A Rat in a Pink Inflatable Cage – and remember Next month will be different.

I had to try to do a quick drawing of this rat in the inflatable cage.
It's just a rough oil pastel. But it got me to drawing!
and hopefully, gives you a smile.
by wendy holcombe 2012 copywrite

The very first thought that came to my mind when I woke this morning after 4 hours and some odd minutes of sleep was,  “I feel like a Rat in a Pink Inflatable Cage.”

The next thought I had was, “Where did that come from?”  Then I realized, that is exactly how I feel.

I’m the clinical rat being tested on and pocked and prodded, trying to find the answers.  I’m living with that, I accepted it, authorized it.  I understand doctor’s don’t know everything, and not every person reacts to everything the same way.  But why the Pink Inflatable Cage?  That was a new sensation, well kind of, it does happen now and then.  I had the feeling I was just kind of in a big bouncy house.  Everywhere I moved things moved just a bit with me.  But the vision it was so perfect.  I had to share even if I can’t quite express it in the perfect words..

Now for why I had such a short amount of sleep.  I was put on a dose of steroids yesterday to help knock out my migraines.  I started them a bit too late in the day, so my last dose was a bit too late.  I’ve taken steroids before, but I’ve never had the symptoms so many warn you of.  The increased appetite, the restlessness, the bouncing off the walls!!!  Well I did find out I don’t quite jump off the walls quite as much if I eat with the dose, but I have to eat a good amount.  Whew!  But I learned this a bit too late.  I got to sleep around 6am, around 10am, I awoke to start the next days doses a bit earlier.  I really need to make sure I finish my last dose a while before sleep time.  So today I’ll be finished about 9pm.  Yay!  Hopefully, I’ll get a whole nights sleep.  Oh, I did happen to get a 2 hour nap.  So I had a little more sleep today.

*I wanted to remind everyone that I’m participating in The Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge hosted by WEGO Health. Starting on April 1st.  So my posts may seem a bit different.  There will be some of my normal talk in there, but I’m going to follow some of their prompts to make it something different.  I’ve already written some of the posts, and I think you will find some of them enjoyable!  I’ve enjoyed some of them.  A couple I did enjoy, but I know won’t be the style of many of my readers.  I know you are thinking….”She’s already started?”  Yes!  I wanted to make sure if I had a day that I simply couldn’t post, there would be a post ready to go out.  I also wanted to make sure if there was a day I felt good and wanted to and have a happy day, I didn’t want to be concerned that I might not get a post in.  So yes, I’ve started.  No I don’t have the whole month finished!  But the first week is ready to go, and a few more are in the works.  Aren’t you proud of me???

Remember you too can join me, if you are brave enough…or crazy enough, I’m not sure which. All you have to do to join is sign up here: http://info.wegohealth.com/HAWMC2012 and you’ll be able to start posting once April rolls around.

I hope you enjoy the month, if you don’t please let me know and I won’t participate again.  If you want to hear more of my normal rants, let me know, remember these prompts are just suggestions, I can always post my normal way.  This blog has always been a way for me to express my feelings and to help others along the way.  I never want to stray from that purpose.  Please let me know what you think.  And keep in mind, this is just for a month, so let’s play if we can stand it, we might make some new friends, and we might learn a bit.

But I’m open- let me know what you think.

I’ll probably put up a poll at the end of the month to see what everyone thought.  : )




7 thoughts on “A Rat in a Pink Inflatable Cage – and remember Next month will be different.

    1. NOOOOOO, you are not allowed to have these headaches!! Please no! let this just be the only one! I never want you my dear dear friend to suffer a headache like mine. but I will NOT allow these to continue! They have 8 days to knock them out with the steroids and if I have no relief, I’m calling, I want relief! NOW! I’m getting Aggressive. Thinking of you my dear. love wendy


  1. Will the rat be chewing through the cage to get some answers and relief?

    I’m with Laurie on the posts. They will still be your posts, you just have specific prompts to start the thinking for April. It’s your blog, your feelings, your rants, your TMI… it’s all yours and for you to decide whether you want to participate in a writing challenge or not, not ours. It’s like visiting someone who hasn’t had a chance to clean up after the kids – we’re there to see the friend and ignore the mess. We come here to read your posts, not judge, so write to your heart’s content.

    Hugs and love



    1. First answer….Hell Yeah!! but I must say, bouncing in that cage that morning was a little comforting…for later I felt I had way too much gravity. : )

      I know..I know….I do want people’s feed back at the end. I don’t feel I’ve gotten any more readers from being a TMI finalist, or anything else. So if this doesn’t sit well with my regular blog family, I want to know. But i must say, some of the prompts have brought up some deep seeded thoughts, and memories. I don’t talk about the past that much…you guys will be learning quite a bit now.

      : ) wendy


  2. Think of the prompts as guideposts pointing you in a certain direction. But, how you get there is entirely up to you! There is lots of wiggle room in how you interpret the prompts (I should know, I wiggled alot the last time I participated, including a history lesson based on a very simple prompt!)
    Your voice, I’m sure, is still there, underpinning and underscoring what you say! Good luck; April 1 is tomorrow! Which means I should read the prompts again — time capsule?


    1. yeah….I didn’t get the time capsule. I just never got into that kind of thing…even when we did them in school. I always felt like people would look back and think…what? man that is old news. Unless there was a rotten dead body in there, like once there was on Bones…that was an interesting one. : ) hope you can participate, and have fun. I’ve been having fun, and have allowed some of the prompts to really stretch me in different directions. interesting….but I’m seeing a trouble spot. Today I had a very good day, I’d like to share, but I don’t want to post twice in one day. And I have posts set up for over a week…..ahhhh….just know. I’m feeling better!

      : ) w


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