Inspiration Quotation “I Believe In You.” – HAWMC Day 2

graphic by w. holcombe 2012

I hear many quotes that I get inspiration from.  The one I’m continually inspired from is one I heard over and over again from my mother, “I Believe In You.”  After she died, it was a long time before I heard those words again.  Now, I’m so grateful to once again hear the same words over and over from my husband.

Those 4 words resonate through my very soul.

“I Believe In You”

Because of these words,

I was the first person in my family to graduate college.

I had the courage to seek help for a mental illness (Bipolar Disorder) that was tearing me apart.

I had the courage to become an artist and show my artwork in a gallery and have a one person show.

I have had the courage to face my chronic illnesses as they have been diagnosed, including Meniere’s disease a vestibular disorder with sudden vertigo and  hearing loss, and most recently Intracranial Hypertension a disorder of the brain causing high cerebrospinal fluid.  (please know these are very simple explanations of each of these disorders)

I have the courage to face each day as it comes, make the most of each good moment, and realize that at the end of my days I will look back and all these moments will have added up to be a pretty good life.

“I Believe In You.”

Everyone faces their own battles, we all need someone to believe in us.

Who do you believe in?

Have you told them?

Make sure to let them know.

When you are facing a hardship, fighting a battle in your life, it’s easy to give up when you don’t think anyone believes in you.  When you have someone pulling for you, someone who believes in you, it’s much harder to give up.  Courage comes from belief.  Belief in yourself, for some belief in a higher being,  but sometimes, we need a little help from someone else.  We need to feel a human touch, someone who can reach out and say…”I Believe In You.”

My wish…Go out today, and tell someone special you believe in them!


9 thoughts on “Inspiration Quotation “I Believe In You.” – HAWMC Day 2

  1. blondefairy1975

    You have me attempting to this. Keeps my mind off of other things. I’m glad I found you! 😀 I don’t know many other people hearing loss.


    1. now you know ME! and yes, it does keep your mind off other things when you can reach out to others….helping them realize, someone Believes in them. Everyone needs it. I’ve read much of your blog. I believe in you too. w


    1. when did you sign up? You should have gotten prompts almost immediately. I don’t know what could have happened. try again, if you don’t get them…I’ll give you an email to write someone. w


  2. I believe in and am an unflagging cheerleader for my son, Dagan, his wife, Leah, and my BFF, Ruby. I hope I am also encouraging to most everyone else, too, but those are my peeps. 😉 Oh, and I do tell them!! 🙂 🙂


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