Super Power Day – HAWMC Day 3

If you had a super power what would it be?

Hummm, that’s kind of a no brainer.  I’m chronically ill, I know a lot of people who are chronically ill….I think I’d have to say a healer.

So I decided to take this a bit further.  I’m a bit of a cartoon buff.  Of course, when I started thinking about super powers I started thinking about cartoon characters.  My husband and I started talking about it, and I told him I thought I’d like to be Katara, from The Last Air Bender (please note, I am only referencing the animated series, I have not seen the movie.).  I’m also an environmentalist, and believe the earth has to be in harmony.

This animated series brings all of this together.  The world is divided into 4 nations representing the 4 elements, Earth, Air, Water, and Fire.  I’m not going to go into the plot of the show, just explain the power I’d like to have.  There are some people from each nation with “bending” skills.  It combines martial art skills with controlling specific elements.  Each nation’s bending ability would have it’s own martial arts style, and ability.

Katara is from a Water tribe.  She can bend water.  It is a beautiful thing to see.  The flow of her body as the water follows her movements, she can make it whip, and encase someone, and freeze you in place, and she can use it to heal.

Katara is strong and has a pure heart she fights for what she believes is right no matter what the cost.  She gets so angry sometimes, but it’s because she feels so deeply.  When the show first started she had a lot of growing to do, but by the end, she had grown into a fine young woman, and an exceptional water bender.  She can take the water and mix it with the water in your body and heal you, it may take some time, but it can often be done.   I would be proud to be like Katara.  (but I wouldn’t want to live at the South Pole, good thing she travels a lot.)

The video below is a tribute to Katara, it’s set to music so if you don’t have sound, don’t worry you aren’t missing dialogue.  You will see how passionate she is, the amazing fighting skills, and notice when she takes the drops of water out of the vial around her neck and places it on the boy’s back, she is healing him after he was nearly killed in a battle.  Amazing powers….actually, I think they are only slightly a gift, then they are a skill.  If you do not have a good teacher, and practice, this gift will not turn out to be the power Katara has made of hers.  Another reason I would like this type of power.  I have learned that an ability you have fought to achieve is much more appreciated.


6 thoughts on “Super Power Day – HAWMC Day 3

  1. Heard of the animated series, but don’t know if we have the right channel in our cable package to watch it.
    Healing (and bending water) would be a wonderful superpower to have.


    1. I think it’s on Nickelodeon…if it’s on right now. but we are getting rid of cable. We mostly just use Netflix, and downloads. cable and expense we really don’t need. but I liked the super power. and she’s just cool. I started watching the movie, and found it offensive. they had all the tribes, racially segregated. or at least the water and fire…I turned it off when I saw all the water tribe was like all white and almost Nordic, and all the fire nation looked Middle Eastern. I was offended. so….off it went. Plus, I’m a big cartoon addict. : )


  2. Wow — what a change between the movie and the animated series! The movie sounds racist and is using stereotypes! I can see why you would find the movie offensive.
    Not sure if our cable package includes Nickelodeon (one of the first “cable” channels I ever watched).
    Our cable comes as part of a bundle with our phone and internet. We haven’t joined netflix, and don’t do dowloads (long story), so we are stuck with cable.
    I can movies for free from our library (or pay a small fee at one in another town), but I haven’t been there lately.
    I haven’t been to a movie theatre in it must be atleast 20 years!

    Contemplating doing the video on demand for the new Muppet movie — though it does bother us that Kermit didn’t go when Jim Henson died. Great character, but just not the same without Jim. Think it costs $5.99 for the HD version and you can view it for a week. We’ve contemplated Netflix but aren’t sure how it would work with our set up as our tv isn’t linked to the internet or our wireless modem. Oh, technology!


    1. You know I probably shouldn’t trash the whole movie, I only watched the first part and was so put off, I just didn’t continue….it really did seem stereotyped to me…maybe it got better??

      We watch Netflix through the PS3 or Wii….or Computer. Yes I know too much stuff. We used to actually play and exercise with the Wii but not…well… The ps3 is mostly used as a BluRay player..we get more disc from Netflix because they have more things on subtitles.

      Going to movies…we used to love…but now…kind of impossible. When I get my cochlear implant, maybe, if I can find one that is wired for it. The do have them. : ) matinee’s were a treat!

      I frankly have no idea how he had everything set up. If I have a disc, I pop it in the computer, or ps3, if not, I ask him to turn it on….yes, I’m that duh…about it all. We are so wired up here though… Remember, Stuart is a programmer, who works at home. We have a lot of what I call, Geek Stuff. : ) I just like my lap top….I’m happy…..but still want Photoshop! : )

      the series was good, but it was just the character that I thought was good for this prompt. nothing to rush out and get in a hurry. Oh about the Muppet movie….how about one of those, DVD, rent boxes? I see those a lot lately? Just a thought.

      good luck with viewing.


      1. I’ve seen those boxes too — my sis-in-law uses one all the time. Wonder if the new releases are quickly “snatched up.” Been hesitant to try — late fees add up (ask my sis-in-law, lol)
        When we lived near one of those movie rental stores, they promised that you could rent the movie (VHS of course — this was a while ago) on the day of release, or you got it free later.
        Of course, I would go later on the day of a new release we wanted to watch, and guess what — all the copies were gone! So, later on, we got to watch them for free!


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