One week after surgery… So, recovery day 7.

ReCOVERY - w. holcombe

I must say, if I didn’t know other’s who have been through this just as bad as I’m going through it now, I would be VERY discouraged.

I’m nauseous most of the time, I still can’t lift my head, can’t get out of bed…every day I think…well, this is the worst day so far.

I’m anxiously waiting for a day when I think….Oh this isn’t as bad as yesterday!

The pain in my ear has increased, can someone please remove the ice pick that is being jabbed in my ear!

I’m also having intense pain down my neck, I can’t open my mouth as wide as I should, the whole left side of my throat hurts ….  You know, I feel like I have the mumps, on just the left side.

I’m grateful that the worst of the pain is a sharp pain that doesn’t last very long.  The aching pain in my ear, is always there, but it’s not nearly as bad as the “Out of the Blue, Slam me in the Head” type of pain.

My fever seems to be less than it was, but I’m still achy all over, and the swelling is almost gone.  (see there is some good news!)

My ear still isn’t draining like it did the first time, but it is still bleeding a bit.  Not a lot, but ick, blood coming out of your ear…need I say more?

So why is it that whenever I’m sick, things always get worse at night?  I run a higher temperature, the pain is more intense…  Stuart thinks it’s so very odd, but I remember as a child, whenever I was sick, I would always be worse at night.  Is this strange, or do other’s have this happen too?  Is there a reason for it?

I think that’s about it.  I’m sad that this recovery is so taxing.  I’ve mentioned before, when I close my eyes the vertigo gets more intense.  It’s so very, very hard to fall asleep, or to sleep well.  I am completely exhausted.

While I’m awake it’s a bit easier to deal with, but when I’m asleep, I’ll start to roll over, and Whoosh! goes the Vertigo (yes, you must say that to the tune of Pop! Goes the Weasel!)

Perhaps tomorrow will be a …. “this isn’t as bad as yesterday” – day!


7 thoughts on “One week after surgery… So, recovery day 7.

  1. Here’s to tomorrow. And, yes, things are worse at night. There’s probably a perfectly good explanation for it, but I don’t have it. When are you supposed to follow up with your doctor?


  2. oh you poor dear, I”m so sorry that the pain is still there and that you have pain on top of pain (the slam you in the head kind.) All people, I think, feel worse at night, it isn’t just you. I know I do, both my kids did and my whole family. I truly hope tomorrow will be a “AH FINALLY IT’s BETTER DAY!!!” Hang in there, gentle hugs. Laurie


  3. Absolutely! Always worse at night. Kids are always sickest during the night and adults, too, usually. Not weird at all to me, I can tell you. I thought everybody knew that to be true.

    I hope each day is better and better. And hope you’ll be able to close your eyes and sleep easily soon, too.

    Best to you and your husband…both very patient people. 😉


  4. I’m going to guess a reason why we feel worse at night is because, during the day, we are awake and dealing with whatever is going on with us…pain, aches, fever, nausea, etc. All of that is a stress on the body that builds up throughout the day so, by night time, we are feeling worse. In the morning, even if we only had three or four hours of sleep, we still had some rest and gave the body a chance to heal a bit.

    Great news about the fever and swelling! And one week of healing is already done which means you are that much closer to a “this isn’t as bad as yesterday” – day.



  5. Rhonda Lowery


    Fevers, etc are always worse at night. When my daughters are sick…or even me….it always flares up at night. I don’t know why, but I really think this is normal. Hang tough!!……rhonda


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