Wow! What Adrenaline can do!!

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(I could not read over this post to check for errors, it was just too much of an emotional day. – NO, Sandy didn’t die…just scared us.)

When I got up yesterday, I was feeling a bit off, but better every day.

Stuart fixed me something to eat and brought it to me.  Our dog, Sandy, followed him upstairs.  She was coughing a little, she’s a small dog and has a collapsed trachea, this causes her to not be able to catch her breath sometimes.  This didn’t sound worrisome, it was just a little cough, Stuart went over and straightened her throat to open the airway and she stopped,  So he scooped her up on the bed to be with Mom.  I noticed she was still breathing very hard, and her heart was just pounding, she leaned on me (this isn’t unusual) and I tried to calm her down.  Then she just fell over on the other side, she started to do these little yelps like she was in pain and stopped breathing.  I thought she was dead!  I grabbed her and opened her mouth and breathed in for her and pushed the air out again a few times…she began to breathe again.

I grabbed up my 21 pound dog and told Stuart to grab my pants I’d put them on in the car, and ran (yes, ran as much as you can carrying a 21 pound dog) down the stairs.  By then she was wagging her tail thinking this was some kind of game.  I put her down and she was still unsteady, but getting back to her normal self.  I threw on a pair of sweat pants, a jacket some shoes, while Stuart was on the phone with the Vet and putting on his shoes.  We were out and to the vet in less than 15 minutes.

The verdict, my baby had a seizure.  They don’t know why.  She is 19 years old.  They took all kinds of tests (she was due for her annual visit anyway), and we are to take her resting heart rate a few times throughout the week.  It could be her heart, it could enlarge and then cut off the airway, or it could be because of the collapsed trachea, or the cancer could have gotten to her brain.  We just don’t know.

If the resting heart rate test is off, then they’ll start her on heart meds.  If she has repeated seizures, they may just put her on seizure medication.

The good news.  The vet felt all around her bladder and could not feel the tumors.  So they have not progressed as they expected.  She’s still urinating fine, and that all looks good.

When I say my dog is 19, and has bladder cancer, Alzheimer’s, cataracts, hearing problems….I just know people are thinking that we are cruel not to put her down.  But Sandy is a happy dog!  She’s not in pain!  The vet has never even hinted that Sandy may not be living life to the fullest.  She still chases the cat, runs around…

When we checked in at the vet yesterday, the lady behind the desk said, that she has an old girl too….then she looked at Sandy’s age and said, WOW! Well, not that old, she looks great for her age.

Sandy is so very special.

Yes, I paid for my adrenaline rush.  I came close to falling more than once, but I would not stay home and not be there for my dog.  (I can only imagine what they thought when I walked in…a t-shirt that’s way too big, sweat pants, Stuart’s blue jean jacket, I hadn’t brushed my hair or my teeth…ewww. and I was walking like I was drunk.)  But there was no way I was leaving my dog!!

I did collapse a little when I got down stairs because I almost fell and was very dizzy, and thought…I can’t even take care of my dog!

What if Stuart hadn’t been here?

Stuart has an interview in Birmingham, Alabama next Wednesday.  It’s for a telecommute job, one he really wants.  But we haven’t found anyone who could stay with me.  I really think I would be alright by myself, but what if there is an emergency?  What if something happens?  I can’t drive.

We’re going to try to find a neighbor who would be home during the day, just someone I can call on in an emergency.

Here’s hoping we can find someone!  And hoping Stuart is offered this job!

And please send healing thoughts to my precious little girl.

She is a huge part of our family!!



6 thoughts on “Wow! What Adrenaline can do!!

  1. 19 YEars old That is INCREDIBLE. That’s 133 years human! she’s soooo darling looking. I love the tufts. I will definitely add Sandy to my prayers. . .And an extra one for Stuart.
    with love,
    P.S. Wendy, I have a personal favor to ask: Please change your picture with the hair covering one side of your face. YOU ARE SO PRETTY and that picture gives me the heebie jeebies.


    1. Judy, I’ll think about changing my picture…so funny, you aren’t the first who has said that…but Stuart LOVES that picture…he thinks it’s so sexy. Really, it was just a moody thing. (since I’ve gained weight, I hate having my picture taken, so it will need to be an old photo…or some odd image….I’ll think of something.)

      Thank you about Sandy…she is very dear to me. I hate the thought of her ever feeling bad, or hurting. I’m glad, despite all her issues, she’s still very happy and active. love w


  2. Wow! That was so scary! I know what you mean about our furbabies, though. And 19 years!! OMG!! But as long as she’s not in pain I’d be doing everything I could, too. I’m glad she’s okay. Now, you take care of yourself and I hope you find an emergency contact…and that your sweetie gets the job!! 😉


  3. bel

    dear wendy and sandy and family,
    a quick note, found website, wanted to say my dog let me know when it was time to go. the vets said he would, i felt bad at times when i knew he had difficulty, but truth is, he was old, 16, cardiomyopathy, so a heart that was weakened and on tablets to ease, a slow tumour in the anal region and dragging paws, some cataracts… and a human with health issues which meant she could be at home and keep him company, nursed, fed, cleaned, looked after. he enjoyed life still, took a little longer and slower to journey through it which mostly wise ones do anyway… so you know your dog, your dog knows you, 19… obviously doing something well! enjoy your life together and trust when and how to ease into any new transistions. my vet said it was about maintaining not curing… so maintain health as best you can… wishing well to all 🙂


  4. I like your pic too! I use an old one of mine because I like my expression. Do what makes you happy! I wish I were there because I would take care of you while Stuart is gone. I hope he gets that job because he can be there for you and work too! Sandy knows she is loved and in good hands. That is what she needs so she is satisfied! ❤


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