Update for Week 1 recovery! it turned out to be a better day!

Every day since I started having the constant vertigo, I have tried to slowly raise myself in bed to the point where the vertigo wouldn’t stop then I’d got back flat.

This evening, I slowing got myself on an incline, then scooted up some more…and more….and I was sitting, without the world spinning.

Not only that, I pushed it even further!

I couldn't help singing..."Put One Foot In Front of the Other...."

I went to the bathroom without falling, or spinning!!  I made it back to bed too!

I giggled the whole time!!!

I still have a lot of disequilibrium, and couldn’t move very fast, but the vertigo stayed away.  It might not have if I hadn’t taken it as slowly as I did…but it’s much better than yesterday!



7 thoughts on “Update for Week 1 recovery! it turned out to be a better day!

  1. “Better” is a wonderful word. I know you are still miserable, but I’m so glad you’ve seen a little progress. I’m also glad that you’ve had people who have been through this surgery helping to normalize your symptoms. The whole thing sounds terrifying. I’m glad you at least had people telling you that it will get better.

    May the toilet seem closer every day 😉


  2. Now that had to feel like a small miracle!! I’d have been giggling, too! Wow!!! So very happy for you. No matter what, now you know that things are going to improve over time. You won’t be stuck lying in that bed forever. Hurray!!! I’ll do a hobbly, creaky happy dance for you since you can’t do your own yet. 😉


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