Thank you for the nomination!! Updated

First let me say, I’ve started 2 posts and haven’t finished one…I also have some big news from today, that will just have to wait because I want to share something with you.

I don’t know who sent my name in, but I am so humbled, and excited that I have been nominated for a Health Activist Award sponsored by Wego Health.   To see the awards available, to nominate someone, or just find out more, please go to:  If you would like to be on the jury and help pick the winners go here:  Winners will be announced January 12th.

I was nominated or TMI Award (Too Much Information) Award – This Health Activist always goes there – no matter how personal or embarassing the story.

I was sent an email telling about my nomination, with a copy of what the nomination said, but it did not include who did the nominating.

I want to sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart.

If I win our not, this nomination touched me so very deeply.

(BTW, to be shameless here, you can also vote to nominate me – or anyone you want – at

I would love to win, but just being nominated  *getting chocked up here*  well, for someone who always lays it out there, no matter what, it’s hard for me to put into words just how much this effected me.

I just adore you, my dear, sweet readers.   You have supported me and have become so very close to me, I am proud to call you friend.

I thought some of you might like to read the nomination that was sent in.  (as you all know I’m pretty open and blunt…and so is this nomination….so beware if you are a new reader.)

Reason: I am nominating Wendy for this award because she shares every detail of her life no matter what it is. Currently she is going through recovery from surgery and described how her husband had to take care of her while using her bed pan-and as she is on her period! She also discussed how the hospital workers insist on giving you a PG test even if you have not been physically able to do the very thing that would make you pregnant. She made me laugh when she said her husband commented the silliness of this PG test prior to her surgery by saying “Well, if you are giving birth to the messiah we want to make sure we don’t cause him to have birth defects.” How many of us with chronic illness have been through that but never shared it. She did honestly and with humor. As seen in the comment section of her blog, people are moved by how in each blog she writes she is always herself and unguarded. Through her expression of how rough things can be, others can read her entries on depression or bipolar where she lays it out as it is. There is no film of protection on her writing. Wendy certainly deserves the TMI award. 🙂


11 thoughts on “Thank you for the nomination!! Updated

    1. I was nominated for the TMI Award…Too Much Information!! I love it. we were just talking today about how much I reveal in my blog, tell it like it is…the down and dirtly.

      That’s me….and I’m so thrilled that someone would think enough of my style to nominate me for an award!!

      What a warm fuzzy feeling all over.


  1. Katie (dizzy blonde)

    Congrats! Well deserved! Sorry I have not commented lately, we do not yet have the Internet hooked up at our new apartment, and everything is MUCH harder using my little smart phone… But you are always in my thoughts!!



    1. Katie,
      No worries. How was the move? Was it very hard on you?
      How are you doing?? you are in my thoughts too, but we all know, things happen, especially with people like us.


    1. Thanks Laurie, but this was in 2011. I was a finalist then. They don’t have this category now. It’s all different now, I don’t even think I fit in. Wonder why this post showed up to you. But thank you. I was thrilled to be a finalist!


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