I used to be….. WHBC Day 1

This is the first post in WEGO’s Health Bloggers Post every day for a Month Challenge.

This is from one of the Extra Prompts they sent out. A Poem…

I used to be…..but I’m not any more.

I used to be an artist who painted large paintings, but I not any more.

I used to be a hearing person, but I’m not any more.

I used to be in less pain, but I’m not any more.

I used to be steady on my feet, but I’m not any more

I used to be active and social, but I’m not any more.

I used to be a thinner, but I’m not any more.

I used to be less understanding, but I’m not any more.

I used to be unaware, but I’m not any more.

I used to be less loving of myself, but I’m not any more.

I used to be full of other expectations, but I’m not any more.

I used to be less accepting, but I’m not any more.

I used to be alone, but I’m not any more.

I used to be sad about losing my old life, but I’m not any more.

There are some things I miss about what I used to be, but I like myself more now.  I’ve learned so much about me.  I’ve learned so much about life.

My illnesses may have caused some things to not be as I expected them to be, so why not simply change those expectations…or get rid of them.  Live day-to-day.  Moment to moment.  Soon you will look back and all those happy moments, will become happy days and the happy days will have added up to a happy lifetime.

Every day you possibly can, do something fun, be happy!!

I used to sad about being sick, but I’m not any more.   (well, most of the time.)

Live Happy.


8 thoughts on “I used to be….. WHBC Day 1

  1. I think, in general, as we get older we learn to let go, or at the very least learn to have to let go, of some of the things we thought were important. For those of us with a chronic illness, the illness certainly helps speed the process. Sometimes very, very quickly. But we also get a renewed sense of self after the fallout from chronic illness that we may not otherwise get.

    (Hope this makes sense, it’s 7:30 am and really should know better than to write something so early. 🙂 )

    Great poem.


    1. Thank you. This poem really struck Stuart. When I said, I was no longer alone, he cried.
      I felt alone for a long time.

      You are right we probably do obtain a lot of these feelings as we grow older, and to a point I had some before, but I didn’t know how deeply I had them until this happened, the past 3 years have been a whirlwind, and I’ve learned so much more about me, and the way I see the world. I think much faster than I would have on my own…and possibly in a more positive way than I ever would have found on my own. (sad to say) Not that I’ve not always been a good person, but now, things are different….and I’m glad.)

      Thank you….yes, you make sense even at 7am…scary.


  2. Vibrant painting! 🙂
    I agree that, after we get over the shock, there is much we learn about ourselves that we could never have known following our previous path. Hopefully as many positive aspects as possible. How to live in the moment and gratitude have been huge for me, too. Lovely post!! 🙂


    1. oh thank you for the compliment.
      It was always one of my favorites. I hope the girl who bought it still loves it as much as she seemed to when she bought it. The original is 6ft tall, but 4ft wide. Yes I did paint big!

      And thank you for the compliment on the post. I agree on all points. I’m glad what I said meant the same for you.


    1. yay!
      missing you.
      have lost a very little bit of weight….but I’m losing…a little. : )
      hope you are doing well.
      I know you have been super busy, and the allergies have been unkind this year.
      I’m glad you liked my first entry. (Stuart actually cried….just a little)


  3. Fizzy

    Beautiful ! I feel the same way, everything changes, but not necessarily for the worse, some things make us better and appreciate every single thing better, plus, you are so perfect how you are 😀 and WOW for the painting !!!


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