions, please see the page above, titled “My Ants”)

Soon my health started getting worse, and my writing became more important to me.  Reaching out to others became more important.  Finding out all I could about my illnesses was very important, I had to know what was going on, and I needed to share what I found with others.  I felt alone, and I needed to make sure others didn’t have to feel the same.  If they could find me, then they didn’t have to feel alone any more….a grand idea I know, not everyone will click with me, but they may read something here and think…”Yes, I feel that too.”  I soon found out way too many people did feel the same.  One of the ways we no longer feel alone is through our blogs, and our online communities.

Now there are many reasons I write about my health –

  • to get to know others who are in the same or similar situation I’m in.
  • to get more information out there about my illnesses
  • to let people know they aren’t alone, and so I won’t feel so alone
  • to promote more knowledge about my conditions, especially Meniere’s and Intracranial Hypertension (most people don’t know much about those.)
  • to put a face on invisible illnesses
  • to make it easier for people to talk about having a chronic illness
  • to learn ways manage my illnesses easier.  (for instance, using aids for assistance, like my walker or hearing aids….)
  • because I love myself, and writing makes it easier for me to accept my illness, and to constantly adapt to new expectations.
  • and one huge reason I write about my illness – so I won’t drive my husband crazy constantly telling him every little detail over and over and over!

7 thoughts on “I write about my health because – #HAWMC Day 4

  1. I’m sorry that the focus of your writing had to shift to reflect the changes to your health: by sharing your journey, you have helped raise awareness for your chronic health issues; provided information and inspiration; developed an “out-reach” program; written with humour, passion, and intensity; shown creativity, art, and insight. All this despite how much your chronic illnesses took more and more of your attention, energy, and coping skills keeping you from doing the things that you enjoy.
    The blogging world is a better place for your participation. I hope you continue to have better days (as you’ve experienced lately). Please continue to document your “picnic” if you can whether there are many/any/few/no ants in attendance that particular day.


    1. thank you. after reading Day 5…you may be a bit shocked. I will not abandon the blog…but I’ll probably step away for a little bit. and I think I’ll bring more of my art back here…I can’t do both right now. Try to put some lighter days in, and still keep it “real”. : )

      But right now, I need to focus on getting what ever little bug has gotten in my head to calm his ass down. Because I’m having panic attacks and furious fits. I have to center myself a bit. and once I do that, I’ll come back and share what I learned a long the way.

      I’ll write more about my plans before I leave…it may only be a couple of weeks…but I need to just take a deep breath…you know what I mean?

      thank you for all of your encouragement. it continues to mean the world to me. w


      1. First off — sorry you’re not feeling good! Hope you can get a handle on it.
        I’ve been thinking the same thing — to take a hiatus and back away the internet. In fact, I can’t sleep, so I’m in the process of composing it. Some “stuff” to get off my chest, first, then about taking a break. Don’t know the full scope yet; if I’ll include all or some of my email accounts, etc. Probably sign off on email notices when folks post (noting url’s first if they’re not on my list of links). Don’t know if I’ll visit blogs (and which ones), leave comments, etc. It’s just too hard right now with the way I’m feeling to deal with the issues that being in the cyberverse bring up for me. Nobody’s fault — just my character flaws, inherented “evil” gene, and being in a very black hole and not sure where the ladder to the starlight is.
        Wishing you good luck, my friend, with life, your art, your health, and of course, your garden! Maybe the fairies will do some of the work for you.
        Need to do battle with some pretty big and ugly demons (never play video games, but I feel like I’m living in one now — and am still on the bottom level, or getting eliminated just as I start.); find a focus/purpose for my life, then perhaps my blog.


  2. It sounds like your blog has grown and morphed into whatever you have needed and wanted it to be. It works. I wish you felt better, but I am glad you share whatever is happening and manage to keep your sense of humor. Oh, and I love that the ants are back, BTW! 🙂


    1. Thank you Rita….you are always a great encouragement. I think it may be morphing a bit more in the future. I like the ants too….but who knows…they may change a bit too. I will always have ants though. after all they always bite me in the butt!


  3. Fizzy

    You forgot one !!!!!!
    To give other people strength and courage by showing what you go through, and giving them support
    Your journey has helped me so much x


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