Much Better – Doctor’s Report – and Sandy update.

Thank you to everyone who sent me so many good wishes and encouragement!!

I saw Dr. Kaylie yesterday.  He was not discouraged by my attack, and feels confident that I will continue to feel well.

However, he said, I do still have Meniere’s Disease, so I may have an attack now and then.  If we can keep my attacks down to one small one every 3-4 months, then that’s doing great.  He’ll be concerned if I start having attacks more regularly, and if I start having more severe headaches again.  If that happens then I’ll need to get in to see Dr. Gray again, and have another Myelogram.  Since we don’t know what caused my leaks in the first place, there’s always a chance I could get more.

It was kind of funny, when he said that I still have Meniere’s and I may have occasional attacks, I told him, “No, I’m cured!”  Of course, I was just joking.  We all know I’ve never looked at this as a cure, but perhaps, down deep, I was kind of hoping.

Since I didn’t have a picture that would go with this post, I decided to share some photos of my Sandy Dog!

Sound Asleep
Waking up. (Thanks to that darn flash.)
A bit confused.
What a cute dog.
Look at this face. How could you feel bad with that face looking at you?

Update on Sandy.  For those who don’t know the story of my darling dog:  Sandy is 18 years old.  She was found in a dumpster when she was about 1 year  old.  I adopted her shortly after she was found.  She’s been my constant companion for 17 years.  In March of 2009 we found out Sandy had bladder cancer.  She had the tumors removed, but in July of 2010 an ultrasound showed that the cancer was back.  We were told then that Sandy didn’t have enough bladder left to operate again.  The doctor told us that this cancer is very aggressive and he guessed she would last about 6 months to a year.  We do have her on a drug that is supposed to slow the growth of the cancer, and so far so good.  She still acts as if nothing is wrong.

I noticed that Sandy acted like she couldn’t see us as well as she usually does.  She was barking at people she knew until they were close enough for her to smell them, or really see them.  I noticed that her eyes were looking a little cloudy.  A couple of weeks ago we took her to the vet, and she does have cataracts.   The doctor said she can probably see light and dark, big shapes….that kind of thing.  I think she can still notice movement because she follows my hand motions.  (She has been hard of hearing for a long time now.)

Even with all of her “issues”, Sandy is a happy dog.  She runs around the house, and asks to go for a walk every day.  She still runs up and down the stairs, jumps on the couch and on our bed.  Of course, her favorite pastime is chasing the cat!

I really don’t understand just how good Sandy is doing until I see other dogs close to her age.  Our vet said that they are always talking about Sandy, she is a wonder dog!!  Still so energetic and bouncy at her age!  I hope I age so well!


12 thoughts on “Much Better – Doctor’s Report – and Sandy update.

    1. Thank you Katie.
      It is pretty good news. So glad to know that my doctors are confident that if things get worse again they can make it better. 🙂

      Sandy says thank you too!


  1. Sara

    So happy to hear that your attack wasn’t a really bad sign of the past. It helps to have doctors who CARE. 😉 And Sandy is such a strong girl. Reading about her makes me smile. Hope to see you soon! 🙂


  2. Awwww! What a sweet-looking fur baby. Those pictures just makes me want to pet and hug Sandy.

    I’m glad that you were able to get good news from your doctor. A confident doctor is always a great sign.



    1. Thanks so much Maureen. Sandy would love to get some extra love! Not that she doesn’t get a lot of attention…how could she not…she just so dang cute! (yes, I love my dog!)

      Have you gotten the results of your x-rays? How’s the wrist? How’s the dental surgery? I hope you aren’t in pain.



      1. Hi there,

        No results from the x-rays which means nothing showed up that required anything to be done. They were taken last Friday so no news is good news. My wrist still gets sore when I do too much, but now it’s making cracking and popping noises. My ankle did that a week or two ago and it started to feel better after that happened so I’m hoping the same goes for the wrist. However, because I’m right-handed, the wrist will probably take longer to heal anyways.

        The dental surgery went great. In at 8:30, home before 10:00. Had general anesthesia so I had an early morning nap, too. He used long-lasting freezing so I didn’t feel much the first day and haven’t had any pain otherwise. Which is great because I was expecting the opposite when he told me he would be using the drill to remove the last of the teeth. He gave me a prescription for Tylenol-3 and penicillin. I took one Tylenol-3 when the freezing started to slowly come out in the afternoon and that was it for those pills, though I’m taking extra-strength Tylenol anyways for when the wrist bugs me. Don’t need to take codeine when I don’t have to.

        I was given penicillin to prevent an infection and the nausea from that is what’s bugging me. I’ve only had to take one Gravol each day but, the grogginess from the Gravol is the worst part of this whole experience. The surgery part was a breeze, followed the directions on what to eat and everything healed quickly.

        Thanks for asking and have a great weekend.



  3. First off: glad to hear that the doctor is still confident about your condition and that you are feeling a bit better.
    I hope Sandy continues to enjoy her life. Thanks for sharing the pix.
    Maureen: I think they make a non-drowsy version of gravol; it costs more, but it might help with the queasies without knocking you out too much.


    1. Hi Phylor,

      There is a ginger-based gravol that doesn’t make you drowsy. The gravol we have lasts up to 12 hours. I guess I really noticed because I wasn’t the “stomach flu” type of sick and needing to sleep, it was from the penicillin. I finished taking them Friday, anyways, so no more drowsiness.

      Now, I’m being really lazy and need to break out of that mind set. My new project for the week – get back to a routine.

      Hope you’re doing OK.



  4. deb

    So glad you are feeling better Wendy! Your dog looks great. We lost our old boxer a year ago and I still miss her. We have a new one, but he is young (just turned 1) and drives me crazy. If he chews one more flip flop or digs in one more plant I may just lose it!!! The kids ask me daily, “do you love Joe yet Mom?” The answer would be “no”. Today he chewed yet another set of flip flops, dug up more than one plant and destroyed some volleyball knee pads! AUGH! The kids love him though so I will have to be patient…..15 years from now he will be different!



    1. I keep thinking just how different Sandy is now than when she was young. The chewing stage didn’t last too long for her, thank goodness! I’m sure Joe will win your heart. : ) wendy


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