Good Days – A Charity to help with medications.

I came across a charity today that some of you may be interested in…or someone you know may need.

Click on image to go to Good Days website.


good days from the Chronic Disease Fund, helps people with (some) Chronic Illness pay for (some) medication they can’t afford.

When you first read their publicity, it sounds like they’ll help anyone with a chronic illness who needs help paying for medication.  However, when you read closer you find that only certain illnesses and drugs are covered.   They may not cover everyone, but it could be VERY useful to those who they do cover!  They are very strict about one thing.  The “require that patients are 100% compliant with their prescribed treatment. By maximizing compliance, we can achieve our goal of improving patient health and quality of life. To assist our clients in staying compliant, the Fund provides free access to DiseaseTrak™, an online therapy management tool.”  If you do not follow your prescribed treatment you will be dropped from the program to open up a spot for someone who will.  I understand this completely.  If someone isn’t going to take their medication as intended, why should the charity help pay for it?

Look over their website see if it can help you or anyone you know…then pass the information along…

Click on this image to go to the Good Days site.



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