Silly Photos

I’ve been in a silly mood the past few days, and I’ve had a camera in my hand, so I’m going to share it with you.

I told Stuart to do something silly, so he grabbed me! It made a cute shot, and it made me laugh!!
Our silly cat has too many toes! Max the polydactyl cat..

I hope you aren’t too bored with photos of my dog.  Every night Sandy will dig, and dig in her bed, she moves it all around the living room until she gets it in just the right spot.  Also, every time she eats she has to rub her face all over the floor, or in her bed; I can only guess she’s trying to clean her face off.

Silly Sandy rubbing her face in her bed. (Her bed started over by the wall.)
More Silly Sandy.
Such a Silly Sandy
Gotta Get that bed just right!
Almost there.
Whew! She's finally ready to rest.

4 thoughts on “Silly Photos

  1. Susanna

    Nice pictures of all your favourite pets, all three of them. My dog is also a bit crazy. He cannot eat without his favourite ball. He brings the ball to where his food is placed, puts it on the floor and starts kicking it with one paw. He stands there and seems to “aim” with the paw and then gives it a light kick. It looks like a cat playing with a mouse. And now at 8 years he can not eat without the playing with the ball. But I think a silly dog is the best for a silly family : )


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